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Native American’s In Uproar At Zynga

Once Again Zynga has gone ahead with another bonehead sale of things not related to the game Mafia Wars which players are used to. Only thing is this time they have offended the Native Americans by using the images and names of respected and holy people in their culture as in game loot items for sale bring back back bitter memories of how they were treated in the past. 

Zynga is selling Native Chiefs & Medicine Women as fighting loot items in a game that has nothing to do with Native Americans. Mafia Wars is a fighting game based on the mobsters of yesteryear and today not Native Americans.

I have spoke to some Native Americans players who have expressed deep concern and regret that a public company and a leader in the social gaming community has had to resort to this as a way to make money. They went on to say how it brings back bitter memories of stories their families had told them about how they were bought & sold to fight battles and work the fields back many years ago just so the white man could maximize profits and live the good life while they suffered and died of hunger & disease from the horrible conditions they were force to endure. 

They also went on to say that they would no longer play any Zynga games due to the insensitive business decisions and treatment that Zynga has now put them through just to make a buck. They hope Zynga will do the right thing and issue a VERY public apology to them and remove the items from the game. 

The Native American people are a proud people, rich in culture and tradition who have endured too much heartache and tragedy from the American people over the years. I for one am outraged over this. 

This is not the first time Zynga has crossed the line with people and insensitive virtual game items as they has had to change items before to appease PETA and other various groups around the world. Zynga still sells virtual drug paraphernalia loot items in their Poker game despite complaints from parents and gamer’s alike.

I hope Zynga see’s what they did was wrong and does the right thing by the Native Americans who in my opinion have a very legitimate complaint here. They should stick to making in game virtual items in the style of the game that it is being offered. If they cant do that then maybe it is time they get new personnel who can come up with fresh ideas for their games. 

ZYNGA APOLOGIZE AND REMOVE  THE ITEMS !!!! You are no longer a private company your are public and you need to act like it or feel the wrath of your players and even advertisers. 

June 26, 2012 Posted by | Blogs | 4 Comments