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Zynga Shows True Holiday Spirit By Firing ALL The US Moderators & Sending Jobs Abroad.

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Well another holiday season is upon us and holding true to form Zynga shows why they are one of the most hated game companies out there. They have fired all the US moderators, well before their contacts expired, and sent the jobs abroad to save money. 

Last year at this time they did the same thing to them. Only back then they promised to hire them back in 3 months which they did for most, only this time they were told it is permanent and they would not be hired back. 

The moderators never saw this coming and were given no warning or time to prepare. According to insiders at Zynga neither did the Community Managers who were just as shocked. There are also reports from employees that even the General Manager wasn’t informed until the other day when they gave the order to issue the termination notices to the entire UNITED STATES moderator team. Word on the street is this order came directly from Mark Pincus, who is now running the show at Zynga & Friday was their last day as of 5 pm PST.

As most of you know they also did this a couple of months ago during Apples big press announcement that they were firing over 100 people, closing games & offices without warning or giving employees advanced notice of any problems. In this case the operations were shipped abroad to their India offices. We hear this is where the moderator jobs are going as well. 

Zynga right now is seeing a major loss of top talent and executives in their San Francisco Headquarters. The company is suffering major losses financially, bookings dropping & their player base shrinking considerably as the Social Gaming market changes. Not to mention all the bad PR and considerably drop-off in their stock price which is driving the investors as well as players away from them. 

Zynga likes to blame the market for most its problems but in reality it is due to the company not caring about its player base, refusal to repair game issues, listen to the player base and game content overload that forces the players to be more like beggars. They have taken the fun out of playing games and made it so if you want to be competitive and have fun you cant because now the games are more like a job and require too much time to get things done and the player base just refuses to be play the games anymore. 

This move now leaves the forums & players to be tended by the Community managers who really relied heavily on the moderator team  to make things run smooth. While it is true most people didn’t care for the moderators much because they could never get a straight answer. That blame should not go them but the Zynga management team who refused give them the info required or to let them properly inform and answer players questions & issues. 

The timing sucks on this for those moderators affected as they have families to support and kids to get presents for who don’t understand what this all means. Hopefully all of them are able to quickly find new employment. We wish you well on your future endeavors. Thanks for the memories and being there and trying to help all the players when they needed it.  

As for Zynga we know you have to make cuts and tighten you belt during this rough patch but you are doing it wrong and as an American based company you shouldn’t be shipping OUR jobs overseas. I hope being how you are taking jobs away from America that all the Tax breaks and incentives you get are taken away as punishment. If you cant hire American and treat America with respect then you don’t deserve taxpayers dollars or support. 

You are not saving much as the moderators didn’t work in your offices but from home and what are you saving 2500 bucks a month by shipping jobs to India. Very bad move and unfortunately you will find more players leaving now and being how you cant come up with a real game of your own you might not be relevant in 2013. So on that note I wish you a very bad Christmas an miserable New Year.



December 8, 2012 Posted by | Blogs | 35 Comments