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Facebook Timeline Is Here For All Business / Fan Pages

Facebook Timeline Is Here For

All Business / Fan Pages !!! 

Well I have and so have alot of other people who the Timeline was coming for Business Pages / Fan Pages and it is now here and it will become Mandatory on March 30th 2012.

There are good things to it and there are some serious issues with it that I hope Facebook corrects during this trail period or basically pages will be irrelevant even more than they are becoming already.

First off it is great for a page to Visually show off but then things get a bit dicey. The fan interaction has been curtailed as fan posts are now lumped into I big box that must be expanded to see what they are saying to you.  I don’t why Facebook would do that being how they want fans to interact and post or at least so they say. Page admin posts show up just fine as well as the comments. Now though if a fan post something it get lost unless the page admin re-posts it for them.

Lots of page owners are going to hate this with a passion as they rely on fan page posts to keep informed on things from the fans and the fans also like it to. Admins will really have to work a bit harder to keep up to date with the fans if they keep it like this.  This really hurts Musicians, Gamers, Small Businesses, Radio Stations as well a number of others but businesses who don’t allow fan posts this is a godsend as they don’t have to police their walls so much or to be precise don’t have to care as much what fans post except for comments.

Now let’s get to the apps a page uses, they get a bit lost too and the landing pages business love so much and have spent good money on become obsolete and a waste unless Facebook makes some changes. This will really hurt those who use those pages for fan engagement/ contest and widget engagement.  Now if a fan want to see what page has to offer as far as apps and engagement they have to click the little arrow next the to the last little picture and the apps will drop down.

Now Facebook did add some good features for page owners and fans.  The feature for page owners is the Admin Panel which I must say is very nice and clean and really easy to use. They have added notifications there so you can actually see them as well as who has like page to better manage the fans and ban them if they post in appropriate content. They have also added a little insights box for a quick view chart.

They added tabs on top right of Admin Panel so you can manage page and this brings you to the way we are used to editing page so that hasn’t changed, using Facebook as page feature, Activity log and seeing the banned users.  The tab next to it is Build an Audience and this is where you can Invite friends, share the page and create an ad. The last tab is the help tab which is basically useless as we all know as their help center is so out of date the info there is not worth reading. Then the hide tab which just closes out the new section.

They did add a nice feature which makes it easy for your fans to message the PAGE directly and this I like but I know some wont as they will get hit with tons of messages. Next to that is the little gear wheel where you can go add page to favorites, report bad pages, Share the page & even give Facebook Feedback on What You Think of new Pages ( I have a Feeling Lots of people will use this one even though Facebook  probably don’t read the feedback).

So there you have it in a nutshell. Bottomline here is that the New Pages need alot of work to make them Fan friendly and it will take a while to get used to. Remember you don’t have to convert them now you have until March 30th then you will get it whether you want it or not so I recommend you try it now so you can get used to it.

Don’t be surprise to see Facebook make it more fan friendly as the Businesses are the ones who spend money advertising on Facebook and Facebook will ultimately do what they want to keep the money coming in. I feel bad for page owners who rely on Fans posts to generate likes and traffic because it will be tougher on them as well as the gamer’s who use pages to be social, like Mafia Was Players who use them as WAR Pages and show how they are doing in a the game wars, as those post will be lost now and harder to find. Looks Like Groups may become relevant for them again.

Here’s the Facebook’s links to their Learn About Facebook Pages & Introducing New Facebook Pages and if you are looking for help with your business page I recommend our friends over at Talking Finger as they are very good at helping businesses get the most out of pages.


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New Game Coming: Battleships Crossfire X

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know of some changes to the blog, podcast & a new project I have been hired to work on.

First off I have put our podcast on hiatus until spring time and when we come back this spring it will be revamped. While I will still be covering Facebook & what is going on there, however the show will no longer be restricted to Zynga games. I will now be covering them as well as other social games & video games across world. I will also be changing the name of the podcast to properly reflect the changes.

I have also changed the name of the blog to the “Facebook & Gaming Blog” to again reflect the changes that are upcoming.

Does this mean I will no longer be fighting for change ? NO WAY !!! I will always fight for you all.  I have been for years now and wont stop now & I will not hold back the punches either but then again I never did.  I have always said it like it is and will continue to do so even if the big guys don’t like what I have to say, Truth hurts.

Right now I want to let you know of a new project I have been hired on to get off the ground. Now you know I don’t put my name on something unless I check it out and believe in it. This company I believe in full heartily and they are called Gamerz Den LLC.

I have been hired as their new Marketing Director for a game they are currently in development on called “Battleships Crossfire X” 

This game is based on the “Warcraft 3: Battleships Crossfire” module that has been around since 2005 & has stood the test of time. This will be a standalone game available for all to play for free. Yes there will be virtual items for you to buy if you choose to, and we hope you do.

The game is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015. Closed Beta will begin in the fall of 2014. We are allocating a 3 year development period, to create the perfect gaming experience. With in game voice, customizable Avatar creation,  skins, and a huge variety of items so you will be sure to have the perfect gaming experience.

You can find out alot more by visiting our websites below.

Our Websites

Battleships Crossfire X——> http://battleshipsxfire.com
Our Forums——————–> Http://battleshipsxfire.com/forum/
Our Facebook Page———-> http://www.facebook.com/battleshipscrossfirex
BSCFX Wiki———————> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bucharin/sandbox
Kickstarter ———————> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bscfx/battleships-crossfire-x 

 I do encourage you all to please support me and this great team we have here. First drop by our Facebook page and Like it.  If we get to 100,ooo Likes we have an investor that will make a major contribution to us.

I also encourage you to check out our Kickstarter site. As I said we are a new company and we are looking for funding just like all the major gaming companies did when they first started. We are trying to do things the right way unlike some games & companies that you all know very well and that is one thing I truly like about this company and made me sign on with them.

This team I am part of really wants to put out the best game it can for everyone as they are gamer’s too. They have seen what other companies have done and how they have alienated their user base because they took the fun out of games  and are only concerned with profits.

Don’t get me wrong we want to make a profit but we want to do it the right way. We don’t want to have you beg for stuff, we want the game to work properly with no bug or glitches, we want you to tell us your likes and dislikes so we can improve the game and make it a game you really want to play and keep coming back to. We believe if you put out the best game possible and listen to your player base about the changes that are needed then you will make money with it.

 And on our forums you will not have moderators who don’t play the game, you will have the actual developmental team that will happily answer your questions when they arise, plus you will actually hear from the owners of the company as they want to be hands on and always stay in touch with the player base and their concerns. Oh yeah I will be there too so you got me too.

So please come check us out, like our page, donate if you are in that position and if you are not don’t worry about it. I do ask  if you know people who are in that position please pass the Kickstarter link to them.  We are only trying to raise $250,000 dollars so hopefully we can get that to finish up the game by April 1st.

I will be keeping you informed on our progress and like I said I really believe in this company, the team and the game we are trying get out to you all so please come support us. Thank you all !!!

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Are Zynga Games Flatlining ???

People say there comes a time when a company cant grow anymore, has that time come for Zynga ? Some experts say yes others say no.  I say a company can always grow if they are innovative and bring products to the public that they want, are fresh & new. Unfortunately Zynga isn’t that company at the present time.

Right now Zynga is a company that has lost it way and really doesn’t have a clue on how to right the ship or as some say they don’t want to fix it as they are getting things in place to sell the company.  They are copying other companies games and putting their twist on it to make suit them so nothing really new is coming out, nothing innovative or fresh.

Zynga has lost touch with it’s player base and what the players want to keep the games fun. From what former employees say that the Product Mangers even discourage fun it the games & instead go with trying make profit. While I don’t fault them from making a profit , as that is what a company is in business for, but if they keep it fun they would make more profit.  They need to open their eyes and realize this then maybe they wouldn’t have to work so hard to try and be profitable and I think they may even find new growth and I know this may sound crazy but yes even people who would be willing to spend money on the game. I know right.

Zynga right now is growing at about 1% a quarter and admit that they may not grow much more than that over the next 6 months,  yet they are promising investors 20% growth over the year which myself along with many Wall Street experts don’t see happening unless they are able to pull a rabbit out of their hat.

Approximately 90% of the players who go to the new games Zynga puts out come from existing games so that is not really new growth just players shifting from one game to another. Copying other company games apparently doesn’t pay as those players, who play the original, will not go over and play Zynga’s game when the other game they play is the same and doesn’t have the content overload & begging of friends all the Zynga games have. And the other games are also more affordable in most cases.

Did you know that according to Zynga the MUP or Monthly Unique Payer spends about $97.90 ? Really, it is true that came out on their 4th Quarter earnings report just released Feb 14th.  Here is the kicker though, it is down 11% from quarter before where those same players were spending $109.85.  So as you see the growth isnt here anymore.

Another thing investors don’t see are the real numbers for the Monthly & Daily Active Users (MAU & DAU) which really show a decline in the number of players Zynga has. Facebook is supposed to report the numbers to App Data every day but they don’t and that gives the investors the impression that Zynga is doing well when in reality they are losing a big chunk of players every day. You can see the charts for yourself by going to the Zynga charts here at AppData .

I personally think Zynga & all game companies should be reporting certified numbers to an outside agency so investors get the real picture of what is going on there. And if they want let them use AppData or some other reporting site to publish them at least the investor will know that the numbers are true and not fudged. They have to do this with company financials why not with the players numbers.

I would love it even more if they include the amount of players who play multiple games within a company so the investors see how much growth they are getting from outside sources. That would truely show the growth of a company.

I still say we will see a number of under-performing games get shut down in the coming months, as a cost cutting measure to maintain profitability on the balance sheets. The games I think that will be cut are Mafia Wars 2 ( which Zynga themselves has called their biggest failure), Mafia Wars, Treasure Island, FishVille, PetVille, YoVille, Adventure World- The Indian Jones Game and Vampire Wars.  From a business stand point I understand why but some of them could be saved & even turned into profitable games again if they REALLY listen to the players and implement some changes.

So right now from what I see Zynga is Flatlined and not showing real growth. Can they turn it around ? Absolutely, they have a good product but they are killing it with how they run the company. They need to bring the fun back after all this is what games are supposed to be. If they bring the fun back, fix game issues promptly, stop game exploits, bring out NEW fresh, innovative games and most importantly stop game overload and making players beg so much to get things done I think they will be able to grow again and more importantly start making a profit again.

Right now the ball is in their court to do what is right or they can keep going the way they are and that is by throwing enough crap at the wall and hoping it sticks and they get another winner. But right now the players are ready to pull the plug on them and I know investors are getting to that point too.

Wake Up Zynga !!!

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Mafia Wars Player Needs Our Help !!!

I got a favor to ask – and do or do not,share or share not, but don’t yell at me. One of my friends in {OFF}, as some of you know, suffered horrifying injuries at the hands of a drunk driver last year. She spent almost a full year in the hospital. She’s back in the hospital now. She’s in this contest to win $100 from a online business…it’s not even a grain of sand on the beach of her medical bills, but it’s become very important to her, so I want to support her. All she needs is for people to like this page, find her comment and like it as well. 2 minutes and 2 clicks and maybe she wins and gets a little smile. God knows, she deserves it so……GO to this Crazy Loco page, like it and find Kimberly Moore Armstrong comment and like that… http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crazy-Loco/164481953606446
Her post was made Feb 8, btw. 

Here is the Direct link to her post if you cant find it.  But it is important you like the page or your vote wont count.  The Contest Ends Valentines Day at 10 PM so please do it now. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=289657434422230&id=164481953606446

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