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What’s New So Far This Week : Mafia Wars

Well it is only Tuesday and we have a ton of stuff going on already in Mafia Wars.

Lets start with Death By Ice Event. This is gonna piss off alot of players because they are doing a slow roll out on this Icing Event for the family Module. How the hell can you have an icing competition with all the Mafia Wars Families if not all of them are going to have it at the same time. DUH Zynga !!! Nice move fair & balanced huh what are you FOX News  LOL !!!

Well any way here is the new 411 on the event, the rest of it can be found in my other blog

Mafia Wars Family Icing Event FAQ

Updated 06/29/2011 at 00:07
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Who is the strongest Family out there? A new icing event will determine the coolest and baddest Family in Mafia Wars. Y’all will need to work together to earn mastery items that will be awarded to everyone in the Family. Extra special rewards will go the top 10 Families.

Q: When does the event start and finish?
A: The event begins June 28, 2011 and ends July 5, 2011. The homepage banner will have a timer once the event begins.

Q: I am hearing that a few of my friends already have this event.  How come it is not showing on my account?
A:  Each time that we launch a new feature it is released to a limited number of people.  This is meant to ensure that the feature is stable after it has gone live.  Initially not all players will have access to this feature.

Q: I am currently in a Family and we already have a lot of ices. Do those ices count towards the event?
A: No. Your ices starting from when the event goes live will be counted towards the Death by Ice event. This way, everyone who participates will start from the same spot.

Q: If I leave my current Family and go to another Family, which Family gets my ices?
A: Your ices that you accumulate during the event with Family A will stay with Family A if you leave. Once you join Family B, any new ices you bring in will count towards Family B

Ok next on the list is the new operations and there are 6 new ones with new crappy loot items, have fun if you must oh wait they dont give you much of a choice you have to start them to get to the next screen unless you want to refresh the screen to go back to where you were. but you can find them on the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

Next up is the Steal Of The Summer sale in the marketplace. And they screwed this up last night when they put it up by giving a lot of players the Wrist Rockets in their inventory and boosting a lot of players defensive numbers big time some players went up by thousands but of course, what Zynga giveth Zynga take it away. So those players who thought they got lucky found it wasn’t so. It never ceases to amaze me how they can fix this stuff real fast but the real problems of the game go untouched. 

Steal Of The Summer

It’s summertime, and the stealin’ is easy! Starting later today, be sure to check out the Steal Of The Summer, a 4-day super blowout sale on most items* in the Marketplace. You’ll especially want to take advantage of this sale because, when you buy 15 items**, you’ll get the sweet mastery item, Wrist Rockets (72 ATT/ 125 DEF), for free!

*Items excluded from the sale include Collector Edition’s Items, Premium Boosts, Skill Points, Health, Mafia Members, Loyalty Program items, Fight Club items, items in the Pawn Shop, and any items currently priced at 5RP or less.

**Loyalty Program, Fight Club, Pawnshop, Treasure Chest keys, items selling for 5RP or less, and items bought outside of the Marketplace do not count toward the 15 required to receive the mastery item.

And finally they went and changed the stats on alot of the new Brazil loot in the new districts. So went up some went down. Looks like they finally saw that the stats were exactly alike so the made most of it better. So they did do something right LOL. you will have to look at your numbers and this is probably why alot of you are still seeing your numbers fluctuate. Next time Zynga do a proofread on the stuff you are releasing so you dont have this problem. 

Mobsters, it’s time to ready more questions for the Mafia Wars team! At 3:30 pm PDT on Wednesday, June 29th, “Blue Eyed Nate” and a sidekick will be hosting the fifth episode of Mafia Wars Live! They’ll be talking about new features coming soon and answering some of the questions you post to the forum!

As always, here’s where you’ll want to tune in on Wednesday:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mafia-wars-live1

Until then, we’ll see you on Mafia Wars!


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  1. John, I have a question. If someone steals a family name, is there a way that they can delete the family module and allow the rightful owners to assume the name or register if after they vacate the module? I know members can leave the red tag group but can the originator of the red tag group close it? If so can another clan then use that name or will it still be registered in Zyngas family module as already used.

    Comment by Joseph Wells Justice Jr | July 3, 2011 | Reply

    • You need to file a dispute with customer service with all you family details and they will take it from there. A number of families have already had this issue fixed by Zynga customer service.

      Comment by johnsweeney09 | July 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the heads up John! Answered some of my questions!

    Comment by Joseph Wells Justice Jr | June 29, 2011 | Reply

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