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Zynga has announced the first event using the new family module called “Death By Ice” and it starts tomorrow. Why they are releasing this event so early into development I will never know but I can already hear the complaints. I personally think it is too soon but they will do what they want anyway especially when you cant expand the families past 100 members so all of your family cant be involved is pretty stupid and unfair. 

But here is the info on the event they gave us to get to you. 


Who is the strongest Family out there? A new icing event will determine the coolest and baddest Family in Mafia Wars. Y’all will need to work together to earn mastery items that will be awarded to everyone in the Family. Extra special rewards will go the top 10 Families.

Feature Name: Death by Ice

Feature Date: Releases June 28

Summary of what is new:

  • Family mastery rewards

Every time your Family hits an icing mastery tier, the entire Family gets the mastery item. Ice players in Fighting, and your ices during the event will count towards your Family’s icing mastery.

Number of Family Ices Mastery Level Family Mastery Reward
100 Bronze Ma armor 78 ATT/120 DEF
2,500 Silver Ma armor 83 ATT/130 DEF
10,000 Gold Ma armor 88 ATT/140 DEF
30,000 Ruby Ma armor 93 ATT/150 DEF

This is Ma. Don’t piss her off.

  • Top 10 Families

The top 10 Families will earn bonus prizes on top of the Family mastery rewards. Members of the 1st place Family will each get a Two-Headed Snake (175 attack, 175 defense) and 20 skill points. So start gathering your Family and plan your attacks!

  • Leaderboards

You will be able to see the top 4 Families and the number of ices they have on the Homepage. You will also see your Family’s icing rank for the event. Your own icing progress will appear in the middle of the homepage banner.

  • Join a Family

Not part of a Family yet? Head to the Families page under the My Mafia tab to find Families that are recruiting or Families that your friends have joined. Once you accept an invitation into a Family, you will be able to participate in the Death by Ice event.


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  2. […] Well any way here is the new 411 on the event, the rest of it can be found in my other blog.  […]

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  3. has this started, no time???

    Comment by Lorrie Baer | June 28, 2011 | Reply

  4. Common sense tells me you should work the bugs out of your programming before basing an event off of it. Ohh, thats right! Your Zanga, and have no common sense on top of poor planning/programming. My bad… All big clans have more than 100 members, yet there is a 100 member limit in you in game “familys’. FAIL… So lets not let the results be relevant or based on fact. FAIL…. Who cares about loot?! If I win I want a constant 24/7 pop-up that never goes away, doesn’t let me do anything in the game and “accidentally spends my RP. That would be great. F-tards.

    Comment by Bob Anderson | June 27, 2011 | Reply

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