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Facebook Is Having Major Issues Today

Well I am sure by now most of you who use Facebook have seen the many issues with the site. These issues started last night and continue well into today.

Facebook has issued a statement last night on Known Issues “We’re currently experiencing an issue where some users may experience some slowness or timeouts while using the site. This issue should be resolved shortly.”

Well it seems According to TechCrunch, the issues may be due in part of the site’s experimental features, which are currently being tested among small groups of users, who have reported various tweaks to the Facebook Chat sidebar.

So Facebook is not being Hacked into they just are having issues with their servers on their end. So you can relax for now. It may take them awhile until they fully purge their system so you will probably has issues for a while today.

And if you want to keep up with whats going on with their platform you can go HERE. It is their Platform LIVE Status page.

You can also go HERE to see what is going on with various websites and Platforms. It is called DownRightNow. 

So once again you will just have to be patient for now Sorry.

August 11, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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  1. its not only messed up..its worse. i am trying to log in from my main accound and it say that i am trying to use an unothorised devise..well the divace is my laptop and i use it long time. now they want me to send my i.d in collur..i have a greek i.d..the pic is not in colur..its speacial photo for the i.d..thank God i took with me in Holland my driver lisence..i only hope my name is clear enough for them…what can i say?

    Comment by Nina Panagiotidou | August 11, 2011 | Reply

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