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***THE SHOW IS UP*** We went over the continuing changes in Mafia Wars, Shark Tank, Fight Club, Upcoming Boycott of all Zynga Games, with Colin from THOR, across Facebook we will also go over changes to Facebook after the hack of it’s CEO. Tre’ announces the winners of Our Major Loot Giveaway plus we will give our final thoughts on JRZ GM coming back to life after faking death. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/01/31/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

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>Facebook Lies To Page Owners / Suggest To Friends Officially Gone For Fans


Last week Facebook removed the Suggest To Friends option on all of the fan pages saying there was a bug in the load of the feature and they were trying to fix it. Well the help center has confirmed it is now no longer an option for fans of a page.

Seems like the only option Fan pages have now for their members help friends get to the page is the Share Page option. This will surely hinder Fan Pages from growing so big and getting new members unless the pages buy ad space on Facebook. 

Admins will have the option to suggest to friends but right now that feature doesn’t work. The share feature is the only option right now and that will post to the members profile for friends to see and click if the want. Unfortunately this is located in a spot most people dont go to or can see at first glance. It is on the left hand side of page down under all the boxes by the unlike page feature not very prominent for fans to see unless they know to look for it.

I bet you we will see the workaround of pages adding tons of admins when the Suggest To Friends option is fixed. This way they can all suggest the page to their large friend list to help get the page members as they are not limited on how many they can invite. So if they have 4000 friends they can send out 4000 invites but only when they fix the feature. 

How do you feel about this let us and the world know by commenting below. 

Here is the message in the help center below or see for yourself by clicking here.

All Page admins have the option to suggest their Page to friends by selecting the “Suggest to Friends” link in the upper left side of the Page. Non-admins do not have this option, and are not able to view this link. However, they can share a Page with friends by selecting the “Share” link in the bottom left side of the Page. They can then choose to share it via a post on their profile, which may appear in their friends’ News Feeds, or with specific friends via a message.

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>Today Is International Data Privacy Day & Here Are Some Valuable Resources To Help You Stay Safe


Today is International Data Privacy Day around the world and on Facebook. Facebook has many resources available but you need to be able to find them. Well I am going to share them with you and I hope this helps you all. They really should make some of these pages automatic pages we like so we get the updates from them.

The first thing you should check out is this post. http://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation.php It is a post on explaining how to Control How You Share Things on Facebook. 

The next thing posted below is a list of resources and guides to help you on Facebook right off the Facebook & Privacy Page http://www.facebook.com/fbprivacy


Privacy Guide

Learn about the settings that help you control your sharing.

Making Control Simple

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg discusses changes to make Facebook’s privacy settings simpler.

Privacy Settings

Get an overview of Facebook’s privacy settings and check out our step-by-step guide to the master control for sharing.


Help Center

Find answers to common questions.

Privacy FAQ

Have questions about how to control your sharing on Facebook? Check out this dedicated FAQ page.

Safety Center

Get information from Facebook and its Safety Advisory Board on how to stay safe online.


Privacy Settings Page

Choose settings to control your sharing as you see fit.

Application Settings Page

See the applications you use and decide how they can interact with you.

Account Settings Page

Reset your password, add an email address, and take other steps to secure your account.


Privacy Policy

Learn about Facebook’s official privacy policies and practices.


Read the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which governs Facebook’s relationship with users and others who interact with the site.

Facebook Principles

Learn about the ten principles that serve as Facebook’s foundation.


Privacy FAQ

Have questions about how to control your sharing on Facebook? Check out this dedicated FAQ page.

Facebook Security Page

Like this Page for tips on how to protect yourself on Facebook and across the Internet.

Facebook Safety page

Get the latest updates and give feedback on Safety issues.

Facebook Safety Center

Find answers to a variety of safety questions here.

Facebook Page

Get the latest updates from Facebook, and read posts on the Facebook blog.

  • Privacy Tips  (Click to Expand)

    Learn some tips to help you control your information.

  • Common Question: Who can see Recent Activity stories displayed on my Facebook profile? 
    Only people who can see the original content or post that they are about. For example, if you comment on a friend’s status, then only people who are able to see both your Wall and your friend’s status will see a story about it. 

    Privacy Tip: Did you know you can download the data from your Facebook account to your hard drive? To do this: 
    1. Choose “Account Settings” from your Account drop-down menu.
    2. Click “learn more” to the right of “Download Your Information”.
    3. Click the green “Download” button.

    Privacy Tip: You can edit the privacy settings of each and every photo album you’ve created. To do this:

    1. Choose “Privacy Settings” from your Account drop-down menu.
    2. Click “Customize settings,” located within the “Sharing on Facebook” section.
    3. Click “Edit album privacy for existing photos,” located within the “Things I share” section.

    Privacy Tip: Want to edit your privacy settings from your mobile device? 
    Simply navigate to the Privacy Settings page from the “Settings” link at the bottom of any m.facebook.com page.

    Privacy Tip: Did you know you can retract a friend request you’ve sent to someone?

    1. Visit the person’s profile.
    2. Click “x” at the top, next to “Awaiting friend confirmation.”
    3. This person will no longer have a pending friend request from you.

    Privacy Tip: Did you know that, when you’re online to chat, you can appear offline (or “invisible”) to particular friends? 

    1. Put the friends you want to appear invisible to on a new friend list.
    2. Open Chat.
    3. Click the dial next to the friend list’s name to go offline for that list only.

    You can learn more about friend lists and chat here 

    Privacy Tip: Did you know you can preview how your profile appears to others on the site?To do this: 

    1. Click on “Privacy Settings” from the “Account” drop-down.
    2. Click on “View Settings” under the “Connecting on Facebook” heading.
    3. Click on “Preview My Profile” in the top right to see how your profile appears to others on the site.

    Privacy Tip: Blocking allows you to prevent all interactions with someone on Facebook.
    People you block will not be able to find you in searches on Facebook, view your profile, or contact you with pokes, Wall posts, or messages. 
    For more information about blocking, please visit the blocking FAQ here

    Privacy Tip: Looking for where to control privacy for videos you post?
    Your default video setting is included with “Your status, photos, and posts” on your Privacy Settings page. Remember that you’ll always have the option to change this default setting for individual videos before you share them. You can also go back and edit a video’s privacy setting by clicking “Edit Video.” 
    Click here for a tutorial on your Privacy Settings page.

    Privacy Tip: Every time you share content from your profile–like your status, links and photos–you can control who gets to see it.
    Click the “Custom” option in the privacy settings drop-down menu (marked by the the ‘lock’ icon) to target or exclude particular friends every time you post. 

I hope this helps you, there is some good information here for you and feel free to share this with all your friends and family. Be safe everyone !!! 

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>Energy Pack Returns To Fight Club


There was such an uproar over the fight club that earlier today Fenris, one of the developers of Zynga, came out and apologized to the Mafia Wars community for the fiasco with the Fight Club. He also said they would be adding back a Energy Pack that didnt cost any reward points.

Well guess what they did it!!! The old one costing 100 Victory Coins & 5 Reward Points is still there but they did come through with one that didn’t cost any reward points. The new one costs 400 Victory Coins & No Reward points. 

While we all wish they would of just restored the energy packs back the way it was I guess this is the best we are going to get for now.

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>The Shark Tank Comes Back & Then Goes Again


Well earlier Mafia Wars brought the Shark Tank back. Everyone who was over level 601 were getting the Shark Tank Achievement. Woo Hoo, NOT.

This was an utter failure the first time and from the feedback I have gotten from players across the world it was a failure again. I tend to agree with them. 

It seems that Zynga must think so too because they have just pulled it again as of  1 AM EST / 10 PM PST. They have reset things back to the way they were and say they are analyzing the new data they got from it.

Lets hope they are done using us a guinea pigs and just leave it alone.

Here is the 411 they put out http://zynga.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3453/kw/shark%20tank

Shark Tank Achievement 411 and FAQ

Updated 01/27/2011 09:57 PM
Shark Tank Achievement 411
The newest fighting achievement is called the Shark Tank Achievement.  Prior to this achievement, all players above level 450 were accessible to players above level 450 on the Fight List, so it was possible for a level 456 player to see a level 1234 player on their Fight List.  In fact, one of the biggest complaints was from players having opponents thousands of levels higher than them on the Fight List.
Now Mafia Wars has grown in total number of players, it’s time that there are two additional tiers to balance out the fighting.  Players above level 401 will now be split into two groups –
Level 401-600, Level 600+
Players between levels 301 and 400 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.
Players between levels 401 and 600 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.
Players reaching level 601, officially graduate to The Shark Tank.  In the Shark Tank, you will no longer be in the ‘kiddie pools’.  It will be possible to see your Fight List populated with players hundres or thousands of levels above yours.  If you want to improve your chances of survival in the Shark Tank, you’ll want to improve your items withrares, superior, and ultimate rarity items, and make sure you have plenty of skill devoted to Attack and Defense.
After you win your first 10 fights while in the Shark Tank, you will earn the Shark Tank Achievement and the skill point that comes along with it.
Q:  Can I go into the Shark Tank if I’m below level 601?
A:  Level 601 is an absolute requirement for admission into the Shark Tank.  We’re researching the possibility of allowing lower level players to ‘opt-in’ to the Shark Tank, but at the moment, that is not an option.
Q:  Can I back out of the Shark Tank if I’m above level 600?
A:  Once you’re in the Shark Tank, there’s no backing out.  Our game is called Mafia Wars for a very good reason.
Q:  I’m above level 600 and having a hard time finding live opponents.
A:  This is something the Mafia Wars team is closely monitoring during the first few days of this update.  We want to ensure that there is enough ‘bait’ for higher level players to attack, as well as preventing players that illegally use attack-bots from ‘eating all the bait’.  Refreshing the Fight List regularly (up to 5-10 times a minute) will generate updated lists of targets and are your best strategy for finding live targets.
Q:  What are good ways to improve my attack and defense skill stats?
A:  Convert Reward Points into skill points is one way to do so.  You should also remember to craft your daily items in the Weapons Depot, Chop Shop, Armory, and Private Zoo, as some of those items come with permanent attack and defense skill additions.  Attack and Defense boosts also offer temporary help.
Q: My attack and defense skill displayed on my Fight Page sometimes goes up and/or down.  What’s happening?
A: This is because your attack and defense boosts are being used in current fights.  Please refer to the following support article –Click here.
Q: I think another player is ‘unfairly’ attacking me or their stats seem really high for their level.
A: If another player’s attack or defense stats seem high, please look for the presence of Loyalty Program Mastery Items on their account.  This will usually indicate if a player has spent money to improve their stats beyond those of non-paying players.  If you feel ‘unfairly’ attacked, please read this support article thoroughly before submitting a ticket.
*Update 1/22 – After initial data analysis, the updated Shark Tank is temporarily closed while the designers are discussing how to ensure there is enough ‘live bait’ for players attacking legitimately.
*Update 1/27 – After analysis of the player distribution, the Shark Tank (ver3.0) will be reintroduced at a level 601 threshold.  This should ensure there are more ‘live’ players on Shark Tank Fight Lists.  The Shark Tank will reopen today.
*Update 1/27 10PM PST – Shark Tank is back to the old version (level 450+) while data from latest Shark Tank(ver3.0) is being analyzed.
Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation for players who are afraid of sharks or being in theShark Tank with other high level players, or want permanent invincibiliy to shark attacks.  If you have any feedback or opinions about this achievement, please visit – http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars/

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>Fight Club Nerfed Big Time / Players Not Happy


Well Zynga has definitely made alot of players mad. It was nice they finally opened the new regions of Italy, it was nice they released some really good loot with it & it was nice they also gave use a few new items in the fight club. BUT they totally nerfed the Fight Club.

First off, they took away the achievements & reward points you got with them. So now those players who still didnt get them are out of luck.

Secondly they increased the price for all the items. Yes they did add some new loot thats pretty good and yes they did take away the timer which alot of players did hate, but the cost of the loot has gone up big time. 

Take a look at the picture below, these are the best loot items available in the fight club and they now cost 500 Victory coins. Very expensive. 

Dont think so, here is the math. 500 Victory Coins to buy, lets say you have 1000 stamina and after you burn that off on average you should get at least 200 victory coins at the current drop rate. But wait it costs 500 coins, so now you need to burn another 1000 stamina and that costs 10 reward points to get in the market place. Ok now you burned that but wait you need 100 more coins to get it well back to the market place to buy some more now you go through that and you now have enough to buy it with a little left over. so it cost you 20 reward points for the item that with the release of the the new high end loot in the regions of Italy will soon be obsolete. You do the math was it worth it.

You could of been doing the jobs in Italy and getting better loot. But wait that costs energy and guess what they removed all the good energy boosts from the fight club. 

Thanks Jennifer from The MW Loot Lady for the Graphic 

Yes these are gone and it has now been replaced with the nerfed version which is only 1 of them and costs 100 Victory coins & 5 reward points. Plus you have to wait 18 hours before you get another one.

Thanks Jennifer from The MW Loot Lady for the Graphic

So we went from being able to get a total of 4 energy packs a day to 2 of them and the cost went up the the new one as well. The most expensive one was a 25 coin/ 7 reward points with an 8 hour timer to a 100 coin / 5 reward point one with a 18 hour timer. 

This seems to be one of the biggest nerfs that Zynga has ever made to the game for it’s players. And I can tell you from talking to other players and looking at all the boards,blogs and comments across the news feed that they players are pissed off big time. Did they think we wouldn’t notice this being how the new regions were released and we would be busy with that. 

Hello McFly, it takes energy to do the new regions. 

I can only hope Zynga will see the error of their ways and restores the fight club back to the way it was and leave the new loot in there as we really did new new items especially the fighters who and basically are way past level 21 in the fight club, as it gives them something they can spend their coins on. 

Hey if you do restore it why not add STAMINA refills after all this is a fight club right and we use stamina to fight right. And even if you dont restore it just add stamina refills at a reasonable cost will ya !!! 

Fight Club NERFED !!! 

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>Facebook Security Rises After CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Fan Page Hacked


Facebook has increased it’s security for it’s users after CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had his Fan page hacked yesterday. 

According to the blog they put out this morning they will be instituting some new security measures to try and help prevent this from happening again. They are touting some old ones and some new ones plus they are bring back a revamped one they tested last year.

Lets start with the revamped one. It is now called Social Authentication, this is one where they give you a series of pictures and ask you to identify the person in the picture. This is being retested again and the first time this was a major failure and frustrated the majority of people who had to go through this nightmare to get on their account. 

Facebook’s reasoning for this one is that hackers may know your password but they wont know your friends.  The problem with this is most people who use the site for gaming have so many friends that they add just to be able to play the game properly don’t know what most of these people look like. The fact of the matter is that some of them use pictures that are of their pets, favorite sports team or game avatar so this will once again cause a problem for users trying to authenticate their accounts. 

The next 2 things they are touting are features they brought out back in October that I told you all about. First is the One Time Passwords for when you are on the road using a computer you don’t know or trust, like in a library or coffee shop.  

What you do is simply text “otp” to 32665 on your mobile phone (U.S. only), and you’ll immediately receive a password that can be used only once and expires in 20 minutes. In order to access this feature, you’ll need to have your mobile phone number on your account.

The next one is a great feature that I talk about all the time called Remote Logout. What this does is allow you to be alerted to when another computer logs into your account via email or text message or even both and then allows you to log them out so they can no longer access your account. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you do find a devise logged into your account that after you terminate the connection you go and change your password immediately. 

To find this feature go to your Account Security section of your Account Settings page you’ll see all of your active sessions, along with information about each session. 

And finally Facebook is now making the site more secure for it users by instituting HTTPS for everyones account if you want it. What is HTTPS, we you know when you do your banking or shopping and you see the little lock at the top by the address bar or it turns green,this means you are using a secure connection that is encrypting your data so it is not so easy to get access to your information on that website and also ensures that that information is private. 

This feature has been rolled out and is available right now just go to your Account settings and then Account Security to activate it. This is a great feature especially if you a using a computer you don’t normally use like at a library,school or coffee shop.

Bear in mind if you do activate this feature Facebook pages will load slower and also that some 3rd party applications have not adapted or are not HTTPS ready yet. Facebook is working with them to correct this issue and hopes to have it resolved in the coming weeks but you can use the feature today if you want. And you can turn it on or off at your leisure.

There you have it. It is a shame it took a hacking to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to get these features rolled out and talked about. I am sure these new features were in the pipeline to come out but it seems Facebook’s arm sort of got twisted to get them out now. 

What are your thoughts on these features? Let us know and comment below. 

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>Italy’s Regions 6,7 & 8 Are Here & Fight Club Loot Updated As Well.


Well here we go the new regions of Italy are Finally here. Regions 6.7 & 8 are now open for everyone. There is lots of new high end loot available with some really good numbers in attack & defense,with some of the best coming in region 8. 

Here is a graphic of some of the loot courtesy of Jane Bossy

TopMafia.info – Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc’s

They have also made some major changes to the fight club. Gone are all the Energy pack refills, now there is only 1 and it costs 100 Victory coins & 5 reward points and is only available every 18 hours. 

Plus there 3 new high end loot available too and it seems like you can continually buy these right now. The people with major stamina & Victory coins are gonna love this.Here is a graphic for you of what is out there now. 

So have fun everyone we will have more to come once we get through it all. 

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>How Bad Is The Hacking Problem On Facebook, Ask Mark Zuckeberg, His Own Fan Page was Hacked


So how bad is hacking of peoples accounts on Facebook. Well it must be pretty bad because even Facebook’s own Mark Zukerberg, had his fan page hacked and then pulled down by Facebook. 

Yes you heard right Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook, had his fan page hacked and this is what the hacker put on it.

Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 What do you think? #hackercup2011

And here is a screen shot from Allfacebook.com 

The page was immediately pulled down by Facebook. We are waiting to find out what Facebook’s official statement will be on this one. This will be classic.

Maybe now Facebook will start to take hacking a bit more serious when users say it has happened to them and stop making them go through hell to get their accounts restored. 

It really is a shame all the hoops Facebook makes it users jump through trying to get accounts back. It is about time Facebook gets themselves a real customer service department that users can call into instead of making them try to figure things out through a jumbled and mis-organized Help Center. I guess one can only wish.

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>*** THE SHOW IS UP *** On Mafia Wars Disabling Accounts


*** THE SHOW IS UP *** On todays show we went over over the big story in Mafia Wars ,The disabling of accounts for cheating, Italy’s New Districts are coming out soon, How the users got Facebook to reverse themselves in giving out our address & phone numbers. And will let you know how Lily Bauman,the GM of JRZ came back from the dead. We also have a big announcement of a MAJOR Loot Contest for clans & families in Mafia Wars but you have to go to our fan page to be included in it. Tune in to hear it all. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/01/24/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

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