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The Big Heist Robbing Event & 3X Mastery In Italy w/ Special Loot Item

Seems like we never get a break to just do one event at a time and this weekend is no different. 2 new things on top of the Icing Event & Mission.

First up is The Big Heist Robbing Event and here is a reprint from the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

The Big Heist

Get ready to do some extreme robbing to pull off the Big Heist.

For the following week you’ll be able to rob all 9 properties on the Robbing pageat the same time with just one click! You’ll need the Rob Squad to help you perform the Big Heist, however. Get Rob Squads by sending requests from the Free Gifts page or homepage banner that promotes the Big Heist. You can also post feeds to ask friends to send you Rob Squads. (They’ll get one too for helping.)

Once you got your Rob Squads and a good heap of stamina, you’re ready to run the Big Heist. You’ll collect double the special reward you get when you clear all 9 properties on the Robbing page at the same time. Performing the Big Heist also improves your chances by 20% to rob all 9 properties successfully.

The Rob Squad

You can store up to 50 Rob Squads to run your Big Heist during this week-long event. You’ll also need to have enough stamina to clear the robbing board, though. If you don’t, you can purchase a stamina refill or use one of the free stamina packs your Mafia’s been sending you.

Put on your robbing masks and get ready to clean house!

We also have something with Italy here it is reprinted from the Official Mafia Wars Blog

The Italian Jobs

Bon Voyage! It’s time to travel to Italy. From today until July 26 at 10AM PDT, you’ll receive 3X MASTERY on all Italian jobs. So awesome!

In addition, the new Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (86 attack, 86 defense) will drop randomly when you do jobs in Italy. There’s no limit to how many fierce hummingbirds you can get, so head back to the old country today!


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