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Facebook Preparing To Move The Old Groups To The New Group Format

Here we go folks. The day the Gamers & Mafia Wars Families were dreading is coming soon. The Old groups are being migrated into the new groups format.

Yes you heard me right the old groups we love so much are going to change over to the new format that we are not crazy about. No exact date has been release yet but it is coming soon as Facebook has already started to update the help center with the migration FAQ.

Here is what they are saying on it. 

When your old group gets archived, it will be converted to the new groups format. Almost everything from your old group will be available in the archived group, with a few exceptions.

Things that will be available in the archived version include:

  • Group photos and Wall posts
  • Group discussion threads, which become Wall posts
  • The group description, which can be found at the top of the page when you click “See All” members in the new group

Things that will NOT be available in the archived version include:

  • Recent news
  • Group officer titles
  • The info box under the old group picture
  • The group network
  • The members of your old group. You can still add new members by clicking “Add Friends to Group.”

If you would like to preserve any of this information, it’s recommended that you save it before your group is archived.

Keep in mind that the new groups format was designed to help you share with the small groups of people in your life. If you’ve been using your old group to promote your business, we recommend you create a page instead.

Here is some more info.

If you see a message at the top of an old group with the option to upgrade, simply click “Upgrade This Group” to upgrade to the new groups format. Members of the old group will also be given the option to ask the admin to upgrade. Note that it may take a few minutes or more before the content from your group is converted to the new format.

If you choose not to upgrade your group, or if you do not see an option to do so, the group will eventually be archived.

You can continue using your group after it is archived. However, since members of old groups will not migrate to archived groups, you will need to add new members.

Here are some of the new features that do come with the new groups.
Once the group is upgraded, members can:

Members receive notifications about posts in the new group by default. Notification settings can easily be adjusted by clicking the Edit Settings button.

 I have contacted Facebook to try and get more information on this but have not received a response as of yet. I will keep you informed.
Now here are some facts they don’t tell you about the new groups.
  • There is no more discussion section, you must go to creat a document and that basically becomes the discussion and it is very limited.
  • While you can have an NOW unlimited number of members in the group but the chat feature stops working after 250 members..
  • The groups still have the option of being open, closed or secret.
  • Anyone can add people to the new groups which limits your full control of it, but you can make it so admins approve members even if it is an open group.
  • You have to set up a group email to send message to members but it is limited to those who have the new Facebook message system. and stops working after 250 members.
So there you have it in a quick nut shell. This is coming and we cant stop it. Now for those mafia wars families out there I wish I had better news for you on this. This affects me as well and yes it sucks. Mark Zuckerberg has never liked the gamers on Facebook but being how they bring in so much money to his company he tolerates them but will never cater to them. Even Zynga who brings them 40% of the entire sites users. 

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Are you trying to kill the game and drive everyone away, cause you are doing a damn good job at it !!! 

Zynga brings us another timed mission ( 9 frigging days ) called the Trill Of The Hunt. What trill ??? This one looks like they final city they didnt get to, New York. With a grand prize item called the Cringe Rifle 151 attack / 87 defense. I cringe just looking at this event.

So in just 24 hour they have brought us this new mission that we will have LOADS of fun with, made it so we have to beg to upgrade our Armory & Zoo to 5 levels and the Terminator vs Rambo gifting event. Not to mention that we still have the never ending crack the safe event going on.

While we appreciated the fact we had a couple of days break from all this crap but you just keep piling more and more crap up that we have to do. Now we have to go back to spamming & begging our friends for stuff again. Did you not get the memo and message the players sent you. WE WANT TO JUST PLAY THE GAME !!!

We gave you the poll results and comments from the players. You also saw the numbers dropping and I am not the only one reporting on this.  Do you not get it or do you just don’t care about your players anymore, DO TELL US !!! WTF !!!

I hate to say this Zynga but you are going to see more players leave the game because of all this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the events and missions but you really need to space it out and make them so we don’t have to beg and spam our friends anymore or this game will die very quickly.

We are not click monkeys and we don’t have 24 hours a day to play this game as we all have lives. I don’t know what your thinking here. You know with everything going on in the country with all the death and destruction with all these storms I think the players wouldn’t of minded an event to benefit the victims. You did it for Japan & Haiti why not America you home base.

Anyway the event is out so if you want to do it have fun I am not wasting my energy and stamina on it and most importantly I am not wasting my time. I will gladly help my friends if there are any left playing the game but I ain’t doing it.

A picture says a thousand words so I will put this one up.

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I Need Your Help To Help The Victims Of The Tornado’s In America

Hi Everyone I need all of your help today.

I am trying to get Zynga to do something for all the victims of the terrible tornado’s and bad storms across America. Well over 300 people have been killed and towns destroyed.  Billions of dollars in damage to homes as people who have survived have lost everything and they really need our help fast.

I am proposing that Zynga do some kind of event or make special loot items for all its games that people can get, to help in the effort.

All I need from everyone is for you to comment on a post that you want it too,  so Zynga will get it going ASAP.  They have helped victims in other countries and I think now is a good time to help the American Victims.

Please go HERE and comment that this is something you want them to do. This is the right thing to do and the more people that comment the better chance we will get it to happen.

Check out these images and tell me that they don’t need our help.

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Mafia Wars Armory & Zoo Expand / Time To Upgrade Them

Ok folks here’s a news flash Mafia Wars has finally made it where we can expand the Armory & Zoo in our New York Properties.

Lets start with the Armory, it can be upgraded to level 15 and here are some of the new loot items.

Now on to the new Zoo Items which also needs to be upgraded to level 15 

So here we go again collecting and begging for more parts again. But at least the items are not so bad for the lower level players. Happy Hunting everyone.

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Mafia Wars Wants Your Input About Events !!!

Hey everyone one Mafia Wars wants your input on events.  Community Manager Blue Eyed Nate is asking for feedback on Get Satisfaction.

The question he is asking is this ; ” What MW game events have you enjoyed ? “

They are also asking what events you have enjoyed in the past & what you would like to see come back. So go and give them your 2 Cents and let them know what you think you can connect with Facebook Connect. Now is your chance they are listening to this one !!! 

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Get Satisfaction With Mafia Wars

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a little known feature in Mafia Wars and site that goes with it.  It is called Get Satisfaction.

What is Get Satisfaction ? Well it is like the forums only alot cleaner. You can go there to ask questions about the game and thing going on with the game, give praise about something good with the game, you can share your ideas on how to improve the game or a feature you would like to see & you can even go their to try and get people to join your mafia.

You can also see what the most frequently asked questions, Ideas that are under consideration, common issue people have and yes even praise Mafia Wars gets.

And it is very easy to use and navigate. Believe it or not this is also built right into the game so you can do it right while you are playing and not have to scramble to get there. All you do is go the the top left corner where it says Account / Then a drop down menu will appear with various features / then click on Feedback and it will pop right up on the screen and you can chose what you want to try and get an answer on and then click continue.

You will then be directed to a new screen which will show familiar posts to yours and ask you if you still want to make your post our join one of the topics already going on. ( Remember the bigger a specific topic is the faster you can get an answer) 

The site is run by Zynga and the employees do answer the questions as well so it it not just other players answering them. You can also search specific topics like your own if you need to and/or  just join in and add your own 2 cents.

If you go direct to the site you can connect direct with Facebook Connect so that makes life easier. You can also customize your profile and add a picture to it as well as any other information you may want to include. It is very easy to use.

Now I know you are saying my posts always get lost on the forums and I can never see if I get a response. Well guess what here you can very easily find all your posts you make and comment on by just going to your profile and checking activity. And they will all be there so you can go to what ever topic you need to that you made or commented on and see what is happening. Very nice feature.

I just want you all to give it a try as this seems to work much better than the forums and the employees do seem to keep up on this much more. You do still have to adhere to the rules like no cursing and stuff but it is definitely more structure than the forums. Check it out you might just get the answers you are looking for, here is the link http://getsatisfaction.com/mafia_wars 

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NEW EVENT COMING : Terminator VS Rambo

Well it was nice while it lasted !!! Coming this Thursday we get Terminator vs Rambo according to the Official Mafia Wars Blog.  

This event is just like the Super Bowl & Ultimate Showdown where you have to collect the items you need on both sides and you can do it 5 times. Which means you can get 5 really good loot items this time to help your attack & defense.

Yes this means that quiet gift box we had for the past few days will start filling up again. SORRY !!! And once again I have to ask what the hell does this have to do with MAFIA WARS !!! I guess Zynga is getting paid good money by the  studios of these movies to do this.

So who do you think will win Rambo or the Terminator ? I know I dont care either LMAO , but I will do it for the loot items. The should of done Rocky VS Mohammad Ali at least boxing goes with Mafia as they all love boxing.

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Special Report : Social Games Policy On Cyber Bullying

For weeks now I have been talking about the issue of bullying on Facebook & within the social games.  Today I am going to give you the policies of what some of the social game companies have to say on it which unfortunately isn’t much.

I contacted some of the major social game companies to get statements on their policies on the issue of bullying. Well the response was disappointing to say the least. I am very upset some of them didn’t even bother to respond I mean even Facebook responded so I guess to some of them this is a non issue or perhaps they just don’t have a set policy on the issue, which is another thing I found.

Well let’s start with the responses I did recieve :

Pop Cap the makers of such games like Bejeweled Blitz had this to say through spokesman Garth Chaouteau, ” We at Pop Cap dont have cyber bullying issues around our social games ( Bejeweled Blitz & Zuma Blitz ) , So I am afraid we’re not able to provide much perspective for your story at hand,sorry.” 

Playfish the makers of such games like Restaurant City, Pet Society, Monopoly Millionaires & Madden Football had this to say through their spokesman Tom Sarris,  “Playfish views cyber bullying in a very serious manner. We foster and maintain a zero tolerance policy within the Playfish community for players who instigate personal attacks on other community members, and who post insulting, inflammatory or rude material aimed at groups or individuals. While debate and discussion is strongly encouraged, we believe everyone in our community has the right to participate in a respectful environment in which they feel safe, free from harassment or discrimination. We will continue to enforce this policy and take timely and appropriate action against those who do not respect it.” 

That is out of all the companies I contacted only 2 responded and only Playfish had a real policy in place, and it is a real good one too.

I waited almost 2 weeks for the other companies to respond and did try to contact them again but still no response. This is very disturbing as the victims of bullying seem to be getting no help from them at all even after they provided indisputable proof of the bullying & in some cases extortion attempts.

I do want to be fair here as just because the other companies didn’t respond to my requests on their bully policies doesnt mean they dont have one. Although if they did, you would think with all the publicity around the bullying issues around the world you would think they would like to let the world know what they have in place as it makes for good PR.

However I do know from talking with the social game giant Zynga that they do not have a real policy in place and they are looking to institute one soon that will be acceptable to the victims.

So what can a victim do right now if they are being bullied ? To be honest not a whole lot, it looks like all they can do is keep reporting it to both Facebook & the social game companies & make sure they give them as much proof that they can to fully document it.

I also suggest if you are being bullied &/or extorted contact your local police enforcement agency and if I was you contact your local TV stations & other media outlets to see if they can help force the social game companies & Facebook to deal with it quickly. While your at it why not contact your local political Representative as they love this stuff especially around election time because it means more votes to them. Remember, no one likes bad press.

I personally believe that Facebook & the social games need to work together. I think if you block someone from seeing your profile due to bullying issues then they should also be blocked from contact within the social games. This will help eliminate alot of issues and this really should be implemented ASAP. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening anytime soon unless you get the social game giant Zynga to step up and try to get it done with Facebook then the other will fall in place.

Why Zynga ? Well Zynga accounts for most of the real revenue that Facebook gets and Zynga also accounts for over 40% of the members on Facebook , so if the social game giant asks for this on behalf of the victims, I think Facebook might then have to act on it.

Bullying is not fun for the victims of it and can cause real emotional distress for many of the victims. I wish I had a magic wand to make it go away but I dont and unfortunately on Facebook we must wait for them to act. I am saddened see this happen to many good people I do know and the lack of support from Facebook & the social games has driven them away from all together. I can only hope for change.

If you want to help then I suggest we all start a campaign to let Facebook & these social games know how we feel. Bombard them with with your letters, petitions & support groups and let the world see how we are not going to take it anymore.

Here are just a couple of sites you can go to for assistance if you are being bullied.

  1. http://www.stopbullying.gov/
  2. http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/ This is one Facebook is a Co-Founder of.
  3. http://www.facebook.com/help/?safety The Facebook Safety Center

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The Show Is Up / Facebook Goes Nuts & Zynga Tries To Woo Players Back

On Today’s show we went over a big Charity Mock for an Olympic hopeful, how Zynga is scrambling to stop their numbers from dropping, we also talked about how Facebook is losing there mind and doing things a real social network would never do, plus we had Susan Bennett Smith from Black Hat.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/04/25/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

If you want to keep up on the latest Mafia Wars & Facebook news & scam alerts then just join our fan page lots of good stuff there to keep you informed and safe.  And feel free to ask questions on our wall & we will try to get you answers. http://www.facebook.com/TheFBZyngaPodcast

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Joke Of The Day

Sense of  Freshness….

A while ago a  new supermarket opened in Topeka , KS .
It has an  automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh.

Just before it goes on,
you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.

When you pass the milk cases,
you  hear cows mooing and you experience the scent of fresh mowed hay.

In the meat department there 
is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks with onions.

When you approach the egg  case, you hear hens cluck and cackle,
and the air is  filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.

The bread department features 
the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread and cookies.

Needless to say I don’t buy toilet paper there any more.  

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