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Thoughts On Gun Control


I am gonna piss off alot of people with this so be prepared. I don’t not believe there should be gun control. I think better regulations and rules should be instituted but I don’t think guns need to be regulated. 

I believe guns should be taken out of the Walmart’s and K marts around the country and ALL guns should be sold ONLY by Licensed Gun Shops & Dealers.

I believe FULL Background checks that include a mental health check are a good thing, 7 day waiting periods are fine, fingerprints are good, gun safety classes & Operation classes that must be passed with a test are fine.

What I don’t like is the President, Congress and States enacting laws that restrict guns period. It is not the guns that kill people it is the people. Educated and get help for the people who need it, do not circumvent the constitution. 

This administration has circumvented Congress to many times so far and Congress does nothing. They seem to be to worried more about getting re-elected than what is right for America. This needs to change NOW.

The press are are no better. They seem to be scared of getting booted out of the White House Inner Circle than actually doing their job of reporting the news and exposing the wrongs of the administration. Get back to doing your job of reporting NEWS not fluff or what the White House tells you is news. America can take it and will do what needs to be done to fix things.

The world is sitting back laughing and waiting to pounce of us when we fall. And at this rate we will fall if something isn’t done. Did we learn nothing from World War II with the way Hitler, Mussolini & Stalin did things ? Europe fell because no one spoke up or fought back. Millions died, Nations fell because no one had the courage to speak out or act on anything. 

The time has come for Americans to wake up and speak out loud and proud and say this is our country and this what we want. Stop letting the administration say this is what is best for you and this is what you are entitled to. The Constitution tells us what we are entitled to and what our rights are not you Mr President. 

As Americans we all need to make this clear to the President and Congress as well as the press. We worked hard building this country as did our ancestors and we will not let you tear it down. We don’t want your handouts we want our Freedoms that so many have died defending for each and everyone of us over the years. 

We sweat & work hard for what we get in life. I for one will not let you or anyone one else take away my rights Mr President. So Mr. President you have been put on notice along with Congress that America will not sit back idly and let you destroy our country. We will fight to the last person standing to defend our rights, this is our country not yours.

January 16, 2013 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.

    Comment by Kevin Baba | March 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. The Constitution needs to be re-written to conform with the modern United States, these rules and regs were written when it was needed to defend oneself from outlaws/Indians etc etc.
    unfortunately times have changed and as a modern society ….. it needs to change with it

    Comment by Ian B | January 16, 2013 | Reply

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