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Today is Flag Day here in the United States and I am asking all of our American followers to show your Patriotism today by doing something were simeple just add the American Flag as your profile picture.

Let’s all show how proud we are of our Flag and what it stands for. Many great men and women have died protecting it and what it stand for. Well I think this says it all. This is reprinted from the Post & Courier & was written by R.L Schreadley

The grand old flag, the flag of the United States of America, has several names: the Stars and Stripes; Old Glory; the Star-Spangled Banner; the Red, White and Blue. To those of us who have served or now serve in the military, it most often is simply ‘the Colors.’

The 50 white stars in its sea-blue field represent the 50 sovereign states in our indissoluble union, a union preserved and defined in our most tragic and uncivil of wars, a war that pitted father against son, brother against brother. A war that began here in Charleston, the Queen City of the Old South. A war that took the lives of more Americans, North and South, than all our other wars combined. A war whose sesquicentennial we commemorate this year.

The flag’s 13 horizontal stripes symbolize the 13 original colonies, colonies clinging to the Atlantic seaboard of a vast, untamed North American landmass, colonies that threw off the tyranny of the then mightiest empire in the world.

The stripes that are red signify the courage and blood of those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the great cause of freedom, whose self-sacrifice secured the liberties we, as Americans, enjoy today; the stripes that are white, our birthright, as Americans, to make of ourselves all that we are capable of making of ourselves, to achieve as much as our God-given talents enable us to achieve.

The flag of the United States of America has flown over hundreds of shell-shattered battlefields, some of them in far-off, desolate corners of the globe, battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Battlefields, more tragically, here at home: Manassas, Shiloh, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Atlanta, Charleston, the Little Big Horn.

Our flag has flown at the masthead or flagstaff of thousands of U.S. Navy ships and craft, that have made our presence known and respected in every ocean, in every sea, in virtually every river and body of navigable water in the world. It flies as proudly today on mighty, nuclear-powered warships as it did, and still does, on the wooden-hulled, sail-powered frigate Constitution; as it did and still does (at least for a little longer) on Commodore Dewey’s flagship Olympia at the battle of Manila Bay; as it did on the burning wreckage of our Pacific battle fleet at Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941; as it did later, under far different circumstances, at Midway, Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and ultimately Tokyo Bay, when the greatest sea war in history was brought to a victorious close; as it did on brave PBRs and Swift Boats in the rivers of Vietnam.

Folded reverently into taut triangles, the flag of the United States of America has been, and is, presented with distressing frequency to grieving wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, sons and brothers, daughters and sisters whose tear-stained faces bear eloquent witness that they shall never again, in this world, share the consoling presence of loved ones fallen in the service of their country.

The flag of the United States of America has been burned, trampled, and spat upon by those either ignorant or uncaring of what it truly signifies, and what a long, grey line of patriots gave their all, to preserve for all. It has never been furled in dishonor.

And it never shall, so long as there are other patriotic Americans sworn to protect and defend our beloved country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The flag of the United States of America is my flag, your flag, our flag. Fly it proudly and on this day, as on every day, give thanks that fate has made you part of the greatest nation the world has ever known, the United States of America.


Here are some images of our Great Flag that you can save and use anytime you want. But Lets all make Facebook Red, White & Blue Today.


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