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“Put ‘Em On Ice” Event 411 Q&A

Ok we got more info on this event everyone. Zynga has released the 411 on this event and you can read it by clicking HERE.

The event start today and ends 5/31/2011. There are 5 levels you need to get through and each time you master a level you get a Tundra Tiger.

As you can see there are a set number of ices per level you need to get and every time you get an ice you will see a pop up with how many more you need before you get to the next level. And as you can see you can get a special loot item if you get 1000 ices during the event. What it is still a mystery but I am told it is a good one.

You can also redo the event after you master it but it is expensive 60 rewards points each time. and a maximum of 5 times.

After the event you are going to see some major improvements in the fighting feature and I had a sneak peek of and you will like them. PAC helped work on it with the game designers and developers in a video conference. They are pretty good changes and will make fighting a bit more fun & competitive. 

The only problem I have encountered with this event so far is finding someone alive on the fight list as everyone is fighting right now. I guess that’s what happens when Zynga made everyone quit when they had that brain fart of bring out all those events right on top of each other. So this might take awhile to get done. Good thing it it lasts til 5/31/2011 LOL.


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