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Mafia Wars Is Dying And It Is All Zynga’s Fault

Mafia Wars Is Dying !!!

The game Mafia Wars is dying a slow death here on Facebook and the players are not happy about it because it is Zynga that is killing it’s own game.

Mafia Wars, once the crown jewel in the Zynga Game Network, has been seeing a steady decline in the number of players it has playing every month & day. Not due to the players being bored with the game itself but because of the many issues with the game that go unfixed, customer service has gotten bad, the lack of true communication with the players & the overwhelming number of events, missions and various other things Mafia Wars puts out to try to keep the players interest.

Lets look at some numbers so you can first see the decline of players in Mafia Wars. The first graph are the numbers from January 1st of this year and show you where they were and then we will show you where they are as of today according to AppData who track all the games and game companies.

As you can see Mafia Wars had over 19 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) & over 3 Million Daily Active Users (DAU) now watch the starting and alarming drop in the numbers. If I was going to invest in this IPO I would have to think twice about parking my money here with Zynga as this is happening to all their games.

Huge drop off in the numbers as you can see. They went from over 19 million (MAU) from just January 1st 2011 to just over 7 Million (MAU) as of today July 17th 2011 & from over 3 Million (DAU) to just over 1 Million (DAU) as of today July 17th 2011. If you look at the numbers you would have to say the game will be dead by years end and as an investor it makes you question whether or not you want to invest in a company that has a hard time retaining it players & revenues.

This trend is not only with Mafia Wars but with all their games so it makes you think what am I getting into or do I want to continue to put money into a game that is dying. And that is exactly what the big money players are thinking now.

I know for a fact from talking to various players and others in the community that alot of people who previously spent 1000’s on the game have cut that number down significantly, some have stopped spending completely. Why ? Because Zynga just doesn’t seem to care about the players or the game anymore.

Sure Zynga talks a good game but the players see right through it and know they are full of it. They hold Q & A sessions where they answer the players questions with non answers, even though they get the questions ahead of time and should have the proper answers for the players, or say they will get back to them on it but never do. Don’t believe me watch the Mafia Wars Live show and tell me how many answers were actually given and how many were skirted. They ask family leaders for feedback and then ignore most of it and do what they want. They give their media people hyped up info on upcoming projects that they feel the players want but dont, even after getting feedback from the players saying they dont want it.

Zynga has turned a once great free game into a game that if you want to remain competitive you have to spend money on over priced virtual items. While no one is saying they are not entitled to make money on the game as they do have bills to pay but they have made it so you have to spend money on just about every aspect of the game so basically it is not a free game anymore it is only free to set up. So this has players leaving.

The numerous game issues that go unanswered and are not fixed has also driven players away too. Zynga asks you to submit customer service tickets with step by step of what is happening to you so they can reproduce it and fix it and the players never hear back from them on it so they still have a broken game.  When you contact Live Chat, if you can get through, they are basically useless to help fix issues in the game all they do is buy off the player with free loot & reward points and submit a ticket for you and the real issue is never addressed nor fixed.

Next up is the all the new events, missions, and other content added to the game. They come too quick and right on top of one another even though the players ask Zynga to slow down they dont. Thus making the players feel, in most cases. overwhelmed and burnt out trying to keep up to stay competitive in the game. They basically have taken the fun out of the game. Not to mention the unbalanced nature of some of these events and new features like the new Brazil ruby level loot event they just came out with.

The Ruby Loot event is geared to the energy players because regular players just cant get the items or very few as the drop rates are horrible and it cost so much energy to get them thus now making it so the true energy players now are reaching the max attack & defense numbers you can get because there is no limit on how many items you can get. Which leaves the fighters and everyday player out in the cold and frustrated because they cant keep up and stay competitive. this too makes the players quit.  And this is just one example there are lots more, like the Raven fiasco & family module, but I would never get done and you would get bored reading it.

Not to forget the fact they seem to gear specific cities toward specific player types now like Brazil is geared toward energy players and I can almost bet the next city will be geared toward the fighters based on just the list of new destination choices, 1930’s Chicago ( Which I think will be the next one ), Toyko & Baghdad.  These are all places you have to fight if you expect to survive instead of doing what the players want like destinations like Vegas & Italy which were very balanced and allowed the player to choose what path they wanted to take for their player. And Zynga even says they like the way the do the new destinations so once again they don’t listen to what the players want. Sure they do because they can almost force players to spend money if they want to stay competitive.

The game gone from being fun to being just another money game out there. If it weren’t for the social aspect of the game alot more would be gone and from the rumblings from the players they say that is coming they just are fed up with Zynga and the lack of respect they get especially those who spend a small fortune on the game. They now treat even the platinum & diamond players like second class citizens and that is their bread & butter. Zynga thinks the new players coming in will help sustain them but I can tell you that wont happen as they will see right through them and just leave before they get too involved in the game and are already leaving too.

So as you can see just on these few things I have pointed out that Zynga is the one killing their games. While there are some Zynga Staff members who do try hard to do the right thing by the players it is the studio itself who blocks all their efforts and are really the ones forcing the players to quit the game they have grown to love over the years because they dont listen to the players needs and desires. Shame on you Zynga.

Think about it if you were treated this way in real life by any business would you still support them or buy their products. NO, you wouldn’t and that is what is happening here to Zynga.  Do I think they can turn it around ? Sure I do, but only if they change the current way they do things. They seem to forget this company is no longer new and now with the upcoming IPO they are really going to need to do something if they are going to keep the investors happy.

So Zynga change your ways, start REALLY listening to your players and their suggestions as they are the ones who keep you working and helping to assure your bills are paid. Also remember you are not the only game in town regardless what you tell your self. Just because you can boast that you have over 270 million monthly active users it is us the 53 million Daily active users that help keep you in business.  If you don’t it will be you who is sleeping with fishes not us as we can do other things.

July 17, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


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  2. Mafia Wars was great, part 2 not, now i stopped playing both, its sad

    Comment by Jonas | February 19, 2012 | Reply

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  5. I have played for 2 years = daily with odde xceptions, yes the game is being ruined, but I seriously question whether this is 100% due to Zynga – a number of players must take the credit for this as well.
    Zyngas customer service is appalling, no question of that, makes the UK Civil Service appear helpful and that takes some doing.
    However the variation in the Citys (energy v stamina) has not caused me any problems – a balanced character solves that – and the need to buy loot – I have not spent a penny for over a year now, due solely to their appalling customer service, but still have 180k + on both.

    So what are my gripes, and of many I know, Firstly its the continual use of bookmarks by many players ‘ I ran 10 secondary accounts (quick-healing, thanks to Spockholm) so I could increase my ice count during this past week’s ice event.’ , and whilst ‘quite frankly my dear I couldnt give a damm’ about that, the sheer number of players breaching T and C is making it nigh on impossible for others to enjoy the game, bots all over fight list, try accessing a war to help, etc etc. And if they get caught then the whingeing starts. If Zynga really cared about the game they would do something about this, rather than running ‘ice-events’ (which exacerbate the problem by ensuring that even more use bots to try to achieve otherwise unachievable rewards.)

    BTW, does anyone remember that when Zynga had a straw poll in the game as to what sort of events the majority would like to see more of, Ice events came second by quite a long way. Maybe start listening and acting on behalf of the majority would help.

    Comment by Tim Hewett | August 17, 2011 | Reply

  6. It’s already too late for me to go back. I can live with the glitches but when I am unknowingly benefiting from a long known bug and called a cheater by Zynga because of their bug, I can’t and won’t stand for this BS. Zynga could have easily pulled the plug on the bug months ago until they had it fixed but NO, they let players exploit the bug if they knew about it or not and then penalized them and called them cheats when Zynga finally got around to doing something about it. When the players asked for explanations and for what was taken as a penalty, Zynga whined and said they had to keep everything FAIR but would give no individual any details. Then the FAIR Zynga introduced the family event but half the families were on day timers and half were on week timers. The families on the day timers benefited greatly compared to the families on week timers. What is FAIR about that especially after Zynga had recently stole from its players in the name of FAIR play. Zynga is full of BS. They say a company takes on the characteristics of its head and Marc Pincus has been caught on video spouting off about what a liar and cheat he is so no wonder the rest of Zynga is the way it is. If I were considering this IPO, I would be asking myself where is this liar and cheat going to go after he gets that IPO infusion of a BILLION dollars that he is hoping for???

    Comment by CV | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  7. I stopped playing about 6 months ago to may things were going on and you could not reach all the goals in a timely manner. I used to play everyday but it started not to be fun so I stopped and I am not sorry one bit.

    Comment by Susie | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  8. This blog is wonderful! Keep posting such a amazing and enlightening blog!

    Comment by Charis Corse | August 2, 2011 | Reply

    • im brutal16 of mafia wars and several things dissapeared from my acc jaguarundi yellow caracal lounge singer and ruby tier halloran s helicopter those f*****s dont even respond to emails those items are mine i won em
      i won several nice stuff for defense and offense but those pigs did the dissapear trick wise up

      Comment by Radoslav Karabelov | October 29, 2011 | Reply

  9. Well am a Daily player myself and have been since 09 and must say zynga has to be the truly worst in support customer service have well over 20 yrs Retail store manager myself and way I myself have been spoke to treated and all the other issues have been thinkin quitting all together I know am not only player that has or had issues items disappearing skills vanish and be called a liar , told was trying cheat Zynga , They seem have forgotten We players are the folks that pays the salaries of the employees when all you ask for is support and what is or was yours …..

    Comment by jack | July 21, 2011 | Reply

  10. BUHAHAHAHAHA! I Hate to of told you so, but I told you so “10 months ago!!!!” Zynga has FAILED! and so has Mafia Wars! the game is over! ….it’s time to move on!!!! …These idiots should of listened to me! MAFIA WARS = EPIC FAIL!
    ~Evil Ed

    Comment by Eduardo Verde | July 19, 2011 | Reply

  11. It’s sad. I like this game, but I don’t know if I want to continue playing something that might die out soon.

    Comment by Tyler Li | July 19, 2011 | Reply

  12. Too much crap. The older players games are not being updated because zynga is spending too much time find ways to make money. I have recently detagged from clans and am solo because I am not playing much. I have been a MW player for three years and god knows how much money I have spent on zynga. They don’t seem to give a crap. They have had a “support ticket” open on my account for over a year, and now since it has been open for so long “we can’t find it”. YEAH YEAH YEAH. So in other words, go screw yourself, we are too big for our britches and don’t care about your one account as a loss (even though the loyal players like you that have an open account that hasn’t been injected, but you spent all your hard earned money on) can go play word warp on your Iphone. BYE….

    Comment by Mistress Spank | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  13. Agree with everything you say here, with the exception of the suggestion that zynga favours energy players. I wouldn’t actually call myself an energy player, but I do have an abundance of energy (almost 8,000), and I can tell you, at least from my own experience, that zynga seems to punish those with high energy, by choking off the high end mission loot drop rate. I spent hundreds of thousands of energy points in Italy, and have to show for it less than 10 each of Legions, Holy Grenades, Swiss Guards and other top-end loots. I’m finding the same story in Brasil, yet, players with energy amounts of 2,500 – 4,000 are getting high end loot to drop practically with every click they make.

    Just an FYI from someone with a lot of energy 🙂

    Comment by DD | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  14. Zynga doesn’t care because they’re losing the non C/C players. They’re still laughing all the way to the bank.

    Comment by Raymond St-Amour | July 18, 2011 | Reply

    • BTW what exactly is a CC player? You mean the people that use their own money to play the game? Stop being a hater, some people choose to use and some people don’t. Doesn’t mean they are different. You could use a CC if you wanted, you just choose not too.

      Comment by Mistress Spank | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  15. whhaaaaa…….booooohhoooooo. These numbers are so skewed due to the fact that many players have multiple accounts, so a partial reason for this decline in numbers is due to the fact that zynga has been focusing on shutting down loot sellers and their dozens of drone accts. therefore getting rid of huge volumes of duplicate/cheater/glitched account. Maybe these retarded one sided fighter accounts should start creating well rounded profiles that would benefit from all game play angles, rather than a one sided fighter. You were stupid enough to create your account in this manner, and now you re crying boohhhooo to zynga like as if it is their fault. I for one was intelligent enough to know that enrgy and stamina, are both required. And i had enough common sense to know that each new city will be demanding more stamina, and more energy……………did you really think they were going to make it easier and easier. It amazes me how many whinners there are in this game, still crying because they don’t get it their way, and don’t get exactly what they want. move on, go play some other game, and quit trying to drag the community into backing your piss poor views about the demise of the game.

    Comment by Jason | July 18, 2011 | Reply

    • Funny, you don’t sound very intelligent at all!!!

      Comment by Csfh Vwrbi | August 16, 2011 | Reply

  16. couldn’t agree more… and all the promises on catching the cheaters, is also crap… :/… with the new level5 loot when declaring war, was a gold.mine for ppl with scripts on that… the 5items every 8hour.limit was not functioning for a few days, and now i see level 500`s with att and def on 175000+, and i see a lot of ppl with 100000+ war assists…
    its all about the money for them… so fu__ the ppl who actually love the game.. or use to… :/

    Comment by Thomas Bau Haagensen | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  17. Zynga have slowly changed the game so it sucks, I agree with most/all of what you have said in this blog.

    What they have also done is change the game so that it makes less sense to run more than one account. Often the best loot isn’t giftable which was previously the main reason to run alternate accounts. And slowly weapon parts are becoming less rare (they doubled the fighting drop rate, for starters) so there is less reason to have a second, stamina based robbing account running.

    The number of real humans playing is definitely dwindling. I know some people who have played for 1-2 years who have quit cold turkey, and many more who used to spend lots on the game and now spend very little/nothing.

    I would question how close to 19 million players they really were. Most serious players would run a second account for looting, having 3-4 active secondary accounts was very common for serious players, and occasionally you’d find someone like me (blush) who had 20+ accounts for various purposes. I ran 10 secondary accounts (quick-healing, thanks to Spockholm) so I could increase my ice count during this past week’s ice event.

    So 19 million was probably more like 5-10 million, and 1 million is scarily a lot closer to zero than Zynga probably think because the die-hards who are still playing are the ones who are more likely to have more than one account.

    And this game is no fun without the people who used to play it.

    Comment by JeffC | July 18, 2011 | Reply

  18. I was an avid player of Mafia Wars..once upon a time. The game is great, however, the issues in the game and the support for the issues is…NOT. I started to dread going in to play. About 2 months ago….I stopped. I still have issues with the games that I play now, but not as bad. Zynga IS killing Mafia Wars and soon there will be a mob funeral.

    Comment by Deb Harrell | July 17, 2011 | Reply

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