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Rollbacks Done

Rollbacks Done !!! 

Well as I reported yesterday in my blog there were rollbacks coming and well they came as promised. This rollback was expected and in my opinion needed. 

Here is what happened when Zynga open up Chicago for the first time yesterday there was an unexpected side effect. When you robbed someone you got a TON of skill points & leveled big time to boot. Look at what happened to me after just 2 Rob All’s in Brazil.

I was a Level 1437 before I robbed and look how I jumped up. Yes it was just regular game play no special thing done here and it effected many players, some who then proceeded to spend all the skill points on their attack, defense, energy, health & stamina and have fun beating people up or trying to finish jobs hoping it would not be noticed. It was noticed LOL.

I was rolled back to my original level and surprisingly I didn’t lose anything all as they put thing right back to where they were. So they are getting better at this, I guess with all the practice they have had lately. Now some may find this to be wrong and some may not be as lucky as I was and will have things change on them but wait there’s more Zynga also gave to those people who did get rolled back 50 skill points & 50 Reward Points + 10 Cocktail Waitress for the trouble and inconvenience this has caused.

If you did have this happen to you at least you were compensated a bit. You will not get anything back from the time after it occurred such as job progress but at least this time they got a little better gave us something for our troubles and like I said some may still have other issues so I recommend if you do please go directly to the support page and contact Zynga so they can look at your account and fix what needs to be fixed. 

And just for the record NO I am not happy this occurred as I have been seeing this happen way to much lately and believe me I have let them know it. I also know you are not happy about it either. It is time Zynga does more testing before things are release and to be quite honest they should of held off on the release until all the other game issues were addressed but the number are dropping really fast as the Daily players has now dropped below 900,000. 

I REALLY think it is time for them to stop and ask us players what we want done in the game and the DO IT !!! But this is Zynga and they will do what they want. Which really sucks the big one. Dont worry I will keep fighting for you all and who knows maybe myself and some other players will get through one day. Time will tell but is there really much time left. 


September 20, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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  1. I will say this – I got it and it was funny and certainly worth the laugh for me. No one who got it believed for a second it would stay – I mean REALLY! When I rolled back, I lost a bit – I most certainly was NOT where I was when I hit it, but the compensation just about got me back. The waitresses is a nothing gift really – as new sets I am accumulating today won’t count until I hit the 15 sets. I lost my Zipa from my mission and the mission is gone – so poof goes the Zipa…little things like that. I am reset on my daily takes – which means i lost 4 days. What was really a step forward for Z was the TONE of the note and acknowledgement that this was on them…In the past, regardless of the glitch, the tone of the notes Z sends out have been insulting, accusatory and frankly, nasty. What players want is a game that works. Slow everything down and give us that – and we’re going to be ALOT happier. Cheers, Marie {OFF} Lioness {EON}
    PS -HELL YES – I took a video of it!!

    Comment by Marie | September 20, 2011 | Reply

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