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Facebook Is Deleting Pages At Alarming Rate Without Saying Why To Page Owners


So once again Facebook is at it again this time deleting Fan Pages and Business Pages with out giving any reason why. to the page owners who have worked very hard over the years to build up their pages. 

In 2007, Facebook launched their fan pages component, which allowed Facebook users to create fan pages for all types of interests and purposes.

You can create pages for small businesses, fan pages to bring fans of a certain character or superhero together, or simply to post/share content you enjoy with others. 

Within the past few weeks, Facebook has eliminated thousands of pages for no apparent reason, and has yet to issue an official explanation for their actions. I can assure you that many, if not all, of the pages eliminated were not erased for standard/regular reasons (fake traffic, spam, etc).

This was a removal of thousands of pages with at least 100 million fans in total (all active users and real people) and as I said, no formal notice or explanation has been given by Facebook.


The reason this is news is not simply because Facebook made a massive page sweep/purge and didn’t say anything. It is because the page owners behind these pages, many of whom have been building them for 5 years plus, suddenly had their entire followings and fan bases removed from their lives for no reason and they just don’t know what to do or who to complain to.  


There are thousands of page owners terribly upset, especially because they have been left in the dark as to why this happened. Additionally, many page owners used their pages to generate income in legitimate ways. Selling merchandise and posting Facebook-approved sponsored links are a couple popular examples.

This is a case of a few clicks by a development team at a major tech company resulting in thousands of individuals and families experiencing a direct loss of income, not to mention the enjoyment and ability of simply sharing content you like with others.

Now I know a lot of you will be saying good less crap in the news feed. Guess what Facebook has already limited page reach over the past few years so that is not the reason. Also they have deleted all types of pages ranging from funny joke pages to pages that support Autism and yes even Band Pages. NO PAGE IS SAFE RIGHT NOW. 

This also not the first time that Facebook has done this last year they did the same thing to 1000’s and page owners back then never got their pages back or a reason why their page deleted. The Daily Dot was the only one to report on it back in August

This time page owners are fighting back. One irate page owner has started a group called #POWERTOTHEPAGES and has even started a petition trying to get enough people to sign it and try and get a proper answer for the page PURGE and their pages back. 


Page owners deserve better and deserve answers. Some people have lost their very livelihood and some people are disabled or even single mothers trying to make a few dollars to support their families by selling their homemade products or even Avon. Yes they don’t discriminate. they hit everyone because they don’t have people doing the deleting they have computers that do it. 

I have contacted Facebook for an answer on this issue but have not received an answer. Of course they never do give answers on why they do things and that is the problem. They are not a privately held company anymore. This is a publicly traded company and they should be held accountable now but it is business as usual there.

Don’t believe me look at all the criticism they went through during the years suppressing Conservative stories, harassing mothers who breastfeed and the list goes on and don’t get me started on the privacy issues. 

So I am asking you all to get the word out to all the people and press you know and lets try to have Facebook held accountable and give page owners the answers they deserve. YES I AM ONE OF THE PAGE OWNERS. 


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Remembering The Day The World Cried As One 9/11/2001

Please read my 9/11 blog

Remembering The Day The World Cried As One 9/11/2001

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Coming This Halloween A New Game / Zombieville

Coming this Halloween Zynga bring you a fun, new, exciting & different game sure to delight the Zombie urges in all of us, Zombieville. 

We have wished we could go over and tip our friends cows in Farmville and destroy towns in Cityville and especially cause havoc at our friends houses in The Ville. Well it seems Zynga has finally heard our pleas and has come out with a new game to help make that a reality. 

Zombieville promises to make all those dreams come true and then some. Let me explain the concept of the game to you all it is pretty kool. First you must build your character up in Zombieville by doing tasks and building your Zombie Army of Minions for the first 5 levels. Collect brains for energy so you can travel to other games. 

Once you have your army & brains you can begin traveling to your friends who play other games and release the Zombie Apocalypse on them in that game. But beware they are also going to be able to collect Anti Zombie Weapons to repel your attacks so you must strike fast and go on the the next friends game. As you go you are collecting points to get new high end virtual items that you can use in what ever game you want as well as becoming stronger and leveling up and increasing your brain capacity. 

Full details on game are still sketchy but watch for a big press release on it. Here are a list of games we be able to visit friends in :

  1. Farmville
  2. The Ville
  3. Mafia Wars
  4. Cityville
  5. Castleville
  6. Empires & Allies
  7. Cafe World
  8. Pioneer Trail 
  9. Adventure World 
  10. Yoville

This is the game we have all been waiting to come for years now and finally it is almost here. Imagine being able to go to your friends farms and eating or tipping their cows and destroying their crops, or going over to eat your friends Mafias family while they sleep or even running to your friends city and eating busloads of tourists. The combinations are limitless and should be fun!!! 

OK I got to admit I made this all up to prove a point to Zynga that games could be fun and if you use your imagination you could have fun games like this. Start listening to us players before Zynga Games is no more. Sorry folks I wish this was real too but it was just a figment of my imagination. But this would be KOOL !!! 

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The Real Reasons Zynga Is Crashing & Burning

I have been awfully quiet on Zynga lately but I have got to say something. ZYNGA all these problems you have are all your own fault. 

You have blatantly ignored your player base when it come to improvements to games, your coding of games is horrible as they always have issues, when your players numbers drop your answer is to add more content to keep them interested instead of dealing with the real game issues that are making them leave, you force the players to have massive amounts of friends to play games and get them in trouble with Facebook for over posting to get things done in game, you manipulate your player numbers, with Facebook’s help, to make it look like you have a large number of people playing games when it is the same players who are playing other games of yours through cross game promotions to get virtual items for games they are really playing ( Not New Players ), you make comments bashing existing players, your customer service doesn’t fix game issues they pay off players and hope they go away and forget game issues. The list can go on & on. 

Lets go through each item above to prove a point; 

  1. You Ignore Player Base on Game Improvements : You do not listen at all to your players on what game improvement they would like to see to make their playing experience better. Ok, you do have forums which they can tell you what they want but you ignore their ideas and basically their input and do what you want. Result: Players leave games and don’t spend money.
  2. Your Coding of Games : When you come out with games or add features to the games they always have coding issues that make games unplayable. It takes outside script writers to make features work and yet you want to ban people for using them. You need to do beta testing with real players not developers so the bugs can be worked out before the game or feature is released to the players. You don’t do this. Result : Players leave games and don’t spend money.
  3. Your Player Base Drops, You Add More Content : This cracks me up. You think by adding more content you will increase player base. WRONG, the player base is dropping because there is too much content and not enough hours in their busy lives to do it all and your developers agree with this but upper management tells then to do it anyway. Result : Players leave games and don’t spend money.
  4. Forcing Players To Have Massive Amounts of Friends For Games : Yes you do this. You make it so people cant play your games and be competitive with other unless they have alot of friends to get things done in the games. You in turn cut off you own nose to spite your face because you help get players accounts disabled by Facebook for adding to many friends or over posting requests to get help in game. Result : Players leave games and don’t spend money.
  5. Customer Service Issues : Now this is a joke. A customer service department is supposed to help fix issues and make customers happy. Yes JD Powers even gives out awards to companies for this but you will never win it. You customer service department doesn’t fix game issues well as they don’t have access and ability to do so. So what happens they pay off players with game credits and virtual loot items and hope they go away. Result : Players leave games and don’t spend money.
  6. Management Bashes Player Base Publicly : Yes you do this and it has been everywhere. Your leader Mark Pincus has flat out said he doesn’t care about the cash cows in the game as there will be others to replace them. WRONG AGAIN !!! Look at your player base and in case you haven’t noticed you aren’t getting new players as a result. Result : Players leave games and don’t spend money.

Now these are just a few issues there are other reasons why you are crashing & burning. Lets get to what investors are seeing and making them run away in droves. 

  1.  Too Many Insiders Selling Stock : Yes too many insiders are selling Zynga stock and that makes investors nervous. Sure alot know many were given massive amounts of stock options to work for you but it looks like everyone is selling including Mark Pincus the CEO and that make investors feel uneasy about companies and that is any company.
  2. You Player Base Numbers Are Skewed : Yes it looks like you are cooking the books here as the players know these numbers are way off by maybe 150 Million MAU. Why ? Because the people playing the games are finding that is harder to get help in the game as alot of people have quit playing your games, lots of people have multiple accounts for certain games so it looks like you have bigger numbers than you do, Facebook doesn’t properly report the numbers and some games numbers never change for some times weeks on end ( Yes and Facebook did say they would prop your numbers up in your S1 ), They don’t show how many are actually new players ( A player already playing Zynga games is not new, cross promotion players shouldn’t count as that is very misleading to investors and advertisers ). So bottom-line is how many are actually new customers not someone already playing multiple games as they count as one customer in my book.
  3. Your Mobile Gaming Platform : It will never work as long as you are tied to Facebook and your games don’t work properly. All your mobile apps have to be tied to Facebook the way you have company structured and even when you do open your own platform do you think people are gonna want to start games they already play all over again from beginning and lose all the money they have put into current games. Plus you don’t have your own social network so again they will have to be tied to Facebook so players can get help and play game. So it will fail as no trusts you or them and the investors see this.
  4. You Don’t Come Out With Original Games of Your Own :  You never come out with exciting new games that are your own ideas. You always copy someone else’s successful game or buy the company, change the coding and graphics and make it your own. People realize this and cant see how you are going to keep growing this way. You say you have the best programmers, graphic artists and developers but do they have imaginations to come up with something original. I know I haven’t seen it and neither have the investors.

Look investors and players aren’t stupid and they know what is wrong but Zynga you refuse to listen or maybe I should say Mark Pincus wont listen and correct things. So as long as you stay on this course you will die as a company. The time has come to change before you lose it all. 

Zynga you still have a company here and your games are fun when they work and are not overloaded with content. Wake Up and smell the coffee already. You stock is already down to $2.95 a share as of close of market today, how much lower do you want it to go ? Or are you trying to get de-listed. Lord knows you have your hands full right now with all these new lawsuits against you for stock fraud, misrepresenting your numbers among other things. Do the right thing and turn this negative into a positive and run the company right before it is too late.

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Facebook Timeline Is Here For All Business / Fan Pages

Facebook Timeline Is Here For

All Business / Fan Pages !!! 

Well I have and so have alot of other people who the Timeline was coming for Business Pages / Fan Pages and it is now here and it will become Mandatory on March 30th 2012.

There are good things to it and there are some serious issues with it that I hope Facebook corrects during this trail period or basically pages will be irrelevant even more than they are becoming already.

First off it is great for a page to Visually show off but then things get a bit dicey. The fan interaction has been curtailed as fan posts are now lumped into I big box that must be expanded to see what they are saying to you.  I don’t why Facebook would do that being how they want fans to interact and post or at least so they say. Page admin posts show up just fine as well as the comments. Now though if a fan post something it get lost unless the page admin re-posts it for them.

Lots of page owners are going to hate this with a passion as they rely on fan page posts to keep informed on things from the fans and the fans also like it to. Admins will really have to work a bit harder to keep up to date with the fans if they keep it like this.  This really hurts Musicians, Gamers, Small Businesses, Radio Stations as well a number of others but businesses who don’t allow fan posts this is a godsend as they don’t have to police their walls so much or to be precise don’t have to care as much what fans post except for comments.

Now let’s get to the apps a page uses, they get a bit lost too and the landing pages business love so much and have spent good money on become obsolete and a waste unless Facebook makes some changes. This will really hurt those who use those pages for fan engagement/ contest and widget engagement.  Now if a fan want to see what page has to offer as far as apps and engagement they have to click the little arrow next the to the last little picture and the apps will drop down.

Now Facebook did add some good features for page owners and fans.  The feature for page owners is the Admin Panel which I must say is very nice and clean and really easy to use. They have added notifications there so you can actually see them as well as who has like page to better manage the fans and ban them if they post in appropriate content. They have also added a little insights box for a quick view chart.

They added tabs on top right of Admin Panel so you can manage page and this brings you to the way we are used to editing page so that hasn’t changed, using Facebook as page feature, Activity log and seeing the banned users.  The tab next to it is Build an Audience and this is where you can Invite friends, share the page and create an ad. The last tab is the help tab which is basically useless as we all know as their help center is so out of date the info there is not worth reading. Then the hide tab which just closes out the new section.

They did add a nice feature which makes it easy for your fans to message the PAGE directly and this I like but I know some wont as they will get hit with tons of messages. Next to that is the little gear wheel where you can go add page to favorites, report bad pages, Share the page & even give Facebook Feedback on What You Think of new Pages ( I have a Feeling Lots of people will use this one even though Facebook  probably don’t read the feedback).

So there you have it in a nutshell. Bottomline here is that the New Pages need alot of work to make them Fan friendly and it will take a while to get used to. Remember you don’t have to convert them now you have until March 30th then you will get it whether you want it or not so I recommend you try it now so you can get used to it.

Don’t be surprise to see Facebook make it more fan friendly as the Businesses are the ones who spend money advertising on Facebook and Facebook will ultimately do what they want to keep the money coming in. I feel bad for page owners who rely on Fans posts to generate likes and traffic because it will be tougher on them as well as the gamer’s who use pages to be social, like Mafia Was Players who use them as WAR Pages and show how they are doing in a the game wars, as those post will be lost now and harder to find. Looks Like Groups may become relevant for them again.

Here’s the Facebook’s links to their Learn About Facebook Pages & Introducing New Facebook Pages and if you are looking for help with your business page I recommend our friends over at Talking Finger as they are very good at helping businesses get the most out of pages.

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New Game Coming: Battleships Crossfire X

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know of some changes to the blog, podcast & a new project I have been hired to work on.

First off I have put our podcast on hiatus until spring time and when we come back this spring it will be revamped. While I will still be covering Facebook & what is going on there, however the show will no longer be restricted to Zynga games. I will now be covering them as well as other social games & video games across world. I will also be changing the name of the podcast to properly reflect the changes.

I have also changed the name of the blog to the “Facebook & Gaming Blog” to again reflect the changes that are upcoming.

Does this mean I will no longer be fighting for change ? NO WAY !!! I will always fight for you all.  I have been for years now and wont stop now & I will not hold back the punches either but then again I never did.  I have always said it like it is and will continue to do so even if the big guys don’t like what I have to say, Truth hurts.

Right now I want to let you know of a new project I have been hired on to get off the ground. Now you know I don’t put my name on something unless I check it out and believe in it. This company I believe in full heartily and they are called Gamerz Den LLC.

I have been hired as their new Marketing Director for a game they are currently in development on called “Battleships Crossfire X” 

This game is based on the “Warcraft 3: Battleships Crossfire” module that has been around since 2005 & has stood the test of time. This will be a standalone game available for all to play for free. Yes there will be virtual items for you to buy if you choose to, and we hope you do.

The game is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015. Closed Beta will begin in the fall of 2014. We are allocating a 3 year development period, to create the perfect gaming experience. With in game voice, customizable Avatar creation,  skins, and a huge variety of items so you will be sure to have the perfect gaming experience.

You can find out alot more by visiting our websites below.

Our Websites

Battleships Crossfire X——> http://battleshipsxfire.com
Our Forums——————–> Http://battleshipsxfire.com/forum/
Our Facebook Page———-> http://www.facebook.com/battleshipscrossfirex
BSCFX Wiki———————> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bucharin/sandbox
Kickstarter ———————> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bscfx/battleships-crossfire-x 

 I do encourage you all to please support me and this great team we have here. First drop by our Facebook page and Like it.  If we get to 100,ooo Likes we have an investor that will make a major contribution to us.

I also encourage you to check out our Kickstarter site. As I said we are a new company and we are looking for funding just like all the major gaming companies did when they first started. We are trying to do things the right way unlike some games & companies that you all know very well and that is one thing I truly like about this company and made me sign on with them.

This team I am part of really wants to put out the best game it can for everyone as they are gamer’s too. They have seen what other companies have done and how they have alienated their user base because they took the fun out of games  and are only concerned with profits.

Don’t get me wrong we want to make a profit but we want to do it the right way. We don’t want to have you beg for stuff, we want the game to work properly with no bug or glitches, we want you to tell us your likes and dislikes so we can improve the game and make it a game you really want to play and keep coming back to. We believe if you put out the best game possible and listen to your player base about the changes that are needed then you will make money with it.

 And on our forums you will not have moderators who don’t play the game, you will have the actual developmental team that will happily answer your questions when they arise, plus you will actually hear from the owners of the company as they want to be hands on and always stay in touch with the player base and their concerns. Oh yeah I will be there too so you got me too.

So please come check us out, like our page, donate if you are in that position and if you are not don’t worry about it. I do ask  if you know people who are in that position please pass the Kickstarter link to them.  We are only trying to raise $250,000 dollars so hopefully we can get that to finish up the game by April 1st.

I will be keeping you informed on our progress and like I said I really believe in this company, the team and the game we are trying get out to you all so please come support us. Thank you all !!!

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Big POP UP News from Mafia Wars & Update On Skill Point Reallocation

Well looks like we got some news on the Dreaded Pop Ups we love to hate. Mafia Wars has now made it so you can control what pop ups you will see in the game. So now you can shut off alot of them yourself. According to the Official Mafia Wars Blog 

You can now turn on or turn off some of the in game pop ups that we all love to hate. All you have to do is go to Account in top right corner of the game and then go to Settings and a Pop Up will appear ( How Appropriate a Pop Up to turn off Pop Ups LOL ) 

As you can see in the circled part if you don’t want to receive certain pop ups you can just leave it alone and check off the ones you want in the game. But then you must click Save Preferences so the system registers it. That it. Now this doesn’t shut them all off but it is a start. I wish they would add more but maybe that is coming down the road. You can always go back in if you want to change things down the road so don’t worry this is not a one time thing.

Another thing you can can do is control the emails you receive from Mafia Wars too. This they didn’t tell you. On the left side you will see email preferences. They are off by default but you can turn on the ones you want and I think some people will want the War Declared on so if you do just click that one and you will be notified by email when someone declares war on you.  Again you must click save preferences for the changes to take effect. I really hope they come up with a better way to notify us when a war is declared on us but I don’t think it is coming any time soon.

Ok now on to the Skill Point Reallocation Fiasco. It seems they have now made this controversial feature a featured product like when skill points go on sale according to the Forum Super Moderator Cerulean Master ( Who Is Busting His Butt for the players )

Unfortunately you now have to keep going back to see if is available so I guess it will be up to us players to yell out when it is available in the market place. To read more on how this works just click HERE as I did a blog on it. YES I Know it is expensive but there are some people who do like this feature.

Also if you don’t have the Icing Event please contact Customer Service and they will hook you up with it. 

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The Show Is Up / Senior Security Advisor of SOPHOS Chester Wisniewski

Today we had a very special guest Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor at SOPHOS/ Naked Security on to let use know the lastest to help keep us safe on the web and Facebook. Plus we had our usual Facebook & Zynga game news. We also had Kathleen Donegan from Cupola drop in to talk about surviving Cancer & great advice on the topic so you wont want to miss this show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/05/23/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

I have also made a new radio station & just made it easier for our fans to listen to our radio station by adding a player right on our fan page. http://www.facebook.com/SocialNetworkRadioStation Now all you have to do is go like our page and then go to the welcome tab on the left hand side under the picture and just click Listen Now. If you are busy and need to mute it just click the little speaker and it is muted.

We will be bringing you commercial free music 24 hours a day and we will be spotlighting new bands. So if you have a band and want FREE worldwide airplay then contact us and we will get you on the air. Sorry No Explicit Lyrics !!!

If you want to keep up on the latest Mafia Wars & Facebook news & scam alerts then just join our fan page lots of good stuff there to keep you informed and safe.  And feel free to ask questions on our wall & we will try to get you answers. http://www.facebook.com/TheFBZyngaPodcast 

We now have all sorts of gear available for you to get of your favorite podcast. T-Shirts / Hats / Mugs / Mousepads just go to our online store and purchase what you want to get. Check it out we hope you like it. http://www.cafepress.com/FBZPodcast

We are asking that you all please take the time from your busy scheduales to please Vote for our show for best podcast. Yes I know the sign up to Vote takes a couple of minutes to do. We apologize for that but we dont run that site.
Please Sign Up here: http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/users/signup

Please come Vote for our blog “The Facebook & Zynga Blog’ as the Best Blog of All Time on the Bloggers Choice Awards Site. You will have to register then you can vote. Thank you all for your support you all rock !!!http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/121117

Then we need you to Vote for our show “The Facebook & Zynga Podcast” as the Best Podcast:  http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/104979
We really appreciate your Vote’s and want to say Thank You very much. Your support has made us the success we are your are the best listeners & fans in the world !!

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Boss Fight Event /Roughhouse Rafael Q&A

Well the new Boss Fight/ Event Roughhouse Rafael is rolling out for everyone.  And I got some things you may want to know about it.

First there are 3 levels to the Boss Fight / Bronze, Silver, Gold and the health levels are 15,000 for Bronze, 20,000 for Silver & 35,000 for Gold. Each time you beat the Boss your loot item ( Asphalt Assault ) is upgraded. The event will last 7 days and from the looks of it most people should be able to finish it with no problem.

You do not use any stamina to fight the boss it is all based on the special consumables specific to this event that most of us have been collecting for the past few days. However you will use your Health but a good thing is you can heal right on the same screen so you don’t have to leave the fight page to heal.

The consumables you need can now be collected from fighting, robbing, jobs & free gifts. Here is the info for that but you can also get to this info by clicking the little question mark. On the marque on the home page message box.

When you fight the Boss you use the consumables to attack and each one does damage. Here is the break down of each consumables damage they do / Crack of the Bat = 90 to 110 Damage per use / Knife Slash = 50 to 150 Damage per use / Knuckles Punch = 70 to 130 Damage per use. 

Here is the twist on this event There are special combinations to do more damage to the Boss. Here are the first 2 the 3rd is locked according to customer service because it will accompany a new mission that goes with it.

There is also an achievement that goes with this event.

Now there is a limit on how many you gifts you can receive per day and that is 40 after that the turn into mystery bags and it looks like right now you are limited on how many you can get from fighting, robbing & doing jobs what the exact number is right now is still being checked out. However if you are in a rush to get it done you can by them from the marketplace each one costs 1 reward point and you can buy 25 at a time.

So there you have it. So far I have to say I think this event is OK but that might be because it is the only real event going on right now and I can do it by just playing my game. I am sure this is short lived with no other events going on so enjoy it while you can.

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Does Mafia Wars Even Care Anymore ?

Stats supplied by AllFacebook.com 

The Question of the Day is,

“Does Mafia Wars Even Care Anymore?”

This is the question that many players of Mafia Wars are asking these days. It seems like the players issues are getting ignored as well as some very serious issues going on. Even though they are real and well documented.

Zynga seems quite content with just constantly releasing more and more content right on top of each other. They players say it is too much but they do it anyway. The players tell them they are tired of events that require spamming their friends so Zynga goes ahead and releases more spam events.

Zynga says the players want this but when we give them the numbers and comments of the players saying this is not the case they just ignore it and the sad part is that they asked us for the numbers and comments.

Well then why waste our time Zynga if you don’t care. Don’t try to placate us. I have an idea try and be honest with us. LMAO!!! Yeah right, that will never happen.

Zynga seems to be run like the federal government, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. There is no communication there and they are really out of touch with the people. They answer our questions by skirting the issues. Like I have said before, “Even a Congressman would say, Are You Kidding Me”, with the answers Zynga gives people on issues.

How out of touch are they let me give you and example. We all know that in Mafia Wars they have an event called Crack the Safe and how you must add new friends to you game to get loot items. The players have been complaining that they are getting banned by Facebook for adding friends. When Zynga was asked on their Live Q&A on UStream by me that they need to stop events that ask players to add new friends due to this issue. Their answer was, “What event?”. They didn’t even know about the event until the entire LIVE chat room exploded with the answer and even then they were uncaring and skirted the issue. How’s that !!!

This is just one of the many issues. Here is another one they don’t care about or don’t know about and it is a major exploit going on and allowing people to get free loot. This is driving people crazy, is being reported to Zynga and is being endorsed by people they know and trust.

The exploit concerns the Crack The Safe Event, someone found a way to make it so people can be added to your mafia with out being your friend on Facebook just so you can max out on the loot you get. Yes this is cheating and has been reported to Zynga but they seem to be turning a blind eye to it. But when loot is dropping too fast they jump on that to fix the issue because they want a Fair & Balanced playing field for all the players. HELLO McFLY !!! Wake up Zynga, how is this fair & balanced !!! 

The players who aren’t using the exploit are becoming victims of it and are then forced to go and remove all these people from their mafia, after all non friends do you no good in the game anyway, and this is all going on while Zynga & the people endorsing it know there is a very serious issue with hackers on Facebook and they are potentially exposing the players and friends to hackers. Nice work !!!

The game issues are also pushed to the side as Zynga doesn’t seem to be fixing any issues right now but they are giving us new stuff to do and some of that doesn’t even work. The PAC ( Players Advisory Committee) for Mafia Wars have given Zynga numerous spread sheets with all the game issues going on and we get told you will address this in the 2nd Quarter of the year. Well guess what Zynga the quarter is almost half over and the players want answers and the issues fixed. You are basically making PAC look as useless as teets on a bull. Let get this done now !!! 

There are also REAL issues with bullying that are ignored. I am not talking about bullying where some one is hit 100 times and ices someone. I am talking about incidents where people are being harassed verbally with nasty messages and being told to give them loot and/or game cards and they will go away. According to your own Terms of Service this is a no no but you do nothing about it. And dont get me wrong Zynga you are not alone here as Facebook doesn’t care either as both of you want the players to go to their local law enforcement agency so you don’t have to deal with it. As if our police departments & legal system aren’t busy enough keeping peace in the world you want to bog them down with your issues. Deal with them !!! 

Playfish/ Electronics Arts doesn’t put up with bullying. They have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to bullying. Don’t believe me check out my blog on Social Games Policy on Bullying and read the statement they gave me on the topic.  Maybe it is time you come up with a similar policy after all you are the biggest social game company in the world.

Zynga do you not see the numbers? Look at the graphic above !!! Your numbers are dropping like a rock. The players are leaving in droves and not just the casual player but the players that spend big money on the game. Look at your balance sheets do you not see your profits dropping off. Look again real hard !!! 

I was a former stockbroker for a major company many years ago and if I saw a chart like the one above, and analyzed all the news and data on you I would issuing a SELL RECOMMENDATION on your company. I am sure your investors are looking at it that way too. And if you think an IPO will save you think again because once you have to make all this data public you would see the hype surrounding it would stop and they would be telling you to stay private, don’t do it.

If you went public you would also be forced by all your investors to do something to stop the bleeding and you would also have to make all the issues go away. So going public will not save you unless Mark Pincus is just looking to make one final score before he sell the company.

Bottom-line here Zynga is that you need to get on ball here and deal with theses very real issues before you lose everything. You have a good product and people like the games, just not what you are doing. Try and start listening to the players not your game developers, game designers and engineers. The players are the ones who know the game best and I honestly think that is why you put PAC together, so you could better serve them.

Let the developers, game designers and engineers do just that, don’t let them dictate what goes out and when. That is for the mangers and marketing people to do after they see what the players want and need. The developers, game designers, & engineers work for you they do what you say and make what you want, at least in the real business world they do, or maybe in your company it is reversed. If that is the case I will instruct the players to report everything that is broken is actually working fine so then maybe you will fix them because you seem to only change things that are working fine and the players like. So reverse psychology might be the way to go with you.

In any case it is time to get some Q-Tips and clean those ears out, the players have spoken loud and clear. Start listening to us before we all leave.

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