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The Family Icing Event Is A Joke !!!

When Zynga came out with the Family Icing Event I thought this would be a good way to test the new module even though I thought it was too early. The families were still having issues with it that were never addressed and the stats were constantly resetting on it. I knew there would be people that would take advantage of the event and make up fake families just for the event. Boy, was I right. 

The true spirit of the event was lost. Which was to make the established Mafia Wars Families, which some have been around since the beginning of the game on Facebook, compete in an icing event against other families and win some simple loot along the way for reaching certain goals & gain bragging rights on who could ice the most people. Sounds simple & fun right, think again. 

The first problem was that some families couldn’t have all their members in one family due to Zynga’s silly 100 player limit on families which they seem to be unwilling to change at the moment. Which meant if all the family members wanted to compete in the event an offshoot family had to be made to accommodate them and 50 Reward Points had to be spent to establish another family. But the problem with that is that those stats don’t count for the main family so family members would miss out on reaching the goal of not only the loot but being the top family in the icing event. No Zynga doesn’t add them together because Zynga doesn’t know what families are or who they are. 

Next was there are some families that have a few divisions based on their stats &/or location with different tags on Facebook they are one family and work together on everything but with Zynga they just another tag nothing more so the Family Module is basically useless for them. Again they miss out on all being included together and having all their stats counted as one family and miss out on the loot and bragging rights of being a top family in the game. 

There are yet others who are still having tag disputes that haven’t been resolved yet, as someone has claimed their tag in the game that in some cases the real families have had on Facebook for years. Some are holding them for ransom, some are just being smart asses and like causing grief for them while others issues are due to Zynga’s inability to stop certain variations of tags which is causing confusion to some players and families. And there are some who cant register their tag due to the character limitations Zynga has where they exceed the the number of characters allowed but yet on Facebook they have had that tag for years. So all these folks miss out. 

But the biggest joke and mockery of the event is that some people have decided to go ahead and make up a family just for the event with their high stamina accounts and then go and put in another mini account on auto heal in their automated scripts just so they can get the ices required for the event and get the loot mastery items. To me that is just wrong and cheating in my book. And there are alot of people who have done this.

Yes one of the things Zynga wanted to do was bring more of the untagged players together to form families to try and compete but unfortunately Zynga just has no idea how the family structure works despite an number of family leaders trying to show them. So this failed miserably. 

While I don’t mind someone who is a high stamina player who is untagged joining a family to take part in the event that is fine. I dont even mind the fact they are using a automated script to help burn off the stamina, that would be alot of clicking especially for those players who are fighters. But when you are doing it just to hit your mini to win an event I think that is wrong sorry. 

You should of seen some of the Skype rooms and some of the Facebook groups and all the fights and name calling caused by this and other issues with the event. Wars have been declared on some of these families and friendships broken over a GAME.  

People were fighting over the use of scripts & bots, over stacking some families just to win. People were leaving families that have a small number of fighters just so they could join one try to win the event. I mean you name it they were fighting over it and it was very sad to see this happening all weekend since this stupid event started. I am really glad I am still sick and missed most it LIVE while it was going on. I am ashamed at how alot of good people have acted this weekend & you should be ashamed at how some of you have acted too. 

All this fighting over a game that doesn’t put money in your pocket & doesn’t put food on the table. It is just a game, yes a game. Nothing more, nothing less. There are more important things in life to worry about than a game.

While I love this game, I would never let it take over my life, but that is me. I just hope that when this stupid joke of an event is over that everyone will come to their senses and snap back to reality. And hopefully this can all be put behind us and we go back and just enjoy the game once again and become the great Mafia Wars Community we once were. 

This Event will have to go down as one of the ultimate failures. While yes, some families are having alot of good clean fun with the event and it has even brought alot of them closer together. I think all the fighting, cheating & game issues has overshadowed the event as a whole.  And for what a couple of loot items and your name on a leaderboard & Zynga for a few extra bucks in your pocket at the communities expense, Real nice. What a Joke !!! 



July 4, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. Why all the vitriol? I’m part of a little 35 person family that made it to Silver and half way to gold. We had fun with it – we knew there wasn’t a chance in heck we’d ever make Ruby, and were pretty sure from the outset we’d never make Gold, but that wasn’t the point for us – we were just enjoying doing something together.

    Other people had other reasons for participating in the event, just like other people have other reasons for playing the game at all. Some enjoy doing jobs, some enjoy robbing, some enjoy fighting, some like to concentrate on operations and wars – some even want to buy their way through the game with credit card purchases and miss the point of the strategy and planning that it takes to play without – that’s all their own choice, and it’s all cool by me.

    Someone wants to run scripts? Fine by me, as long as they’re not using them to sit on me and keep me from enjoying my play. A bunch of folks want to temporarily band together to reach a goal or have fun some other way? That’s fine too – and this isn’t the only instance – look at the various “fight clubs” and “mercenary” groups that consist of people who are members of different “clans” or “families” but get together to have fun together. Or even the “gifting” clubs and groups.

    Point is, I’m not going to tell anyone else how they should play the game and I’d rather that no one else tell me how I should. My fun may not be your fun, and the same is true in reverse. So, okay, some people did some things during the event that upset other people. Then the other people retaliated and did things as bad or worse. Big deal, anyone else could have done the same had they chosen to – just like anyone else with a high limit credit card can buy themselves into being a “power player”.

    In short – who really cares? It’s not like anyone’s ever going to “win” this game; there’s no such thing. So how about let’s just skip all the drama and get back to playing the game if we enjoy it – if we don’t enjoy it, maybe it’s time to look at whether we should continue playing or not.

    Comment by Ken | July 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. where is this going to end???i mean ..is this now the first world war in mafia…there has been wars between clans before but nothing like this..there venom out there now…gone past a game,now its gone very personal,i see on other sites old scores between players on both sides are been dragged back up..with every day more are coming into the war on both sides and soon will we all ,as players be dragged in on a side??in any war its the civ’s that get killed first,not the soldiers…i just wonder come the deadline for this event,is there going to be a cease fire or is that just going to be the start when this thing gets very nasty and everyone stays shooting….all this for a two headed snake eh??

    Comment by Green Geko | July 5, 2011 | Reply

  3. dont often comment on any of these blogs but: – Couldnt agree with you more more – Bonuses – it brought the small group I belong to closer – we had some who got less than 20 ices during the event so far, and others who got nearer to 1000. But it was done together. We have just achieved Gold, but Ruby obviously beyond us now – and without cheating or using bots. oh and all that free exp from the many who were going Kami in desperation to get an ice somehow…..lol
    Negatives – the Cheaters. and it wasnt just Ass……they at least attacked some players other than their own minis. And surely the use of Brawler/Assasinator breached TOS – (gaining an unfair advantage) -under the TOS all in those top groups should be banned, if Zynga ever grew a pair.

    Comment by Tim Hewett | July 5, 2011 | Reply

  4. I opened a ticket with Zynga the second day of the event and was told the counters were not counting correctly even as they new that the cheating was going on. I was told that the combined stats were correct. But when i started seeing the ices that i received had the same number and the count did not match the numbers i wrote down i knew something was up.the counters are still off by more than 20% between the event counter and the icing number that posts. But what more should i have expected from Zynga……

    Comment by Greg Franklin | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you…I know my clan had a lot of fun with it having side bets and seeing how fast we could finish it…we had a lot of fun with it

    Comment by Thomas Holloway | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  6. I completely agree with you.. The creating/joining a family for the event is very natural.. because untagged players also have the right to compete.. the thing that is wrong is hitting your mini to climb in the leaderboard.. and thats disgusting.. Its just taking away the fun in the competition.. Still I wish, everyone get in sense.. and play the game to enjoy.. If you do not enjoy the game, why play it?

    Comment by Aritra Mukherjee | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  7. WELL SAID, John!! Well said!! Regardless of all this stuff… I sure hope everyone has a happy and SAFE 4th!!

    Comment by Christin Murvin | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  8. I think the scripters should NOT get the loot and their families be disqualified as a matter of course. Or are TOS exactly how that sounds I wonder?

    We got the Ruby award in record time and it”s been fun, but letiing people win an event by BLATANTLY CHEATING and covering that up / offering ‘protection’ within Zynga is simply laughable.

    Good job I have sense of humour 🙂

    Comment by Tim Smith | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  9. John Great piece of writing…This was supposed to be a Family event, and some people made it a joke.

    Comment by Michael Stavola | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  10. I never imagined that my Family would be in the top 10, 20 or even 50 in the event (We just broke Silver by the way, working on Gold). We practice playing the way it was meant to be played by individual clicks, that goes for fighting or accepting gifts. Automation is something for cheaters. Yes, I have seen some of what you are talking about, those that use scripts and it is on an everyday basis not just for the event. It is amazing what a little carrot (a high loot item) can do to people’s personalities and at least to my own mind, I would rather not associate with them. If your character has gained 1mil ices or wins by automation I have no respect for you. If you have gained 10K wins or ices by individual clicks you are someone I want to know. Simple, the icing event was going to have cheaters regardless of how they organized it. I never doubted it for a second. The whining about it though is surprising, did anyone think for a moment that Zynga would create an event that wasn’t cheatable or beatable by those that had a will to break it?

    Comment by Penney Zenie | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  11. Some families got the game a day after others. And trying to force people to join families… for an event that is designed to get people to spend rps… Is that what we want, anyway?

    Comment by Lana Sumpter | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  12. Yes it is sad what lootlady has done..as I said before dont give a rats … what people do with their accounts but dont come in a room and lie about it and call people things to make yourself look better and tell stories to sugar coat what your doing then have your little group come into skpye and say their reporting people who dont agree with it. Childish nothing more nothing less.

    Comment by Eric Wrentmore | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  13. I play MW for the interaction with other members of my mafia and the family I am IN ^^Phoenix^^ I fail to see the enjoyment of letting software play for me so I have never bothered trying that, In fact I figure it is their loss, so it does not interfere with my enjoyment PS I also think that PAYING for stuff is a detraction so I am a disssapointment to Zynga in that regards too., LOL Where’s the fun in being the biggest and baddest because you have deep pockets instead of using skill ans strategy. 😉

    Comment by Daniel Kauffaman | July 4, 2011 | Reply

  14. Best Blog ever John I could not agree more!

    Comment by Peta Cartier | July 4, 2011 | Reply

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