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The Show Is Up / Cuba Back & Get Satisfaction Thread To Help Hurricane Vicims

The Show Is Up *** We had have fun going over Mafia Wars &  the Breaking News as it happened of 2nd coming of CUBA, the timers working and Boss Fight Bugs fixed, A new Game coming based on The Godfather movies plus the new privacy changes with Facebook. All on the #1 Social Network show on BlogTalkRadio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/08/29/the-facebook-zynga-podcast 

Here is the link to the Get Satisfaction Thread to let Zynga know we want to make a difference & want a special loot item to benefit the Hurricane Irene Victims along the Eastern Seaboard and Please click the plus button on thread and the like button and show Zynga this is a priority and needs to be address now. 


Here is the Official Word From The Mafia Wars Blog about the return to Cuba 

Temporary Visa: Return To Cuba
With the Neo-Imperium distracted by their criminal activities in other parts of the world, your chance has come to sneak back into Cuba. Your job progress will start for where you left off, but you’ll find a new tier of job mastery and powerful new loot. Be sure to hurry though, the Neo-Imperium won’t be fooled for long. Grab what you can while you can, because this temporary visa won’t last forever.
Cuba Event Developer Explanation:
Due to player request, we will be re-opening Cuba temporarily for 2 weeks. Many players are disappointed that they no longer have access to Cuba job progress and properties, so we wanted to attempt a temporary re-opening through a limited time event to see how players enjoy it.  

During this time users will have access to Cuba with new added loot drops. Their job progress will be the same as when they left it. Additionally, for those players who already finished Cuba, we are releasing a Ruby tier of Job Mastery.  We are very aware of the dedication players have put into finishing Cuba, so we wanted to make sure everyone has something to tackle in the re-opening, along with high end loot drops and new mastery items for completing Ruby Tiers.

We would really like to hear your feedback on this event, the Cuba shutdown event, and future city releases and events. We strive to make sure the new city content we release is the best for our players that it can be!  Thanks everyone – and good luck dealing with the Neo-Imperium!


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Mafia Wars Drops Below 1 Million Daily Players

Well It is Official !!!

Mafia Wars Has Fallen Below

1 Million Daily Active Users (997,948)

for the first time

since it’s beginnings 3 yrs ago.

The game we all love to hate is in trouble, big trouble. The numbers have been consistently dropping like a rock now for almost a year now. How much more is Zynga willing to take before they throw in the towel on the game and say No More ? 

Take a look at the numbers just out today on Mafia Wars. Look at the charts provided by AppData.com and you tell me how much more would you take as a business person to save a game that is showing this kind of downward spiral. 

WOW right !!!  I know and to be quite honest the numbers of actual daily players is really much less than that is you remove the players who have multiple accounts. According to some of the script writers, who make the bookmarklets to help play the game, the real number of ACTUAL daily players could be as low as 350,000. But they still do count as daily players in my book, if they are playing, but I see their point as loot account really only make the numbers look good and dont really generate any real income for Zynga as they dont spend much as they are basically self leveling accounts. 

What went wrong ??? Well there are many factors,  players getting away with cheating & stealing, people taking the game way too seriously turns off other players, Zynga throwing too much content out at the players at once, Zynga not fixing games issues fast enough, customer service calling players liars when they come to them with game issues and the list goes on & on. 

Can the game be saved ??? Of course it can but the studio has to open up and start listening to the players and stop thinking that their shit dont stink. They make the Community Managers & super moderators job more difficult with their mightier than GOD attitudes and secrecy. Give them the answers to the players questions, fix the current game issues before shoving more content down the players throats. Ask the players for feedback before a feature is released to the public so that means CLOSED BETA TESTING so the other players know they are not getting an unfair advantage in the game and you know the feature will be stable for release. 

The players knows what they like better than you Zynga after all they are the ones playing everyday and spending the money to keep you working. There are plenty of resources you can use like groups like PAC ( An Expanded Version ) GPS, families like ZCFU, AMEX, MIG, KOS, RYFG and many more not to mention many everyday players with no family affiliations who are quite influential and know the game quite well.

So Zynga take your head out the ground like an ostrich and start doing what you should of been doing along time ago. I know the game grew faster than you thought and threw off your original game plan but you need to pick up the ball and run with it again. What is gonna happen once you go public ??? Do you honestly think the shareholders will put up with this, NOT !!! 

Or are you going to just let the game die and then work on Mafia Wars 2 and hope for the best because based on what you did with this version I can tell you right now the players wont come back and play another version, which will surely be flashier and have cute bells & whistles, if you still have the same attitude. WAKE UP WILL YOU !!! 

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