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Freedom Fighter Loot & Gifting Event Is Here

Here we go the new spam gift event is here just in time for the holiday weekend,  Freedom Fighters !!!

Send & beg your friends for boosts starting with the American Dream +150 defensive skills collect them and not only get the boosts but master each level and get a loot item you can see listed below in the graphic. Not bad to be honest as far as the boosts are concerned the loot item not that great.

Then it a day and a half  you can get the next boost Flag Bearer + 150 Attack skills and again another crappy loot item for each level. then in 3 1/2 days the final one opens fireworks and you get a boost +200 defensive skills and after you master that you get the grand prize The Freedom Eagle 151 attack/ 114 defense.  No word on whether or not you can do it again but my guess would be yes as it is a 11 day event. 

So there you have have more stuff to do on top of all the rest they threw at us this week. Have fun everyone. 

***Coming Soon ***

BugVille !!! Join you favorite Zynga Game Characters as they battle the Evil Marky Pinky & his Evil Henchman as they try to put more bugs in everyone’s games. Your mission is to stomp out the bugs and capture Evil Marky & his henchman to make you game bugfree. But watch out for the Dark Knight as he will try to stop you at every turn. Can You Be Bug Free ??? We Will See !!!


June 30, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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