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Arch Enemies Boost Event Out

Well we were warned it was coming and here it is

“Arch Enemies” Boost Spam Event.

Yes with everything going on Zynga in their mighty wisdom has decided to throw more crap at us and this involved begging for Boosts to get a loot items & boosts.

Dont get me wrong I dont hate these event but sometimes they really need to look at what is already out there and say ” HEY we can wait til next week on this one.”  BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Let’s throw more at them they like it. Guess what Zynga we aint Mikey & we dont like it.  Give us a friggin’ break will you or are you really trying to drive everyone away from the game. GEEZ!!!

Ok so here is the deal collect the boost your mafia sends you after you beg for them and collect the boosts to get a pretty loot item. The boosts are ok in value if you use em. Quivers are +125 def, Arrow Shaft is +125 att & the l;ast one Vital signs is +200 robbing% of successful robing of property. Collect them all and get gold level on it and you get new loot item and you get a grand prize of Olympic Archer 151 att / 114 def  for finishing the event. Then you can do it all over again. WOO HOO !!! Well have fun LOL.


August 25, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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