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What Is Happening With Mafia Wars & Gift Limits Back

There is alot of stuff coming this week & next week and this is what has been confirmed so far.

Lets start with this I started a thread on Get Satisfaction to get a special loot item for the Hurricane Irene Victims. It looked like it got forgotten despite the outcry from the players, well Zynga is finally doing it !!! It comes out Friday and it will be called a Rescue Chopper and all the proceeds collected go directly to the hurricane victims. So when it hits the game please buy at least 1 as this is one piece of loot I can endorse to buy as it goes to a good cause and not Zynga’s pockets.

The Boss Fight Nerf as it is being called was implemented because Families figured out the strategy of beating it very fast and were basically farming the high end loot items throwing the balance of the game off as some players were getting too strong compared to others. Zynga states a timer was supposed to be put in but wasn’t so now they added one to make things fairer but they also made it so if you want to beat the boss and get the loot you can pay 25 RP to bypass the timer so basically you will have to pay for the loot now if you are farming.  From what I hear there will NOT be a rollback or adjustment because of this as it was Zynga’s stupidity not the players fault.

POWER PACKS are a big issue in the game and with the players right now.  Some players have them, some don’t, some had them and had them taken away and others just flat out never had them. This has turned into a FAILED Experiment for Zynga. The Power Packs were fine and a stable feature in the game and all they had to do was finish up the full roll out to the other 50% of the players or other 500,000 LOL, and everyone was happy with them.

If  Zynga did do the full roll out as they were 125% every 8 hours and then changed it to 100% the players would of been fine after bitching a bit but the way they EXPERIMENTED on the players just pissed everyone off. Well now we hear they will be rolling them out again to everyone but now they will be 50% Power Packs every 8 hours. So I guess this was their solution so they didn’t lose too much money, well something is better than nothing. NOW GET THEM OUT TO THE PLAYERS ALREADY !!! 

We will also be having a New Mission & Secret District next week right after Cuba closes again. The Mission will be called Lead Into Gold & the Secret District will be called El Darado. As you can see they are both themed with GOLD. From the looks of this it should be another high energy Brazil event. Hopefully it will at least have loot that is worthwhile.

Next week we should also have some new fight stuff but details were kept sketchy But the guys on the Mafia Wars Live recorded edition. They tried to do a show Live but had audio issues again and had to record it.

They will also be adding a new build-able property to New York called Hawkeye Sports Bar later today. This property you will have one week to upgrade it as high as you can you can and the rewards will be a craft-able loot item that will offer rewards based on how far you upgrade it and it one of the rewards will be SKILL POINTS. So basically you will have to spam your friends for the needed parts and this will be a weekly thing as they will have a new one each week for now. The items for the first property dont look that great for the higher level players but we will see what skills they provide to see if it worth it to spam our friends. But there will be a problem and that brings me to our next thing up.

FACEBOOK has eliminated the Unlimited Gifting we have all grown to love. So now we are limited to sending out 26 gifts a day from the game AGAIN. THIS IS NOT A ZYNGA ISSUE IT IS FACEBOOK BEING ANTI SOCIAL AGAIN !!!  So I hate to say it but you may have to use the bookmarklets to get your gifts needed for the new properties coming out and the Family Progression goals you need to hit which brings me to our final thing.

Now According to the Mafia Wars Loot Lady the Team Spockholm will finally be coming out with their own version of a toolbar. Their toolbar is almost ready for release and will incorporate most of their popular bookmarkelets in one nice and neat location.

It will not unframe your game it will just be added right on the screen with the game with a droppdown with the bookmarklets like gift-a-nator, switch, get-a-nator & much more in it. The only thing in my opinion that would make this a perfect toolbar is if they add the MW toolbar to it so we can get out mini pack bonuses, a version of chucker to gift our family and friends and bagman mugger to collect the gifts easier.  And make it so certain features pop open a new game screen so we can use 2 bookmarklets at once. Now I dont endorse bookmarklets but if this works as good as it looks I will.

Graphics Courtesy of the MW Loot Lady

So that’s it for now if  as things break I will get you the info everyone. Have a good Day !!!


September 8, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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  1. Zynga is screwing up again. They expect us to do more and more stupid missions and events, but now want to limit the gifting. No wonder everyone is not playing MW.

    Comment by Scott | September 8, 2011 | Reply

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