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Coming This Halloween A New Game / Zombieville

Coming this Halloween Zynga bring you a fun, new, exciting & different game sure to delight the Zombie urges in all of us, Zombieville. 

We have wished we could go over and tip our friends cows in Farmville and destroy towns in Cityville and especially cause havoc at our friends houses in The Ville. Well it seems Zynga has finally heard our pleas and has come out with a new game to help make that a reality. 

Zombieville promises to make all those dreams come true and then some. Let me explain the concept of the game to you all it is pretty kool. First you must build your character up in Zombieville by doing tasks and building your Zombie Army of Minions for the first 5 levels. Collect brains for energy so you can travel to other games. 

Once you have your army & brains you can begin traveling to your friends who play other games and release the Zombie Apocalypse on them in that game. But beware they are also going to be able to collect Anti Zombie Weapons to repel your attacks so you must strike fast and go on the the next friends game. As you go you are collecting points to get new high end virtual items that you can use in what ever game you want as well as becoming stronger and leveling up and increasing your brain capacity. 

Full details on game are still sketchy but watch for a big press release on it. Here are a list of games we be able to visit friends in :

  1. Farmville
  2. The Ville
  3. Mafia Wars
  4. Cityville
  5. Castleville
  6. Empires & Allies
  7. Cafe World
  8. Pioneer Trail 
  9. Adventure World 
  10. Yoville

This is the game we have all been waiting to come for years now and finally it is almost here. Imagine being able to go to your friends farms and eating or tipping their cows and destroying their crops, or going over to eat your friends Mafias family while they sleep or even running to your friends city and eating busloads of tourists. The combinations are limitless and should be fun!!! 

OK I got to admit I made this all up to prove a point to Zynga that games could be fun and if you use your imagination you could have fun games like this. Start listening to us players before Zynga Games is no more. Sorry folks I wish this was real too but it was just a figment of my imagination. But this would be KOOL !!! 


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More Changes For Facebook Page Owners

Well page owners get ready to have more stuff removed from your Facebook Pages. It was bad enough when they removed they ability to invite your friends to the page, then they made it so your pages aren’t as visible in the feeds with out buying advertising now Facebook has announced that they are removing the Discussions App & Reviews features from the pages.

Here is the new message I got on my page. BTW my page looks different than your because I like to control what I see on Facebook and BetterFacebook allows me that. While only I get the changes it is good enough for me but if you want to control your Facebook try them. I love it and have no complaints with it.

For those of you who cant read it it say they are removing these features as of Oct 31st. Well you read it for yourself I am at a loss for words. This is what is going into the help center as Facebook’s answer to our question.

What happened to the Reviews and Discussions tabs on my Facebook Page?

We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall. We’ve removed these tabs for now as we work on tools to help you moderate and filter content. Our goal is to help you can manage everything from one powerful place. Stay tuned.

On place pages with a location, fans can still write a recommendation for their friends or others from the right-column that says Recommendations.

Was this answer helpful?

Really !?!?! Some pages have important information in there for their members like I do. I could really care less about the reviews but other page owners use it as a guide to help them engage better with their members. It is the discussions app that bothers me most.

Who is Facebook to tell me these feature are useless ? While I appreciate some changes I dont like the rest of them. Ask us the page owners what we need to better engage our users and we will tell you. Facebook has stopped being a social network a long time ago and based on the current changes they are just a big Data collection site for big business now.

Now they are going to remove the discussion app for pages and how are your biggest customers, Gaming Companies, gonna take that Facebook. You have already made it impossible for page owners to engage their users by restricting postings, their page visibility, the ability to invite people to their game/page from the page, you have also removed the updates feature so now they cant communicate with our members. Whats next ???

Did you know Facebook? Most pages close their walls to keep their members safe from spam and viruses that you cant control and use the discussion app as an area that the members can use to to actually discuss thing and socially engage with each other. Nah!!! You are a bunch of engineers and dev heads, you dont think of the people only what you can make, that in your eyes, look kool. Wake up will ya !!! Listen to the people and you wont have to keep dolling out millions in legal fees.

Dont go to the light and come back to being a Social Site again or you may find yourself in MySpaces boat a big site with no one on it.

Any way the changes are coming just thought I should let you know.

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Does Mafia Wars Even Care Anymore ?

Stats supplied by AllFacebook.com 

The Question of the Day is,

“Does Mafia Wars Even Care Anymore?”

This is the question that many players of Mafia Wars are asking these days. It seems like the players issues are getting ignored as well as some very serious issues going on. Even though they are real and well documented.

Zynga seems quite content with just constantly releasing more and more content right on top of each other. They players say it is too much but they do it anyway. The players tell them they are tired of events that require spamming their friends so Zynga goes ahead and releases more spam events.

Zynga says the players want this but when we give them the numbers and comments of the players saying this is not the case they just ignore it and the sad part is that they asked us for the numbers and comments.

Well then why waste our time Zynga if you don’t care. Don’t try to placate us. I have an idea try and be honest with us. LMAO!!! Yeah right, that will never happen.

Zynga seems to be run like the federal government, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. There is no communication there and they are really out of touch with the people. They answer our questions by skirting the issues. Like I have said before, “Even a Congressman would say, Are You Kidding Me”, with the answers Zynga gives people on issues.

How out of touch are they let me give you and example. We all know that in Mafia Wars they have an event called Crack the Safe and how you must add new friends to you game to get loot items. The players have been complaining that they are getting banned by Facebook for adding friends. When Zynga was asked on their Live Q&A on UStream by me that they need to stop events that ask players to add new friends due to this issue. Their answer was, “What event?”. They didn’t even know about the event until the entire LIVE chat room exploded with the answer and even then they were uncaring and skirted the issue. How’s that !!!

This is just one of the many issues. Here is another one they don’t care about or don’t know about and it is a major exploit going on and allowing people to get free loot. This is driving people crazy, is being reported to Zynga and is being endorsed by people they know and trust.

The exploit concerns the Crack The Safe Event, someone found a way to make it so people can be added to your mafia with out being your friend on Facebook just so you can max out on the loot you get. Yes this is cheating and has been reported to Zynga but they seem to be turning a blind eye to it. But when loot is dropping too fast they jump on that to fix the issue because they want a Fair & Balanced playing field for all the players. HELLO McFLY !!! Wake up Zynga, how is this fair & balanced !!! 

The players who aren’t using the exploit are becoming victims of it and are then forced to go and remove all these people from their mafia, after all non friends do you no good in the game anyway, and this is all going on while Zynga & the people endorsing it know there is a very serious issue with hackers on Facebook and they are potentially exposing the players and friends to hackers. Nice work !!!

The game issues are also pushed to the side as Zynga doesn’t seem to be fixing any issues right now but they are giving us new stuff to do and some of that doesn’t even work. The PAC ( Players Advisory Committee) for Mafia Wars have given Zynga numerous spread sheets with all the game issues going on and we get told you will address this in the 2nd Quarter of the year. Well guess what Zynga the quarter is almost half over and the players want answers and the issues fixed. You are basically making PAC look as useless as teets on a bull. Let get this done now !!! 

There are also REAL issues with bullying that are ignored. I am not talking about bullying where some one is hit 100 times and ices someone. I am talking about incidents where people are being harassed verbally with nasty messages and being told to give them loot and/or game cards and they will go away. According to your own Terms of Service this is a no no but you do nothing about it. And dont get me wrong Zynga you are not alone here as Facebook doesn’t care either as both of you want the players to go to their local law enforcement agency so you don’t have to deal with it. As if our police departments & legal system aren’t busy enough keeping peace in the world you want to bog them down with your issues. Deal with them !!! 

Playfish/ Electronics Arts doesn’t put up with bullying. They have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to bullying. Don’t believe me check out my blog on Social Games Policy on Bullying and read the statement they gave me on the topic.  Maybe it is time you come up with a similar policy after all you are the biggest social game company in the world.

Zynga do you not see the numbers? Look at the graphic above !!! Your numbers are dropping like a rock. The players are leaving in droves and not just the casual player but the players that spend big money on the game. Look at your balance sheets do you not see your profits dropping off. Look again real hard !!! 

I was a former stockbroker for a major company many years ago and if I saw a chart like the one above, and analyzed all the news and data on you I would issuing a SELL RECOMMENDATION on your company. I am sure your investors are looking at it that way too. And if you think an IPO will save you think again because once you have to make all this data public you would see the hype surrounding it would stop and they would be telling you to stay private, don’t do it.

If you went public you would also be forced by all your investors to do something to stop the bleeding and you would also have to make all the issues go away. So going public will not save you unless Mark Pincus is just looking to make one final score before he sell the company.

Bottom-line here Zynga is that you need to get on ball here and deal with theses very real issues before you lose everything. You have a good product and people like the games, just not what you are doing. Try and start listening to the players not your game developers, game designers and engineers. The players are the ones who know the game best and I honestly think that is why you put PAC together, so you could better serve them.

Let the developers, game designers and engineers do just that, don’t let them dictate what goes out and when. That is for the mangers and marketing people to do after they see what the players want and need. The developers, game designers, & engineers work for you they do what you say and make what you want, at least in the real business world they do, or maybe in your company it is reversed. If that is the case I will instruct the players to report everything that is broken is actually working fine so then maybe you will fix them because you seem to only change things that are working fine and the players like. So reverse psychology might be the way to go with you.

In any case it is time to get some Q-Tips and clean those ears out, the players have spoken loud and clear. Start listening to us before we all leave.

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