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Our Radio Station

 Social Network Radio
Home of Commercial Free Music 24 Hours A Day


We play great Classic Rock, Country, Pop & Metal plus some great new Artists just getting a start in the business. 

If you have a band and are looking for that break & the exposure you need, well let us know and we will give you air play on our station for FREE !!! No explicit lyrics allowed !!! Just email us your MP3’s and we will get you on the air at SocialNetworkRadioStation@gmail.com

Check us out we think you will like what you hear. 
And please join our Facebook Fan Page & share us with your friends.



  1. ‎”Due to Zynga’s complete and utter lack of discrimination between players with truly excessive numbers of items, and players that are simply dedicated and maximized the LEGAL AND REASONABLE accumulation of war rewards items, I hereby declare war on Zynga policies by the only means available to me: a cessation of any and all support for Zynga and it’s policies in monetary form.”

    DO YOUR PART TO BOYCOTT ZYNGA!! DON’T SPEND ANOTHER DIME ON MAFIA WARS!! I can tell you unequivocally that I won’t spend another cent on it. EVER
    20 minutes ago · Like · · Unsubscribe

    Comment by Sally Ann Chanonhouse | August 4, 2011 | Reply

    • Agreed Sally! I’ve been on strike and not playing the game since September 14th. Not sure that I really want to go back to a game where they make it hard for the low to mid-range fighters to actually play.

      Comment by Madonna Butterfield | October 7, 2015 | Reply

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