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Facebook Is Deleting Pages At Alarming Rate Without Saying Why To Page Owners


So once again Facebook is at it again this time deleting Fan Pages and Business Pages with out giving any reason why. to the page owners who have worked very hard over the years to build up their pages. 

In 2007, Facebook launched their fan pages component, which allowed Facebook users to create fan pages for all types of interests and purposes.

You can create pages for small businesses, fan pages to bring fans of a certain character or superhero together, or simply to post/share content you enjoy with others. 

Within the past few weeks, Facebook has eliminated thousands of pages for no apparent reason, and has yet to issue an official explanation for their actions. I can assure you that many, if not all, of the pages eliminated were not erased for standard/regular reasons (fake traffic, spam, etc).

This was a removal of thousands of pages with at least 100 million fans in total (all active users and real people) and as I said, no formal notice or explanation has been given by Facebook.


The reason this is news is not simply because Facebook made a massive page sweep/purge and didn’t say anything. It is because the page owners behind these pages, many of whom have been building them for 5 years plus, suddenly had their entire followings and fan bases removed from their lives for no reason and they just don’t know what to do or who to complain to.  


There are thousands of page owners terribly upset, especially because they have been left in the dark as to why this happened. Additionally, many page owners used their pages to generate income in legitimate ways. Selling merchandise and posting Facebook-approved sponsored links are a couple popular examples.

This is a case of a few clicks by a development team at a major tech company resulting in thousands of individuals and families experiencing a direct loss of income, not to mention the enjoyment and ability of simply sharing content you like with others.

Now I know a lot of you will be saying good less crap in the news feed. Guess what Facebook has already limited page reach over the past few years so that is not the reason. Also they have deleted all types of pages ranging from funny joke pages to pages that support Autism and yes even Band Pages. NO PAGE IS SAFE RIGHT NOW. 

This also not the first time that Facebook has done this last year they did the same thing to 1000’s and page owners back then never got their pages back or a reason why their page deleted. The Daily Dot was the only one to report on it back in August

This time page owners are fighting back. One irate page owner has started a group called #POWERTOTHEPAGES and has even started a petition trying to get enough people to sign it and try and get a proper answer for the page PURGE and their pages back. 


Page owners deserve better and deserve answers. Some people have lost their very livelihood and some people are disabled or even single mothers trying to make a few dollars to support their families by selling their homemade products or even Avon. Yes they don’t discriminate. they hit everyone because they don’t have people doing the deleting they have computers that do it. 

I have contacted Facebook for an answer on this issue but have not received an answer. Of course they never do give answers on why they do things and that is the problem. They are not a privately held company anymore. This is a publicly traded company and they should be held accountable now but it is business as usual there.

Don’t believe me look at all the criticism they went through during the years suppressing Conservative stories, harassing mothers who breastfeed and the list goes on and don’t get me started on the privacy issues. 

So I am asking you all to get the word out to all the people and press you know and lets try to have Facebook held accountable and give page owners the answers they deserve. YES I AM ONE OF THE PAGE OWNERS. 

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REVIEW : Open Jam At Ka’tiki Hosted By Josephine’s Machine


REVIEW : Open Jam At Ka’tiki Hosted By Josephine’s Machine.

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REVIEW : Debut of Blues Jam at Clock Tower Sports Bar & Grill


REVIEW : Debut of Blues Jam at Clock Tower Sports Bar & Grill.

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Thoughts On Gun Control


I am gonna piss off alot of people with this so be prepared. I don’t not believe there should be gun control. I think better regulations and rules should be instituted but I don’t think guns need to be regulated. 

I believe guns should be taken out of the Walmart’s and K marts around the country and ALL guns should be sold ONLY by Licensed Gun Shops & Dealers.

I believe FULL Background checks that include a mental health check are a good thing, 7 day waiting periods are fine, fingerprints are good, gun safety classes & Operation classes that must be passed with a test are fine.

What I don’t like is the President, Congress and States enacting laws that restrict guns period. It is not the guns that kill people it is the people. Educated and get help for the people who need it, do not circumvent the constitution. 

This administration has circumvented Congress to many times so far and Congress does nothing. They seem to be to worried more about getting re-elected than what is right for America. This needs to change NOW.

The press are are no better. They seem to be scared of getting booted out of the White House Inner Circle than actually doing their job of reporting the news and exposing the wrongs of the administration. Get back to doing your job of reporting NEWS not fluff or what the White House tells you is news. America can take it and will do what needs to be done to fix things.

The world is sitting back laughing and waiting to pounce of us when we fall. And at this rate we will fall if something isn’t done. Did we learn nothing from World War II with the way Hitler, Mussolini & Stalin did things ? Europe fell because no one spoke up or fought back. Millions died, Nations fell because no one had the courage to speak out or act on anything. 

The time has come for Americans to wake up and speak out loud and proud and say this is our country and this what we want. Stop letting the administration say this is what is best for you and this is what you are entitled to. The Constitution tells us what we are entitled to and what our rights are not you Mr President. 

As Americans we all need to make this clear to the President and Congress as well as the press. We worked hard building this country as did our ancestors and we will not let you tear it down. We don’t want your handouts we want our Freedoms that so many have died defending for each and everyone of us over the years. 

We sweat & work hard for what we get in life. I for one will not let you or anyone one else take away my rights Mr President. So Mr. President you have been put on notice along with Congress that America will not sit back idly and let you destroy our country. We will fight to the last person standing to defend our rights, this is our country not yours.

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Where The Bands, Events & Shows Are 12/28/2012 & New Year’s Eve Too


Where The Bands, Events & Shows Are 12/28/2012 & New Year’s Eve Too.

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Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are 12/21/2012


Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are 12/21/2012.

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Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are This Weekend 12/14/2012


Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are This Weekend 12/14/2012.

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Zynga Shows True Holiday Spirit By Firing ALL The US Moderators & Sending Jobs Abroad.

Mark Grinch Pincus-002

Well another holiday season is upon us and holding true to form Zynga shows why they are one of the most hated game companies out there. They have fired all the US moderators, well before their contacts expired, and sent the jobs abroad to save money. 

Last year at this time they did the same thing to them. Only back then they promised to hire them back in 3 months which they did for most, only this time they were told it is permanent and they would not be hired back. 

The moderators never saw this coming and were given no warning or time to prepare. According to insiders at Zynga neither did the Community Managers who were just as shocked. There are also reports from employees that even the General Manager wasn’t informed until the other day when they gave the order to issue the termination notices to the entire UNITED STATES moderator team. Word on the street is this order came directly from Mark Pincus, who is now running the show at Zynga & Friday was their last day as of 5 pm PST.

As most of you know they also did this a couple of months ago during Apples big press announcement that they were firing over 100 people, closing games & offices without warning or giving employees advanced notice of any problems. In this case the operations were shipped abroad to their India offices. We hear this is where the moderator jobs are going as well. 

Zynga right now is seeing a major loss of top talent and executives in their San Francisco Headquarters. The company is suffering major losses financially, bookings dropping & their player base shrinking considerably as the Social Gaming market changes. Not to mention all the bad PR and considerably drop-off in their stock price which is driving the investors as well as players away from them. 

Zynga likes to blame the market for most its problems but in reality it is due to the company not caring about its player base, refusal to repair game issues, listen to the player base and game content overload that forces the players to be more like beggars. They have taken the fun out of playing games and made it so if you want to be competitive and have fun you cant because now the games are more like a job and require too much time to get things done and the player base just refuses to be play the games anymore. 

This move now leaves the forums & players to be tended by the Community managers who really relied heavily on the moderator team  to make things run smooth. While it is true most people didn’t care for the moderators much because they could never get a straight answer. That blame should not go them but the Zynga management team who refused give them the info required or to let them properly inform and answer players questions & issues. 

The timing sucks on this for those moderators affected as they have families to support and kids to get presents for who don’t understand what this all means. Hopefully all of them are able to quickly find new employment. We wish you well on your future endeavors. Thanks for the memories and being there and trying to help all the players when they needed it.  

As for Zynga we know you have to make cuts and tighten you belt during this rough patch but you are doing it wrong and as an American based company you shouldn’t be shipping OUR jobs overseas. I hope being how you are taking jobs away from America that all the Tax breaks and incentives you get are taken away as punishment. If you cant hire American and treat America with respect then you don’t deserve taxpayers dollars or support. 

You are not saving much as the moderators didn’t work in your offices but from home and what are you saving 2500 bucks a month by shipping jobs to India. Very bad move and unfortunately you will find more players leaving now and being how you cant come up with a real game of your own you might not be relevant in 2013. So on that note I wish you a very bad Christmas an miserable New Year.


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Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are This Weekend 12/7/2012


Where The Bands, Shows & Events Are This Weekend 12/7/2012.

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We Need Your Help Now !!!


Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays. There is a couple that needs everyone’s help before they lose their home, their pets (babies as they cant have kids) not to mention their dignity. Let me tell you whats going on and see if you can find it in your heart to help them.

There is a couple who over the years has done so much for the Mafia Wars Community by holding charity events to help those who lost everything in storms & other disasters, kept the community informed of changes in the game, has helped people get their accounts back and has fought for injustice in the game to try and improve it for everyone. Not to mention what they do for their own community between helping struggling businesses, musicians, animal groups and anything else that needs to be done.

They never asked for a thing from anyone and did everything because it was the right thing to do and they believe that helping people is very important in this very cold world these days. They did so much with almost all of it coming from their own pockets even though they couldn’t afford it because it was the right thing to do & the people needed help. They never complained or thought twice about it, they just automatically did it.

Well the day before Thanksgiving the wife was laid off from work and was told her services were no longer unnecessary. They live in a right to work state so no real reason was needed for the business as they could do what they want. The wife had no warning this was coming as she was doing what she was told a great job and they were planning strategies for the new year coming and what the company wanted to achieve and no one in the history of company was ever fired until her.

This left the family without any income, as you see next what is happening with the husband. They lived paycheck to paycheck since husband couldn’t work anymore due to health. They have already lost some services at home because they cant afford them and they also just recently lost their car insurance. Their cars need repairs but that is on back burner for now. Now here is what is going on with him.

Unfortunately the husband has seen his health going downhill with various medical conditions & is always sick. He has no medical insurance so he just goes on suffering without knowing the full extent of his condition but refuses to worry his wife and downplays his condition. He cant walk very far before losing his breath, he is always coughing as he is in a constant state of congestion, he get colds and fevers all the time and he even gets chest pains and numbness down his arm from time to time. He feels like he is a burden on his wife because he cant really do anything anymore and rarely leaves the house because he is always sick.

Well now this couple is about to lose their home during Christmas because they cant pay their rent and other bills as their is no income  coming in. They have gone to friends, family and even the government to try and get help until they can get back on their feet but unfortunately no one could help. The wife has applied for unemployment but that will come nowhere near what it takes to pay the bills. So today I am appealing to everyone to try and help this couple stay in their home by donating to them so they can pay their bills and keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

The wife is hopeful that she will find a job soon as she has resumes out all over the place and is hoping she will get an interview that will lead to a job. The husband isn’t just sitting on his butt either he is looking for a home based job to help pay the bills as well and has resumes out there as well hoping this will help until his health improves. So it is not like they aren’t trying because they are very hard.

You may be asking who this couple is well I am very reluctant to say because they are very proud people but they are myself (John Sweeney) and wife Joanne. Yes we are the ones who need the help this time and fast.

Our rent is already past due, we lost our cable, phone, car insurance we already have outstanding loans on car to help pay bills, so they may come repo the car, we even had to apply for food stamps to help for now and well we are embarrassed we are in this position but I guess it happens. Hopefully it wont last to long. We would need $2000.00 to at least catch up and pay our bills and hopefully something breaks before January so we wont be in this position then as well.

We have tried everything to avoid this drastic move of asking for help but we don’t know what else to do right now.  This is all new to us as we have never been in this position before and hope we never have to be in it again. Unfortunately though it is here and we really need your help to stay afloat if you can donate to us our Paypal email address is johnsweeney2000@gmail.com and if you cant we understand times are tough for everyone.

For those who don’t use or have Paypal you can send checks or money orders to :

275 116th Ave , Treasure Island, Florida 33706

Like I said this is very embarrassing to us as we are the ones always trying to help others but now we are the ones needing help. So if you can please help us it would be greatly appreciated. If you cant that’s OK we understand but could you at least spread the word to someone who may be able to help.

We want to thank you all now in advance for helping or trying to help. God Bless You All.

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