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More Changes For Facebook Page Owners

Well page owners get ready to have more stuff removed from your Facebook Pages. It was bad enough when they removed they ability to invite your friends to the page, then they made it so your pages aren’t as visible in the feeds with out buying advertising now Facebook has announced that they are removing the Discussions App & Reviews features from the pages.

Here is the new message I got on my page. BTW my page looks different than your because I like to control what I see on Facebook and BetterFacebook allows me that. While only I get the changes it is good enough for me but if you want to control your Facebook try them. I love it and have no complaints with it.

For those of you who cant read it it say they are removing these features as of Oct 31st. Well you read it for yourself I am at a loss for words. This is what is going into the help center as Facebook’s answer to our question.

What happened to the Reviews and Discussions tabs on my Facebook Page?

We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall. We’ve removed these tabs for now as we work on tools to help you moderate and filter content. Our goal is to help you can manage everything from one powerful place. Stay tuned.

On place pages with a location, fans can still write a recommendation for their friends or others from the right-column that says Recommendations.

Was this answer helpful?

Really !?!?! Some pages have important information in there for their members like I do. I could really care less about the reviews but other page owners use it as a guide to help them engage better with their members. It is the discussions app that bothers me most.

Who is Facebook to tell me these feature are useless ? While I appreciate some changes I dont like the rest of them. Ask us the page owners what we need to better engage our users and we will tell you. Facebook has stopped being a social network a long time ago and based on the current changes they are just a big Data collection site for big business now.

Now they are going to remove the discussion app for pages and how are your biggest customers, Gaming Companies, gonna take that Facebook. You have already made it impossible for page owners to engage their users by restricting postings, their page visibility, the ability to invite people to their game/page from the page, you have also removed the updates feature so now they cant communicate with our members. Whats next ???

Did you know Facebook? Most pages close their walls to keep their members safe from spam and viruses that you cant control and use the discussion app as an area that the members can use to to actually discuss thing and socially engage with each other. Nah!!! You are a bunch of engineers and dev heads, you dont think of the people only what you can make, that in your eyes, look kool. Wake up will ya !!! Listen to the people and you wont have to keep dolling out millions in legal fees.

Dont go to the light and come back to being a Social Site again or you may find yourself in MySpaces boat a big site with no one on it.

Any way the changes are coming just thought I should let you know.


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  1. they are going insane…. basically they are insecured because of google+, and it’s showing.. they are getting better than zynga when it comes into screwing.. (finger)

    Comment by aritra6800018 | September 30, 2011 | Reply

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