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PRESS RELEASE: Players Buyout Zynga Stock & Fire Current Management


Players Buyout Zynga Stock & Fire Current Management

New York, New York – December 31, 2011 – In what Wall Street Experts & Industry Insiders call a bold and much needed move, a group of Zynga players have bought controlling interest in Social Gaming Giant Zynga Inc. and have fired the current mangement and have removed Mark Pincus as CEO.

The group consists of members from The Informant Podcast, The Facebook & Zynga Podcast, MW Unlocked, The MW Loot Lady & the various Zynga Games Player’s Advisory Committee’s. The group simply know as “Team PAC” has also secured controlling interest of the voting stock by getting Zynga’s varoius large investor core on board with it’s plans to restore company back to the powerhouse it once was.

“Games come and go,” says Team PAC, “but when a game company blatantly show serious disreguard for it’s player base, especially the paying ones, then stops fixing the game issues, this becomes a serious issue. We will make a better product with no glitches & real customer support when they need it. We will bring the word “FUN” back to gaming. That will give our customers confidence, the the daily players will return & sales will go up.”

In recent months the number of Zynga’s daily player’s has dropped to all time lows. Experts believed these trends would continue under the current mangement team that was in place, with the possibility of a complete company collapse by the end of the summer of 2012.

Team PAC feels that a stable core is now in place after this takeover of Zynga & feels this will also benefit the millions of players worldwide while also saving the company from closing it’s doors.The groups main focus will be fixing the games, lowering game costs, stopping constant content releases and making the game fun again for the players.

“The players are alot smarter than the former management team at Zynga gave them credit for. The time has come for a change here and we are going to be doing alot to change the companies tarnished image. We will be getting alot of feedback from the current & former player base and make change that will benefit and make them happy, while maintaining the ability to continue to make money without ripping off the players like the latter did. We want to make it so our customers are never disappointed & they always come back.”
Team PAC


Sorry Folks this was just dream it is not real.

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Look At What’s Coming In 2012 !!!

We want to wish all of our loyal listeners a very Happy New Year. We hope the upcoming year will be a great one for all of you.

You have made us such a success and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You Rock !!! 

We just wanted to show you what we have coming this January 2012, We will have a total of 4 Channels for you to choose from : Rock, Country, Indie & Mix.

1) The Rock Station will play great Classic Rock, New Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal & Great New Artists.

2) The Country Station will play great Classic Country, Top 40 Country & Great New Artists.

3) The Indie Station will play all the great new artists just starting out along with established Indie Artists. This is where the new artists of all music genres get to shine !!! 

4) The Mix Station will play a mix of Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Funk & DJ Mixes as well as Great New Artists. 
(Coming Very Soon)

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Social Network Radio 
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Our Rock Radio Station : http://www.socialnetworkradio.info/

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From Forbes / Longtime Zynga Player Explains Why Loyalists are Leaving the Brand

I thought you all would like to see my interview in Forbes on Zynga. Check It out and please leave a comment on your thoughts. 

Longtime Zynga Player Explains Why Loyalists are Leaving the Brand

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