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Cuba Coming Back ???

The big question in Mafia Wars tonight is whether or not Cuba Is Returning !!!

Well if I was a betting man I would say some form of it is returning. Will it be a full blown re-release of the city revamped, will it be a special district & mission like Brazil’s Smugglers Haven I cant comfirm right now BUT I am pretty sure it is coming back right after the end of Smugglers Haven because you know how Zynga likes to release back to back missions. Always remember nothing ever fully dies in GAMES & Soap Operas and well this is both LOL.

How do we know it is coming back in some form well first of they have changed and added a new achievement to Cuba.

So this is clue number 1 the second clue is they have added numerous items to the inventory and YES IT IS ALL CUBAN !!! 

Here is a closer look at the items. Thank You MW Loot Lady for Graphics

Cuban Mercenary from Cuba
(no stats)
Cigar Box (A:76 D:165)

Smoker (A:65 D:97)

Old Cannon  (A:110 D:75)
Trigger Happy (A:151 D:60) 
Shelled Torso (A:151 D:60)
Barrier Coat (A:96 D:60) 
Kit Vest (A:71 D:110) 
CM Tango (A:109 D:73) 
Seaside Runner (A:60 D:95) 
Renaldo (A:98 D:62) 
Cuban Tody (A:73 D:111) 
Goliath Grouper (A:96 D:64)
Brown Anole (A:62 D:95) 
Sleet (A:84 D:155) 

So based on this and Zynga’s desire to save the game I am going to conclude YES CUBA IS COMING BACK !!! I cant confirm it for sure but all the clues are right here in front of us and believe me I will get you the details as I get them and I am going to be pressing hard NOW !!!

I am guessing for the return to happen on 8/29 or 8/30/2011 at 12 pm PDT. We will see and like I said I will get you the details ASAP so we are not kept in the dark as they do that way to often and with all the issues right now it would be nice if they were up front with us for a change.


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