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Major Changes On Facebook & More Coming

As you have seen there has been a major redesign to Facebook and well more are coming. And the one change everyone will hate more than the live ticker is a major redesign of your profiles. I got it trust me you wont like it at first until you get it where you want it to be.

Lets start with what Facebook did first. They came out with new friend lists to make it easy to organize all your friends into what are know as lists. Now lists are nothing new as I have been using them since they came out with them but now they made them a prominent feature. To be honest with you I love this as I can now have people where I want them and can view those people posts right there which is great especially for family posts. Now my family doesn’t get lost in all that I do and in the main news feed and as most of you know I am always busy with multiple things. To read more on this just click here and it will explain more about it.

Yes the friends lists will take time and effort on your part to set up but it is well worth it in my opinion. And a kool thing is that Facebook will give you suggestions on who to add to what list and if you don’t want them in that list just X the suggestion out and when you run out of suggestion just refresh the page and more will appear. Plus if you dont see them in the suggestions just type their name in the add to list box and their profile will show up to add.

Next they came out with another nice feature called Subscribe where as you can subscribe to people you want to see updates from. Now this is actually good because you DON’T have to be friends with the person to subscribe to them and see their updates.  To she those updates just go to you own profile and you will see on left hand side who you subscribed too tab click it and you and see it all. Now the new profiles don’t seem to have them there but I am sure they will be added in.

Now here is the thing that most everyone hates, they also changed the way our Facebook home page looks, drastically. They have removed the top news & recent news and combined them all together and basically tell you what the top stories are in the order THEY feel you would want them.

They have also removed the drop down so you could go look at, lets say, pages, photos, statuses, links well you get the picture. It is all lumped together on the main feed so if you have extremely active friends and play games good luck finds stuff of interest like important breaking news from oh I don’t know, CNN.

They are not going back to the old way so forget about it this is Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the future and well it is his site & company. However to get you feeds back to chronlogical order try this trick or workaround.

Go to your “Account Settings” top right, and then go to “Notifications” at the left. At the top right is a box that says “Email Frequency”. “Un-Check” that box and your feeds will show all the posts again. Then go to your home page and anything in the “Top Stories” click on the down arrow in the upper right and “unmark as top story” – now your newsfeed will be setup by timestamp rather than randomly picking “top stories”.

Also if you want to a special section to see only your pages posts well I have a trick for you there too. This will take some work on your part as Facebook wont do it for you or even help you do it.

First now that they added lists for friends, well pages count as part of your 5000 friends total you have this option available to you. Go to your Facebook Home Page on let side it will show a tab that says LISTS over mouse by it and the more button will appear click it. Now a new screen will pop up with a complete list of all your friends lists, well now in top right section of it there is a button that say create list, click it. Now you can name it Pages and now this is where the work part comes you have to go to where it says add friends on right side and type in the pages you are member of. YES it is tedious and time consuming but it is well worth it as if you do it you will now have a tab where you can go get your new updates, fan page updates.

Now just so you know it does add all the pages for some reason but I was able to add 90% of them plus I was also able to add friends who use their profile as fan page to it so I don’t miss them as well. Very nice trick but as I said it take time & effort on your part to get it done.

Now here is the thing everyone hates the most, The Real Time Activity Ticker. Yes I agree it is very annoying and distracting. It tells you what all your friends are doing and and this will have game & app developers very mad cause Facebook  is going to be hurting them in the future with this feature. But I will get to that next, there is no way to control this in any of the Facebook settings meaning you cant remove it your are stuck with it as this is what The Zuck wants.

The game companies and app developers as well as all gamers are going to be pissed in the future with this as now posts for help and so on in the games are going to be added to it and while the posts will go to your profile it will not be going to the news feeds that we all use. And basically the activity ticker on all the apps & games are basically useless cause all they tell you is that someone is playing using that app not real game news. Hopefully they do change this as these new post will be on the home page a completely seperate page than the game so people will not be able or have to hope someone goes to their wall to see the post.

Zuck revealed this at the F8 convention today so this does not look good for them and us gamers unless Facebook changes the way the current game ticker works.

Now there is a chrome app that helps you remove the real time activity ticker on the home page and while that is good it is not good for other who use a different browser or even a different operating system. Well I found a great one and it give me complete control over my Facebook account and lets me see what I want to see and it is really easy to install and use. It is called Better Facebook Browser Extension  and I will be honest with you I love it.

It lets you remove stuff you dont want on your Facebook Home Page as well as removes the game ticker and ads and it also add stuff you want to see. Also a bonus is that it let you add themes to your account which I love and the themes carry to anywhere you surf on Facebook. Now this will only be visible to you your friends wont see what you see but hey it is all about you and making your Facebook experience better. I cant explain it better then them so check it out and I have also found it to be safe as my anti virus hasn’t picked up anything from it or given me any warnings. Here this is what my Facebook looks like now since I installed it with the theme I wanted.

It also added something I like as I have alot of pages it gives me a list of things on left side with my pages and other stuff I wanted all in alphabetical order. But anyway I like it and it solve my issues.

Now Facebook has also announced a major redesign of our profile is coming and I know most will hate this. I got it already as I am a app developer and this will take alot of work on our side to get it right. I have just started playing with it so I will do another blog on this and the new features coming too such as music sharing & watching movies right on sit. Yes I know alot to digest but I will work on it all and find work arounds and give you all you need to be properly informed so watch for my Part 2 coming on the changes. For now I leave you with the picture of what the new profile will look like and remember this will be phased in to us all over the next few months whether you want it or not.


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  1. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.

    Comment by blog | October 10, 2011 | Reply



    Comment by Blain Wmd McElrea | September 22, 2011 | Reply

  3. I have no such option as “email frequency” anywhere on my profile. Only thing more frustrating then my frozen fb feed was looking for something that wasn’t there, lol. Additionally, google chrome has an app to hide the ticker 🙂

    Comment by Blain Wmd McElrea | September 22, 2011 | Reply

  4. no, no, no!!! i think it is pretty arrogant to force these things on us, without even asking for suggestions, or what we don’t want. bleh!!!

    Comment by lynn | September 22, 2011 | Reply

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