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Godfather Wars Coming Soon ???

Well if Zynga can do it so can we. Gonna start a game company and modify all Zynga games, give them Kool names & here is the kicker you ready…We are gonna make sure they all work properly..I know right !!! So who is with me ???
Mark Pincus over at Zynga says he doesn’t copy games over there but if you look at all their games they are modified copies of other companies games. SOOOOO Our Turn… We will  get into it and we have better a better marketing team them.
Our first game will be Godfather Wars !!! The game will never have content overload, you will never have to beg for parts, virtual items will be reasonably priced, they will have relevant events not stuff like space crates and here is the kicker…you ready….they will work bug free and have real customer service with people who actually play and know the games…I know…crazy huh ??? 
So watch for it coming soon if all goes well !!! 

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Mi2N.com – Social Network Radio Expands Internet Radio Network To 4 Stations

Mi2N.com – Social Network Radio Expands Internet Radio Network To 4 Stations.

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New Show Is Up / Alex From MW Unlocked Drops By & Blastin’ Zynga Show

*** New Show Is Up *** It is a new year but the same old crap with Zynga. Actually It has gotten worse since the IPO and you would think things would get better but NO !!! Well we went over all the issues with them and I will not be nice about it. Plus we also had Alex from MW Unlocked on to go over his toolbar & his thoughts on MW. Oh yeah we have FB news too so tune in. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2012/01/09/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

If you want to keep up on the latest Mafia Wars & Facebook news & scam alerts then just join our fan page lots of good stuff there to keep you informed and safe.  And feel free to ask questions on our wall & we will try to get you answers.  http://www.facebook.com/TheFBZyngaPodcast 
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