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Mafia Wars Rolls Back Players & Possible New Zynga & Facebook Scandal

We have been updating you all that the War Loot Rollbacks in Mafia Wars were coming. We told you about how Nate the Community Manager said it on their Mafia Wars Live Show & then the follow up confirmation with the Mafia Wars Blog.  Then last night as we were LIVE on our show The Facebook & Zynga Podcast we broke the news they had begun.

While most people who did get the War Loot Glitch knew they would get rolled back and are being somewhat understanding about it. The main problem with this rollback is the fact that not only did Zynga take back too much war loot from people but 1000’s of innocent people have been caught in this just like everyone knew would happen. These people were rolled back and didn’t even use the scripts to get the glitch. Some actually paid the extra reward points to declare war more often to get extra loot. So much for a fair & balanced game !!! 

If  Zynga programmers could properly code the game none of this would of ever happened but they cant or just do a half assed job sometimes. Just look at all the current games issues that they even admit they cant identify to fix and the ones with easy fixes that get ignored. I hate to admit it but the script makers do a much better job than the Zynga programmers and when some thing breaks down or needs to be fixed they fix it much faster than Zynga ever could. Maybe they should hire the script makers to come in and fix the game cause they sure cant at times. Spock On !!! 

We also saw alot of people who just had enough with Zynga after this Rollback and quit the game last night while others have started new groups demanding the loot be returned . While some people who got rolled back were given other loot and RP’s credits for spending to do more wars. According to Zynga nothing will be done to resolve this issue for them according to a post on the support site as you can see from this post from their own support page.

Declare War rewards adjusted

Updated 08/04/2011 at 00:06

During a recent audit of Mafia Wars accounts it was discovered that some accounts were showing abnormal behavior and had exceeded the expected number of Declare War rewards.

In order to maintain a level playing field for all of our customers, we have adjusted the inventory for those affected accounts to reflect the maximum number of declare war rewards that are allowed under the current system.  These items were adjusted for players in the order that they were received.

Many players may have been unaware that this issue had occurred to their account, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.  Those accounts that have been adjusted will see a popup in their game that will contain messaging about the update and changes.  Players who were affected by this abnormal behavior on their accounts will also see adjustments to their attack and defense stats when the items were removed.  Because this issue was caused by abnormal behavior we will not be able to restore those stats or offer compensation for the issue.

This is going to turn into a major PR headache for Zynga especially if they dont restore the innocent people’s accounts who got caught in their web. Zynga is having a hard enough time retaining players and stopping the spiraling drop off of players in all their games. Basically it is like they dont care anymore which is truly a shame. Time to wake up or maybe not if this next thing is true you might just be done anyway.

According to an article by Kinsey Jamison at Games.com it seems their might be an issue with Zynga’s actual players numbers as they might just be inflated or propped up by Facebook. The article seems to think that the 2 companies are working together on this. Take a look at this chart of Empires & Allies from AppData.com to see what Games.com is talking about.

It does seem strange that all of a sudden on July 18 2011 the numbers stabilized as far as the MAU are concerned. After talking with unnamed sources at Zynga, who see the actual game data, they say the number are not that stable. So this is a big concern that will be investigated.

The article brings up some good points and points that really need to be addressed and investigated. If this is true and is happening to make Zynga look more appealing to future investors when the IPO comes out this is major fraud and I am sure the SEC & other federal regulators will be looking into this and if they find this is true Zynga can kiss their IPO plans goodbye as the SEC will not allow any company to do this and hurt potential investors especially with everyone watching this IPO so closely.

Unfortunately if this is true Facebook & Zynga not only screwed themselves but they have screwed many other companies that might just be looking to capitalize on the Social Game & Network craze as they will be under a ton more scrutiny thus making it harder for them to go public and even get new investors not to mention what the people who support the games everyday will do.

I have tried to contact Zynga, Facebook,the SEC & Goldman Saks but have not received a reply yet on this but I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


August 4, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. I’m pleased I located this site,

    Comment by Buy Twitter Followers | August 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. My guess it isn’t the programmers fault. It’s management at ZYNGA. Any programmer can make stuff work right if given the time and feedback when something is broken. If your manager says,”When in doubt, put it out” without any testing protocol, bad things happen. The folks at Spockville are great, but lets not forget that they are in a position to actually take pride in the code they write, test it, get feedback, and fix it. I honestly don’t know for a fact, but my guess is that the guys at ZYNGAville don’t get that luxury. If you dig around you can find some articles about ZYNGA management. I doubt it’s a fullfilling place for a programmer to work.

    Comment by Bob | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  3. I personally was rolled back many times. Zynga replace some once and never again.
    Was told that I should screenshot all my loot for my personal records.
    So gameplay takes now:
    3 hours to go thru ur gifts, play game and send gifts.
    1 hour to screenshot all my loot and various.
    4 hours out of 24.
    I have chucked the game away and have decided to get back to reality now.
    Best thing I ever did.
    Plus I have always thought figures were inflated….esp when google dumped 100 million USD into Zynga just after the Facebook vs Zynga talks about revenue from game.
    It was a beautiful simple game, now you have to beg and spam people for items, pay money for loot and gameplay, but there are limitations on what loot we can have.
    So much for capitalism or globalisation.
    Blatent ripoff merchants handing blame to third parties, when Zynga management are a bunch of monkeys eating peanuts chewing hay with slow moving elephants for managers with Tigers scooping up the cash and we suffer under the dictatorship of a private company.
    Its about time Zynga made publication on what we can have an all limitations.
    Yes I do believe in my opinion that Zynga and Facebook are over inflated users for outside revenue investments.
    The FBI should get onto their books, but as a big company who pays alot of taxes and hire employees wont be investigated.
    The US govt is gutless and needs revenue itself.
    Dog eat dog while we lick the bowl.

    Comment by Mark Dormans | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  4. I say boycott the game & I hate MySpace lol

    Comment by Michael Thomas | August 5, 2011 | Reply

  5. Be sure to notify your stock broker to stay away from zynga! It is a bad buy, if they cannot supply a good product and retain long term customers/players. The numbers in this chart and others I have seen, lead me to believe that zynga does not care about the players. They seem to think there will always be new players to replace those that leave because of zynga’s programming (or lack thereof) and punishing the players for their bad code.

    I agree with the authors of this posting, get rid of the zynga coders and hire the script writers. It appears that the script writers are better and do something the zynga codes never seem to do, they TEST! Who would use a script if the game were better and faster?

    Comment by Carol Sommer | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  6. Dang I hate myspace I hope it aint’ so LOL

    Comment by Micheal Anderson | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  7. I’m boycotting the game to punish them for next 5 days.

    Comment by 'Cher Burtch | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  8. If this keeps up, I guess I’ll have to go back to Pogo full time for my gaming entertainment.

    Comment by Norma Ramirez | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  9. If this is the case John, It will mean the end of both Facebook and Zynga. Maybe I need to get MySpace up and running again.. LOL

    Comment by Steve Mortenson | August 4, 2011 | Reply

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