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Mafia Wars Drops Below 1 Million Daily Players

Well It is Official !!!

Mafia Wars Has Fallen Below

1 Million Daily Active Users (997,948)

for the first time

since it’s beginnings 3 yrs ago.

The game we all love to hate is in trouble, big trouble. The numbers have been consistently dropping like a rock now for almost a year now. How much more is Zynga willing to take before they throw in the towel on the game and say No More ? 

Take a look at the numbers just out today on Mafia Wars. Look at the charts provided by AppData.com and you tell me how much more would you take as a business person to save a game that is showing this kind of downward spiral. 

WOW right !!!  I know and to be quite honest the numbers of actual daily players is really much less than that is you remove the players who have multiple accounts. According to some of the script writers, who make the bookmarklets to help play the game, the real number of ACTUAL daily players could be as low as 350,000. But they still do count as daily players in my book, if they are playing, but I see their point as loot account really only make the numbers look good and dont really generate any real income for Zynga as they dont spend much as they are basically self leveling accounts. 

What went wrong ??? Well there are many factors,  players getting away with cheating & stealing, people taking the game way too seriously turns off other players, Zynga throwing too much content out at the players at once, Zynga not fixing games issues fast enough, customer service calling players liars when they come to them with game issues and the list goes on & on. 

Can the game be saved ??? Of course it can but the studio has to open up and start listening to the players and stop thinking that their shit dont stink. They make the Community Managers & super moderators job more difficult with their mightier than GOD attitudes and secrecy. Give them the answers to the players questions, fix the current game issues before shoving more content down the players throats. Ask the players for feedback before a feature is released to the public so that means CLOSED BETA TESTING so the other players know they are not getting an unfair advantage in the game and you know the feature will be stable for release. 

The players knows what they like better than you Zynga after all they are the ones playing everyday and spending the money to keep you working. There are plenty of resources you can use like groups like PAC ( An Expanded Version ) GPS, families like ZCFU, AMEX, MIG, KOS, RYFG and many more not to mention many everyday players with no family affiliations who are quite influential and know the game quite well.

So Zynga take your head out the ground like an ostrich and start doing what you should of been doing along time ago. I know the game grew faster than you thought and threw off your original game plan but you need to pick up the ball and run with it again. What is gonna happen once you go public ??? Do you honestly think the shareholders will put up with this, NOT !!! 

Or are you going to just let the game die and then work on Mafia Wars 2 and hope for the best because based on what you did with this version I can tell you right now the players wont come back and play another version, which will surely be flashier and have cute bells & whistles, if you still have the same attitude. WAKE UP WILL YOU !!! 


August 29, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. If I didn’t have some great friends I love passing the day with in my MW family, I think I would have walked with Zynga’s recent changes which ALL involve spending money and constant begging to succeed at … THANKS FOR BEING THERE Fugu … let’s weather the storm and see what we end up with at the other side … least we have each other!

    Zynga, u need a real hard kick up the arse, YOU have NEVER listened to the players, doubt you EVER will … PLEASE FIX IT, STOP THE EXTORTIONATE PRICING, [if u got the $$$ right, you might actually get more folk paying for bits and pieces, but $3 for an energy fill? 35rp for items that add about 40 / or 0.00013% to my attack … GET IN THE REAL WORLD!!

    Comment by Molly Mark | February 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. Paying money to get ahead in a game is cheating as far as I am concerned.

    If I have to pay money to complete missions or have a competitive account then what is the point of playing.

    Comment by BD | February 4, 2012 | Reply

  3. I remember the old clans…but new idea RED TAGS….ended all the consumer complaints you had with being picked on and behavior complaints. This started the leave from the game. Then you make us constantly beg for parts in the new properties which is a total set up as you make it impossible to gain to the very top level without spending money on Rewards points. Then you throw time limited missions….time limited jobs…fight bonus levels…and so much to do….when are we supposed to simply enjoy the game? You want to make money? TRY THIS……FIX THE GAME YOU CREATED! The spinning bullets make me want to throw up and the fighting loot sucks as it is not giftable to friends or family. Why not ask US? The people who play the game….the People who PAY YOUR SALARY with buying Rewards Points. You have the power to create a Page that all mafia wars players could join and sound off with their opinions,….but yet you choose to totally ignore us. Good Business? You will watch the numbers keep falling and your job will be GONE and so will the game because you CHOOSE NOT to hear the people. Make EVERYTHING Giftable….to members of your family……REMOVE ALL PLAYERS who use a bot to play or farm their accounts……STOP ADDING SO MUCH AND SO MANY THINGS TO DO. I work 10 hours a day 6 days a week….wanna see me spend money on Rewards Points? FIX YOUR GAME,…ADDRESS THE ISSUE,….or you will see the end of the money flow,….the end of the game….and the end to your company. I have seen so many good friends I have played the game with,….simply walk away from the game because you are not LISTENING to the PEOPLE,… You have to remember…..without the people playing the game….spending their money….Your job and your company would not exist. No one play and no one pay…..Mafia wars and Zynga will disappear like the rest of the old video games and you will find yourselves a memory like PONG,….
    Business is Failing,….numbers are dropping…..rescue and fix the game…..or see it all swirl down the drain….like the crappy game it is turning into with all your new and ” bright” idea’s.

    Comment by Karl "Doc" Lisowski | February 3, 2012 | Reply

  4. I never paid to play, and don’t anymore. I don’t and won’t play any of their others as well. I would strongly recommend buying shares in Zynga unless you are a very experienced trader and are going to short sell them. They are history, there is nothing tangible to hold the group together as they have no real assets and anyone who does invest is setting themselves up for a huge fall. The same applies to those crazy enough to pay for platinum.

    Comment by stylusmobilus | February 3, 2012 | Reply

  5. My chat with zynga today really turned me off!!! Check it out, and think twice about buying any reward points until their service improves!
    Erin : Hello
    Erin : I’m not happy about this booster pack being offered
    Erin : It’s not being offered to everyone for the same discount
    Erin : and that’s not right
    Erick H.: Well, let me explain you that everyone will receive a different Discount every day.
    Erin : this booster is a special that’s being offered to everyone today
    Erin : it is different from the regular discounts
    Erin : a friend of mine is being offered the same exact pack as me for $30 less
    Erin : and that’s bullshit
    Erick H.: I’m here to help you, but I’m not comfortable with the language you’re using. If you continue, I will have to disconnect this chat session.
    Erin : Well please don’t continue to try and pull the wool over my eyes
    Erick H.: I understand Erin, but remember that everyone is having different discounts daily, the discount will be randomly.
    Erin : NO
    Erin : that is not ok with me
    Erin : I’m being rewarded for buying RPs by being charged more for the same things as other players
    Erin : I am offered a 35% discount. A friend is offered a 78% discount, another an 84% discount
    Erin : this is not ok
    Erick H.: I understand, but I am not able to add the discount, eventually you will get more discount than your friends.
    Erin : Congratulations, you just lost a paying customer.
    Erin : I will share this experience with as many people as I can. Zynga customer service has greatly declined over the last few weeks.
    Erick H.: I completely understand and I would love to make any changes for you but in this case we cannot make any adjustments on this matter due to our limits
    Erick H.: this is something I’ll make sure we review for you and our players in general
    Erick H.: do you have any other doubts or inquiries in mind, Erin?
    Erin : I have a great many doubts
    Erick H.: and I’m sure they’ll be solved; this is something we’ll be definitely working on; your case will be looked upon for further analysis
    Erin : I won’t hold my breath

    Comment by Erin | February 3, 2012 | Reply


    Comment by Eddie D Pengguin | February 3, 2012 | Reply

  7. Iam a daily player, playing this game 3 years now every day, but last year it became much more boring game. All you have to do is missions, that you could get strong loot, new districts….. But last year mafia war and if you play another game from zynga like i do farmville its like i have 2nd day job. Like i have all day long for playing, what about family and personal life? In the past this game was so much fun, you couldnt wait to come home and turn on computer to start to play mafia, do jobs, ice someone…. But now, im scared what is waiting me on mafia to do this day, and how much time i have to do this. This last building in ny im not building because i have enough of begging.
    They ruined this game. It is sad, really sad.

    Comment by Darja Dixzzy Hribersek | February 3, 2012 | Reply

  8. I played for 2.5 years, loved it at first, and then felt like I was working a second job–as others have said. Way too much content at once, useless & ungiftable loot from my main source of fun: fighting. The game kept shifting so strategies that made me strong were later a laiblitySo may other things went wrong–I agree with all of the complaints listed here. I quit at the start of this year and have so much more time and relaxation in my life. MW is a sad case of a good thing gone very wrong. Zynga should have listened to the players, because hundreds or thousands of us have been telling them about these problems for ages. Their response was fancier graphics and no real solutions. To bad.

    Comment by KK | February 2, 2012 | Reply

  9. i am daily player of this game, but for past few months i am not enjoying the game at all. GAME is something which gives you ENTERTAINMENT after your busy or boring schedule. But right now mafiawars is just like “You have to do the Mission/ Icing event/ District/ Gifting event/ Battle/ Build property” with in certain amount of time. Like my boss asks me for delivery of project in due time. And the Fucking clock timer moves like online examination which i hate most during my college days :X . Right now mafiawars scenario is just like you have to do the job or you will fall fucking behind or you wont able to get this fucking piece of crap.
    Zynga need to stop overloading the game and have to enhance the things which exist in the game. They should ned listen players point of view.
    Only that way this game can be solved.

    Comment by Abhishek Mahapatro | February 2, 2012 | Reply

  10. i spent a lot of time and energy into the game. my wife and i played and we had a ball. Until zynga decided to manipulate clans. i say take everyone back to square one . start the game completly over .see what happens. if it goes it goes if not move on. by the way i quit playing months ago and i dont miss it at all….

    Comment by justin herrington | February 2, 2012 | Reply

  11. I have never spent a cent with Znygna with regards to this game or any other, as I thought this was a free game ,wether to play for free or to spend to play a game is your choice I have not found it a turn off as I see that most things can be finished with some paitence and if I cant finish or get all the things I need I do get the tokens by leveling up . Good planning and using what I have /earn has seen me get too lvl 1650 maintained this etho since starting almost 2 years ago .
    Still look foward to coming home from work too play

    Comment by brad | February 2, 2012 | Reply

  12. I have played this game on both myspace and facebook and have been known to argue with customer service many times re:fixing problems and fair play issues but honestly I have spent more time on mafia wars than a full time job.I have no fun doing it the game sucks and begging Zynga to fix the issues is plain tiring I have not just played I have helped many to start playing and I feel bad because I have invested so much of myself in this game and made remarkable friendships that I would love to see Zynga fix what is wrong with the game and to stop being so bent on adding stuff to make you have so much to do that your options boil down to paying to complete builds,missions and secret districts and according to the Forbes they have already gone public and were told they had to bring up their revenues and the head of Zynga said he could double their profit within the next quarter so that is why all of us feel like we are in a vice.

    Comment by Donna M.Harker | February 2, 2012 | Reply

  13. MW is becoming TOO LABOR INTENSIVE. I have met great folks and that is a gift but I’m bored, tired of begging for parts to upgrade,and not gonna spend money if i’m not valued, slow loading pages, servers etc. Played it from the first almost. Not addicted anymore. And I may just dump FB too.

    Comment by kathy casey | February 1, 2012 | Reply

  14. mw2 is for children…its a cityville look like mob game..i play mw for 2.5 years and i wos realy in to the game now i play every day but i will not “die” if i cant reatch my 125 ices :D. i agree that zynga rush things out a lot. and for us the gamers that we are not platinum to contact with them is an issue…the platinum players have their own botton to call zynga and they always have live chat :S

    Comment by Nina Panagiotidou | February 1, 2012 | Reply

  15. If someone is interested here can learn about hacking facebook games.
    Mafia wars, mafia wars 2, castle ville, pet society, travian, empires and allies, frontier ville and more
    if you are not interested in this skip the comment and sorry for disturbing.

    Comment by funnkyg | December 20, 2011 | Reply

  16. I played MW for more than a year but finally gave up last april….

    Was really addict but go bored. Fortunately never spent a dime in that game….

    To be honnest, the decline of the game reached a point that it cannot be saved… The game is old and it reached a point, it is quite impossible to start from scratch now…. You will never catch people who have started 3 years ago and it’s even worse with people “playing” 7/7 24/24 using scripts….

    Former players who started long time ago progressively leave the game because they get bored or have now others priorities and you have few and few new players to replace them for the reasons I gave few lines aboves. It lead to a constant decline…

    Comment by Gordon24 | December 3, 2011 | Reply

  17. I disagree with the idea that the game has been ruined by free skill points thus making paying players angry. They are still MUCH stronger than me, trust me! My CC friends are not angry at my little progress over ONE FULL YEAR of harvesting skill points from the NYC properties. Get real. The game is going down exactly for the reasons listed in this blog. TOO MUCH URGENCY and NOT ENOUGH FUN. They should have added the animated fun which is likely in MWII to this game. I know I am not happy to throw away all my progress because a new version is out instead of an improved old version. THAT is what will make paying players angry.

    Comment by S | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  18. I agree with all comments above. I am only still playing because of the friends and MW Family that I have become very close to in the last couple of years but even with that I am close to quitting entirely. Z has really screwed the pooch with their behavior and attitude. their online customer service staff are completely beligerent and incompetent. My account was hacked and I reported it to them, they told me they could not track it after a week and it took them 2 weeks to get back to me after I contacted them daily and then I am responsible according to them. Right. all these crap side games like the red tag family battles…really? if you want us to fight within the game with other families then let us choose who we want to fight with, give us a list of more than 5 other clans with more then 2 ppl each in them. I am sick of the revolver and not being able to post wars or being notified about them after they are over…Hello? wake up Z, you are fixin to lose one of your largest money makers. I for one will never spend another dime until you get it fixed and by then I may be long gone taking my friends with me.

    Comment by Kelly Ganzerla | September 20, 2011 | Reply

  19. the big mistake was the nyc props giving away skills. that pissed off alot of pay players. also, in the long run it devalued skill points. it also made people feel they HAD to log on and harvest to build.

    as stam built up people began to have to play longer and longer to blow the stam away. now many have stam in the multiple 1000s.

    new content coming out constantly to create a sense of urgency. no real progression path for newbies (before was nyc, cuba, moscow, bangkok, …) . now, its go where you want when you want. most newbies see the array of tabs and just quit.

    constant promotions. constant arms race. constant new content. why? because zynga has given so many skill points away that now its hard to challenge players. release a new city and its done, for some, the same day!

    meanwhile, zynga says it knows the game is broken. they want better communication. but what they really mean is they talk and we listen. they dont mind minor tweaks from us but what they really dont want is to hear from us that x,y,z doesnt work or is stupid and to stop it. instead they want to hear if you tweaked x id click on it.

    players have been saying lose the high resolution graphics, lose the flash, etc. fix the vegas, italy, brazil props so they can load faster – we dont care about the stupid pics. zynga has basically given the middle finger back.

    people want streamlined, simple, easy to load, relatively bug free. id rather have lesser graphics and be able to tell who is attacking me in real time (the feed is always lagging by several minutes). id rather be able to go to brazil and harvest my shit and be done in 10 seconds then have to wait for your slow button clicks to get my objects built there.

    but they dont care. they seem to come up with an idea, hear the players say NO, implement the idea anyway, hear the players say NO, then tell the players that it is part of the game. im surprised that as many people still play as do.

    Comment by endrsgm | September 19, 2011 | Reply

  20. Zynga is in a business of taking what they can where ever they can… calling players liars, Reward points scams, spam like no other… wtf do they expect? If I ran my operation like they do/did, I would likely be in court. These asshats ripped me off on a 380 RP scam and then sit back pointing fingers are each other. In reality, they are selling pixels and they have a real value of about zip.. So with that in mind, they fook over people that want to earn them by taking real world offers.

    There is a law office out of San Diego taking on a load of research to sue the pants off these assholes…

    Comment by Rassle James | September 19, 2011 | Reply

  21. The figures do not suprise me,i have been addicted to this game for approx 3 years now, had a lot of fun on the way, and met some great internet friends too…….BUT,its the friends that keep me here now, certainly not MW.

    MW (as stated by others) has become a chore, a job, it is boring, and only favours those with credit cards. copious amounts of energy and stamina are available now, and some jobs get near the 1000 energy mark. How can new players compete? where is the fun now?

    i run a small group dedicated to helping new, low level players progress, with our knowledge and loot, , while we can guide all on the right path, we can no longer assist new players with decent loot, for example, i can gift over 500 bolt pistols, to a level 2-300, which will help them progress, and keep the new players interested in the game…….but we cannot gift them???

    I understand the restrictions on gifting, as trading was getting to a point where it was crazy, BUT with the new familys in MW now (red tags) why can we not help out our own group???? It makes no sense?

    Ask any long time MW player, if you were starting out now, would you last 2/3 years? BIG FAT NO is the answer. We can not help new players anymore. they have no chance.

    MW2…please launch ASAP, its my ticket home and back to real life!!!

    Comment by Russell Collins | September 14, 2011 | Reply

  22. I agree with all the comments above. The multiple events drive me crazy but some people might like that, “collection” events are a total snooze, but again, maybe that thrills others. I can see the value of different types of opportunities, but not all starting at the SAME time. My main objection is the things like Stam packs coming and then going, the new the Family Chat which has not ever worked in weeks and weeks, and all the other problems that have never gotten fixed. I, too, have been called a liar when I reported a problem, I had loot removed unfairly “to level the playing field” and so on. The graphics intense format may be fine for some, but my computer (decent system) has slowed to a crawl as it gets progressively more amped up in the visuals. Skip the bells and whistles crap and give us a game that works. Fix it when it does not. I still don’t get most wars or hitlist notifications. How long has that been unreliable??? My clan and my friends are drooping out at a brisk pace and I am so close… Mafia Wars 2? Don’t make me laugh

    Comment by Kate | September 12, 2011 | Reply

  23. I used to spend at least 100$ US a month on this game, but, gave that up a long time ago. In fact, I do not play the game as much as I used to either. Too many things happening all at the same time have made the game more of a job than an enjoyable experience. I will never spend another cent on this game until it becomes playable again…and as for Mafia Wars 2…forget it!!! Wasted enough of my life on this game, both here and before on Tagged.com!!! Wake up Zynga, before it is too late!!! Oh and I am so tired of seeing those spinning bullets..refreshing they are NOT!!!

    Comment by Thomas Hogan | September 11, 2011 | Reply

  24. i do believe the game is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too convoluted now. i wont stop playin but, i guarantee ya there are a lot of new folks to the game that just find it very damn confusing. i would not want to be a new player comin into the game

    Comment by eric soutin sheridan | September 11, 2011 | Reply

  25. It’s just boring. There is this mass collection of loot that I cannot sure or give to any one of the younger players, it just accumulates and is worthless. Sad, we use to have a progressive looting system, it was a lot of fun to accumulate and pass stuff around as we no longer needed it. Now it is a chore, do the work, if it were not for the skype room that I am in I would dump this game in a heart beat. I cannot compete with those who are willing to spend so much money on their accounts yet they have no qualms about sitting on my account and making it difficult to play when we have a war. I use to tell everyone about what a great game this is, now I tell people don’t bother, they can’t compete, eats up time and resources and makes no sense. Sad that idiots run the company.

    Comment by Hazel M Walker (@Hazewalker) | September 11, 2011 | Reply

  26. The long answer: get a beta testing crew in there so flubs like the Power Packs never happen again. Z should know already from their experiences with things like the mini-energy packs that splitting the MW playerbase into haves and have-nots is not such a good idea. Beyond that…. something has to be done about the noob experience. There are barely any new players in the game and by the time they hit the shark tank it’s almost a given that they’re going to get screwed. New players are few and far between and that should scare Zynga. If they can’t replace the older players that quit with new players, then things are only going to get worse.

    Short answer: They’ll things go for as long as the spenders keep spending and then when the big dogs start getting clingy with their money…. Oh hey it’s MW2 now with new flashy craptacular SEXY graphics!

    Comment by Robert Pool | August 29, 2011 | Reply

  27. people are leaving the game because it has became a job you got to pay to go!!!

    Comment by jason | August 29, 2011 | Reply

    • The game is becoming a chore to play, rather than fun, too many things being thrown at the players at the same time, missions you have to ice players and use stamina, boss fight at same time to use stamina up, no time for the fun stuff like player wars and events, or even just the social interaction the players had before all the game changes–which was important, have too many game tasks to do to even chat with each other. Yes, Beta Test to make sure things work, and fix things that are broken, and if you introduce another version of Mafia Wars you can count me out. Zygna you are doing your best to count me out, used to purchase items quite often and the last six to eight months, why spend my money on you, especially when you do not listen to your customer complaints, your help insults customers, and if it were not for Mafia Wars families that I helped to start, this customer would have quit playing awhile ago.

      Comment by Nadine Smeltzer | August 29, 2011 | Reply

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