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Mafia Wars Family Needs Help To Bury Child

On April 2nd, 10 year old Shelby Mundock had a severe asthma attack, losing oxygen to her brain. Shelby has been on life support since that day. Today, her parents Jon and Karen made the decision to remove her from life support due to irreversible brain damage. Shelby’s organs will be donated so that someone else has a second chance at life.

As many parents never think about outliving their children, the Mundock’s need our help. Due to medical expenses and also having 2 other daughters, they cannot afford the funeral costs. As a parent, I personally cannot imagine the grief in this moment. However, Jon has been a member of the Mafia Wars community for almost 4 years. As a community, we may fight, war, etc. but as people there are times we need to come together to support someone else.


For the cost of a cup of  Starbucks or buying the minimum GF point package, we can help a family be able to have a funeral, burying their youngest child. If you feel it in your heart to help, I will post Jon’s paypal information. jmundock@comcast.net. We, Jon’s family and friends, appreciate your support and care.

In Honor of Shelby KWH will be hosting a FFA on Sunday, April 22nd beginning at 9 am EST and lasting to Midnight EST. We are hosting this FFA in honor of Shelby Mundock, daughter of Jon & Karen Mundock.

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Disabled Army Veteran & Mafia Wars Player Needs Our Help After House Fire Destroys All


A disabled veteran and long time Mafia Wars Player, Robert Art Lovett from {Skulʓ}, was left with only the clothes on his & his families back after a devastating house fire that totally destroyed their home and all their belongings.

I am asking that we as the great Mafia Wars community pull together to help this family in the way that I know we can.

Robert or ART as he is known in the MW community is a disabled veteran and a father of 5 has lost everything and I am asking that we all try to donate to help them out until the insurance company get them some help. His elderly family can only do so much on a fixed income so it is up to us.

The Godfather of  {Skulʓ} Nick Burke has set up a fundraiser site to help collect donations for the family. This is the link to the donation site http://fundrazr.com/campaigns/9IRNb 

Below is the link to the news channel WALB of Georgia with footage of the firefighters on the scene of the house fire and you can see by the footage that the house is a total loss.

Disabled Veteran Loses Home To Fire

I am asking all of you to please step up to the plate if you can and donate to help this family. I have seen over the years this MW community pull together to help plenty of people and causes. So I ask you all to please once again help again for this Disabled Veteran.

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