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New Chicago Districts 4 – 6 Out + Zombie Loot

Ok everyone looks like a busy time for us all once again the Chicago Mission, Zombie Apocalypse Fight Event and now we have the new Chicago Districts 4 – 6 out along with New Loot Items, New Mastery Loot, Properties, Collections & Achievements not to mention the also released NEW Zombie Loot for Fighting & Robbing.

Here are the new properties and they are a Distillery which regenerates health up to 325% when fully upgraded for you and the Docks build Rob Squads each every 8 hours.

We also have new Achievements and here they are. 

Here are the new collections out.

They have also released new mastery items and loot items for the new districts. And here is a shot of some the loot out now with the new Chicago Districts & some Christmas stuff it looks like to that is in the inventory.

Now on top of this all the have released NEW Zombie Fight & Robbing Loot. Here they are Headpopper 102 A / 51 D ; Zombie Coyote 77 A / 102 D ;  Fellow Survivor 57 A / 100 D ; Fellow Zombie 100 A / 42 D 

So Have fun Everyone !!! 


October 27, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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