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Mafia Wars Numbers Drops To Lowest Level Yet

Mafia Wars numbers have dropped to it’s lowest level since the game came out back in June 2008.

The once mighty Mafia Wars Game by Zynga has dropped to it lowest level yet. Zynga just cant stop the bleeding here but the question is are they really trying? 

The players of the game seem to think  Zynga has just given up on the game and them. The customer service quality has dropped off sharply, the refusal to fix game issues, the constant releasing of new content, features & events has made the players just give up on the game. They feel the game is no longer fun, it is more of a full time job they they have to pay to do.  Those who stay are only doing so for one reason, the social aspect the game offers. That is the main reason alot of the players are staying. They don’t want to lose the friendships they have made over the years from the game.

Look at the numbers that AllFacebook.com has on Mafia Wars they are shocking to say the least for the once mighty game. We will start with the DAU ( Daily Active Users) 

The numbers as of today are at 1,630,133 DAU. Down from just 30 days ago where they were 1,954,403. That is a drop of almost 324,000 players. Stagggering drop in players.

The MAU (Monthly Active Users) isn’t much better. It is actually much worse. 

As you can see they are now at 9,761,688 MAU whereas 30 days ago they were at 12,833,332. A drop of over 2.9 million players.

This is showing me and the rest of the world that there is a problem and something needs to be done. But Zynga just goes on doing exactly the opposite of what they players want as if their shit don’t stink. Well guess what Zynga it does stink and maybe if you blew your nose and cleared it out you would smell it to and you might even smell the coffee too and wake up and see your game is dying.

The players have had enough of Mafia Wars, Zynga and basically all their games. The number on the other games are just as bad and I wont bore you with them all but if you want to see those numbers you can click HERE. 

The only game that had a real uptick was Farmville and that is only because everyone is going gaga over LADY GAGA and GAGAVILLE. Even Lady Gaga hasn’t really helped too much and she is one the hottest pop stars right now and is promoting her new album. Famville DAU has a spike from 11.6 Million to 13.5 million but has since dropped back down to 11.8 million, since her event started.  

Bottom line here is that the numbers are dropping and Zynga doesn’t seem to care. While it is great they are change some of the graphics and making the game look all pretty and stuff, even if you put lipstick and a dress on a pig, it is still a pig. You need to start listening to your players and do what your customers want or you wont have much left soon. If your not careful you too will be joining Luca Brasi and be swimming with the fishes. Capisce !!! 


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