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Mafia Wars 2 Is Now LIVE & Open To Everyone

Well it is finally here !!!

Mafia Wars 2 is now open to everyone.

I have been testing it in a closed Beta Testing with Zynga and to be honest the game ain’t that bad if you like a flashier game. Yes it is more flash based than regular Mafia Wars and right now there are no families so everyone for themselves but we hear that may change as they go. 

The game is a cross between the game Crime City but also has the aspects of Cityville in there, yes you have to build stuff and get people to help you staff it for upgrades. The graphics are in comic book style which is actually kool if you are into comics. you have to do tons of missions to progress, fighting is kool as you get to see the actual hits on your victim, robbing is here too but in a different way, yes there are boss fights and there is also a music soundtrack that most may shut off as it plays in the background but it has kool killing music. 

I really cant tell you much more yet but I will when we are told we are allowed to from Zynga. If you want to play and check it out just go Here and start playing yes you are starting the game from scratch it is a totally separate game than the Original Mafia Wars. and the fan page is HERE to keep up to date on the game. 

So have fun everyone. 


October 10, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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