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>Press Release To All Media Outlets / Premier Of "The Facebook & Zynga Podcast"



“Season Premier of The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” Your Thoughts Are Aired on Social Radio Network BlogTalkRadio

“The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” answers the worlds questions about Facebook & Zynga Games live on Monday, August 2, 2010 at 6 p.m. Eastern

Treasure Island, Florida — July 30, 2010 – The question “Why is the world hooked on Facebook & Zynga Games?” will be the focus of BlogTalkRadio’s “The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/john-sweeney-jr/2010/08/02/the-facebook-zynga-podcast) with host John Sweeney Jr on Monday,August 2, 2010, at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. The show will feature experts on Facebook & Zynga games and welcome calls from listeners.

Facebook & Zynga are both celebrating milestones this year and there are plenty of issues the users have across the world and they are rising steadily. Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (347) 327-9074. The live, Internet talk-radio show will stream from the host page at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/john-sweeney-jr/2010/08/02/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

“The world has some seroius issues with these 2 giants,” said John Sweeney Jr., host of the program. “But how to address these issues is another challenge. Our panel of knowledgeable guests will welcome ideas and discussion from listeners during the live show.

” An archive will be available at the same link immediately following the show or listeners can subscribe to the archives via the RSS feed located on the host page. Read more about the host and the discussion on John’s blog at [http://facebookzynga.blogspot.com]

About “The Facebook & Zynga Podcast”

“The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” is an interactive, live Internet talk-radio show that focuses on hot Facebook & Zynga games topics. Host John Sweeney Jr. explores the various issues that face the worldwide users today. Callers are encouraged to call (347) 327-9074 to listen or ask questions. The stream and archives are available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/john-sweeney-jr/2010/08/02/the-facebook-zynga-podcast. The show is live every Monday evening at 6 p.m. Eastern/ 3 p.m. Pacific. The show is hosted on BlogTalkRadio.

About BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio is a free, web-based platform which allows any user with a phone and a computer to host a live, interactive Internet broadcast. Hosts call into the service by phone, managing callers on the web-based host dashboard. Shows stream live directly from the host’s BlogTalkRadio web page with archives available for all past shows. BlogTalkRadio has been featured on ABC News, The Washington Post, Portfolio, Talkers Magazine, and TheStreet.com. The citizen broadcasting network can be found at http://www.blogtalkradio.com.

Press Contact

John Sweeney Jr.


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>Central Station & The Tampa Bay Rays bring you "Rays Hawk Nite" to benefit The Children’s Dream Fund


Hi Everyone, If you are in the Tampa/ St. Pete area come down to a great benefit on Treasure Island.

Central Station & The Tampa Bay Rays bring you “Rays Hawk Nite” to benefit The Children’s Dream Fund http://www.childrensdreamfund.org/ The Children’s Dream Fund was founded in 1981 with the single purpose of fulfilling dreams for children ages 3-18 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

So come on down and get your “Rays Hawk” and help out some kids who really need our help. There will be 3 bands ( Suzabeaches, Standback & Dennis Wallace ) , We have “Cherie-oke”. The Best and hottest little Karaoke Queen in Tampa Bay! Her top of the line system will make anyone sound good! There will also be tons of prizes and raffles , Food, Fun & plenty of drink specials. It will be a fun time for all and and it all goes to a great cause so make sure you come by.

August 11th 2010 7 PM – 2 AM

Central Station
115 107th Ave
Treasure Island, FL 33706


So try and squeeze this into your busy schedule and help make a child dream come true. We look forward to seeing you all !!!

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>The Facebook and Zynga Blog: Viva Las Vegas & Other Zynga News

>The Facebook and Zynga Blog: Viva Las Vegas & Other Zynga News: “Hey everyone welcome back. Vegas in Beta form is here and we are the guinea pigs LOL. So far it is okay but nothing to really write home …”

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>Viva Las Vegas & Other Zynga News


Hey everyone welcome back. Vegas in Beta form is here and we are the guinea pigs LOL.
So far it is okay but nothing to really write home about. The graphics are top notch and is very flash oriented so update your Flash player if you haven’t already and you will need to clear you cache more if you are in Vegas alot.

It does combine energy and stamina accounts into one, so if you went to be a fighter now you have to build up your energy and visa versa for energy accounts. It is expensive and uses alot of energy and stamina.

You do have various paths to chose such as Energy Path, Fight Path & Social Path( Where You can ask for help on jobs but that doesnt help you master that job like in Moscow and Bangkok). There are also 4 levels for Vegas(Bronze,Silver,Gold,Ruby). Each district is long and drawn out and it takes awhile to master if you dont have alot of energy and stamina. So far there are 5 open districts with District 6 coming soon and maybe a couple more down the road.

Now there is something very important you need to know about the Boss jobs. In other cites when you master a level and get a loot item. Well in Vegas you do too but you will not get multiple items for every Boss fight it will take the first item you got and just upgrade its value to a higher attack & defense. I know it sucks but let me show you what I mean in pictures.

So You will NOT get a new car for each level they will only upgrade the Attack/Defense value. And I have confirmed this with Zynga via phone that this is true. It drove me nuts when mine were removed and my attack and defense dropped but this is how Zynga wants it. I know alot of us dont agree but we would have a better chance of fighting City Hall than Zynga.

You also have to do jobs to unlock the various properties for your casino with each district completed. The good thing is that you just need to finish the bronze level to unlock each new district. Then each property is treated like our chop shop & Weapon Depot you have to build them up to the 5 star level by getting things like steel girders, concrete and many other thing you will need specific to that property. Alot of things are needed and you can only ask your mafia to help once a day and due to a bug you can only ask for help on one property right now not for multiple properties so this will be a slow go here to make the entire thing a 5 star casino.

Your Vault is very important you really want to upgrade that first as you can blow thru the districts very fast and you will probably have alot of money available you want to vault but if you dont upgrade your vault you will have to leave it out and exposed. You can spend your reward points to upgrade them faster but not everyone has that luxury or has the money to spend to do so. And your vault can only hold so much at a time and that is very little in the beginning. So Upgrade that first.

There is a good feature in your casino where you can convert money from various cities into Vegas chips. The ratios suck but as you upgrade the more you can convert from the other cities and every little bit helps as Vegas is expensive. Plus all those racks of chips everyone gives you can be converted into Vegas chips as well and they are like those envelopes of Bhat that we had. The bad thing is that you can only accept 10 racks of chip per day from your friends.

They also included a Fight Club Tournament which I really like. This is where you go through the various weight classes and win in the 3 various levels like the regionals, nationals and championship. This is a good feature and fun. You can bet on the fighters in the brackets including yourself or you can bet against yourself. This is where you get those Famous Victory Token we have heard about in the marketplace and this is going to coincide with the mew top mafia set up that came and went then came back and left again. So yes, The New Top Mafia, will be back again.

There are numerous new achievements to get in Vegas and I am sure many more to come. You get achievements for fighting, building and upgrading your properties or Casino, Icing people and a few others.

So Vegas in general is nothing special but is interesting and has some good things and bad things. The loot isnt to good for the higher level players but it will help those lower level players or even those looter accounts. So I give Vegas 3 stars out of 5 until they fix some issues and so far from talking with them they seem to be sincere and are fixing them. We will see what happens.

Now for something very disturbing that has to do with Zynga Poker. The game itself is fun and pretty good but I found something that is just wrong. Especially since kids play the game.

In the gift shop you can can buy various items but I found you can now buy Water Pipes or as they are know on the street BONGS. Yes, bongs, they also sell cigars cigarettes, Maui Wowie ( Where I come from that is Joints or Marijuana ). This is just wrong and it sends a bad message to our kids as it is okay to use this stuff.

If Hollywood could remove it and the government banned it from magazines and TV what gives Zynga the right to have it in a video game kids. They need to show better judgement and remove this. If you dont believe that it exists here is a screenshot.

I suggest we all write Zynga and ask them to remove the items. If Tommy Chong can go to jail for selling them what do you think should happen to Zynga for promoting its use and making them available in a virtual game. I still say they are sending the wrong message to our kids and it needs to stop NOW.

Well thats all I got for now see you next time. and thank you again for nominating me for a Bloggers Choice Award 2010. I still need the votes to win so keep voting for me.

Please Vote for my blog to win the 2010 Bloggers Choice Awards!!! Please Vote for me and help make me the blog of the year. I am asking you ALL to please Just vote for me.
I am nominated in 3 categories.
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>Freedom Of Speech Or Is It ???

The 1st amendment guarantees us the right to free speech in the USA but when we exercise this right we are threatened with lawsuits and the government says we must use caution in what we say or who we say it about or face the consequences.

I think it is time the Government goes back to the basics and allow us our rights that our fore fathers put forth. Stop changing the laws so a few individuals can have special rights. The constitution says we have these rights and thats that.

We are all supposed to be created equal but again groups and individuals do have special rights because it suits the government and they need the votes to stay in office. Well guess what these laws you make are a direct violation of the constitution THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You wonder why the rest of the world laughs at us and hate us. It is because the government and and all these special right groups change laws to suit their needs and dont even follow our own constitution.

It is about time we begin to follow the constitution again the way it is written. I am not saying we should not have laws for hate crimes or other things that protect Americans. I am saying it is time to wake up and smell the coffee and remember we are Americans, we are one country, one people one America and we should treat everyone that way.

Millions of people have died since our inception to protect these rights our fore fathers drew up for us to help keep us a free nation. They would all be rolling in their graves if they saw the mockery of today’s America. We all need to stop sweating the little things in life and pull together as a nation to make us stronger united on one front. We are all one thing AMERICANS we all put our pants on they same way, we all bleed the same color blood, we all have emotions that move us, we are all just human. But most importantly we are AMERICANS.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

If you dont like what someone says dont listen to them. They have the right to say what they want, to whom they want and about who ever they like. Freedom of Speech is a beautiful thing here in AMERICA but when you can sue someone for when they express their given right all that does is cost honest Americans their time, money and just clogs up the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits when they could be doing something good like putting away murders, rapists and child molester.

But no your feelings were hurt so you are going to sue some one who expressed their right to free speech. You need to grow up and the government needs to stop allowing this kind of thing to clog up our judicial system. They also need to stop making and changing laws that will keep them in office and suit their needs.

This is America Land of the Free and Home of the Brave not land of the free unless you do something we dont like or will make it so dont get re-elected. Wake Up AMERICA !!! Lets all pull together to make This Nation great again as We ARE The People.

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>Zynga What Are Thinking ???


Hi everyone I just wanted say I am pissed so lets get right to it.

Zynga what are you thinking these days??? You come out with a great new feature that helped alot of people get issues with all their games fixed quickly and by some nice customer service reps. So what do you do, you remove it and force everyone and even tell them to use the forums to get answers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! Are you all smoking them funny cigarettes again or do you really dont give a crap about your users. Oh wait, you are Zynga I forgot you just dont give a shit.

You finally had something your users could use to get real time issues resolved right on the spot most times. Now you want them to go to the forums where even your moderators dont know where to find stuff. Nice move buttheads.

Have you ever put in a support ticket and got something fixed in a timely fashion. You should try it sometime I bet your ticket either gets ignored or you get a canned answer of we are working on it and you will have answer in 48 – 72 hours and then the issue is never resolved. You will have to submit another ticket and that one you dont even get an answer on. I am telling you just try it you will see !!!

I cant imagine why you would remove a perfectly good thing. Oh wait maybe I can, it has to be my fault. I pimped it out to over 100,000 people and I know they did to so the only logical thing that comes to mind is you were overwhelmed by all the people who had issues and you didn’t have the staff to handle it. Ok my bad. I am sorry LMAO. NOT!!!

We know why you removed it you saw how many people really did have issues and panicked cause that means you would of had to do some work. That would also mean happy customers and you couldn’t have that. An upset customer keep you getting free press and your name on the front burner.

Well all I have to say Zynga is you have your disgruntled users back. We are all yours again. We are stuck with that crappy forum again and putting in tickets that will never get answered. Nice Job you are probably gonna lose another 5 million or so users. I am being to think your company is run by idiots AHH who am I kidding I already knew that and so does the rest of the world.

And what is up with you coming out with all these lame mystery animals. WTF !!! you were doing well there when you unveiled the good high end loot items and then you follow it up with this. GEEZ that must be some good stuff you are smoking over there.

You really need to get back to the basics and have teams concentrate on just one game at a time. Fix the bugs and issues and stop coming out with crap.

Well if I continue I will give myself a head ache. I will leave you with this Zynga try what we have suggested. Get some users who are high level players who really know the ins and outs of the game compared to your staff.And let them beta test things for you and then give you reports on what works and what doesn’t. Dont leave it to the people in the forum to just give your ideas. USE BETA TESTERS !!!

P.S. Bring back the One On One Live Chat again or you will find yourself out of business especially when EA Games/Playfish, Sony, and all the big boys come into the social gaming industry for real.

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>Mafia Wars 2nd Anniversary Celebrations


Summer is here, and Mafia Wars is heating up! We are celebrating 2 years of crime with some exciting events starting this weekend.

Gone in 60 hours – Chop Shop Celebration

Got the need for speed? Starting Friday, your Chop Shop is shifting into high gear. For 60 hours only, you can build twice as many cars (one car every 12 hours), all Chop Shop construction materials and car parts (including special parts like Solar Panels), and all Chop Shops will be able to build the exclusive limited-edition Future Shock 1985.

This pimped-out car not only has a healthy attack and defense, but it also provides you with additional energy, stamina and health.

This weekend is the perfect time to step up your chop shop. A stash of Chop Shop construction parts headed to New York was hijacked, and we’re sharing the wealth with you. You’ll have enough materials to step up your Chop Shop by one level or start your Chop Shop if you haven’t done so already. And with three new cars, it’s time to set up your mafia with the fastest and most furious cars that crime can buy.

Challenge Mission: South Africa

As the world’s gaze turns to South Africa and the conclusion of the Global Cup, you’ve prepared for the boldest Challenge Mission yet – fixing the biggest sport game in the world.

Success won’t be easy. The plan involves pulling off the largest gold heist that Africa has ever seen, and blackmailing the almost impeachable match referees to rig the game.

To continue the celebration, all mastery progress for Challenge Mission: South Africa will be doubled this weekend. Take this chance to get ahead with your progress as you’ll need it to get access to awesome new rewards for this challenge.

Mafia Wars “Must Play Weekend”

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is almost here , and this Saturday, July 3rd, you’ll get a chance to loot exclusive “Vegas Chips”. These chips will give you an advantage when Vegas releases, so you’d better collect as many as you can get ahead of your Mafia rivals. If that wasn’t enough, Sunday and Monday (4th and 5th of July) will be a special double-double event.

You’ll get twice the job mastery and twice the fight loot while fighting in New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok. Use this opportunity to equip your Mafia to prepare for Las Vegas, as good Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Animals will be even more vital to facing the challenge of controlling the brutal underworld of Sin City.

Mafia Wars fans, clear out your weekend for some serious crime time.

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