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The Mafia Wars Family Module Review

The New Mafia Wars Family Module has got to be the

smoothest roll out yet with Mafia Wars.

Zynga did this one the right way. They only rolled it out to a select few clan leaders and then made a special room on Skype with a couple of Zynga employees & PAC members to help gather the feedback and fix the issues ahead of time to make sure when it rolls out to the masses it would be working properly. While it is still not perfect and still has a couple of quirks and issues that are still being worked on it is one of the best new rollouts in recent memory.

There have been some amazing people behind the scenes working non stop for the past couple of days side by side with Zynga & clan leaders. I want to thank them all for doing this because you didn’t have to but I know they all wanted to make sure this was working properly before Zynga released this to the family leaders. So again a big thank you to you all.

Now lets get right to it. I will not go into what is is again you can check that out here and bear in mind alot has changed since the BETA testing has started and I will cover that and how your members can get in as well.

First off I need to point out that this module is not a replacement for your Facebook Groups or War Pages. You should still use these so this way you can control who you want to invite to have a registered tag and who you dont. So use your groups the same way you do now this right now a way to make sure your Tag is secured in the game.

Okay with that being said we start with who sets this up. A spreadsheet was distributed all over the place to family leaders across the game to make sure that they got first crack at this so no one could come along and register/steal their family tag before them. Yes some may of not have gotten the message but over 400 family leaders did fill it out and are setting them up as we speak. And I am sure their will still be issues with families registering a stolen tag and I am sure that will be dealt with accordingly with Zynga.

Now when you get the new module you will see under my mafia a new tab called Families. When you get this you will have 2 options, the first one is to join an existing family or start you own. Obviously if you are a GF/GM you are going to click start your own family while your members can click the option to join an existing family (If you decide to have open recruiting and I will get into that soon).

Graphic courtesy of MW Loot Lady 

So now go ahead and click on Start New Family and that will bring you to new screen to register you family Tag & Name. This does cost Reward points ( 15 for those who got early entry & 50 for those on the full roll out but it is not written in stone yet) to do but it is a one time fee and you member don’t have to pay to tag when they join so that is a good thing.

Graphic courtesy of MW Loot Lady

As you can see this is where you choose your family name, Tag & where you can put a brief family description in. As you see your tag preview will be in RED and that is how it will appear in the game and on the fight lists.  And this is where you need to make sure you have your tag the way you want it because you dont want to have to go to customer service for help or risk the chance some on else steals you tag. Your tag can be up to 8 characters and special characters count as 1 character so that is a good thing. Zynga has expanded it from six originally & this cannot be expanded anymore from what I am told. So for those families like {Trucīdō} you will have to remove the brackets from your tag, but remember in the game you tag will now be unique as it will now appear in red & no one else can register it in the game. You can still use the tag on your pages and groups it only changes in the game but you can if you want have it as part of you name and that will be in white but the red tag will be in front of it.

Now just so you know registering multiple tags or joining multiple families within the game will not be allow right now. This is why you need your Facebook groups , however if you carry multiple tags they can still be in you name they will just appear in white. But you can only be a registered member of one family within the game.

Okay now that you set it up where do you go from here well you invite your tagged members into the family by clicking the invite button. That will open up your friends list like you are going to send game invites. As a matter of fact this is where your members will get the requests to join your new group. But before you do that I suggest you do this, go to settings and decide if you want to have your group as an open enrollment group or by invite only. If you make it by invite only you wont get random people trying to join your group and there will be a link that you can copy and paste and have the player request to join. This help you from going nuts with all sorts of requests LOL. Also Note that if you try to resend someone an invite you might not see them on the list so just copy and paste the link in a direct message to them so this way they can request to join that way.

Okay you got that done now this is where everyone is screaming and all the clan leaders & PAC are working with Zynga to get changes done to rectify it. You are adding members and want to promote them to admin, well right now there can only be 1 GF/GM of the new group and the rest of the admin will be called underbosses (I know, I know but it is being worked on). then the rest of the members are called soldiers.  Also if you designated an admin or person other than the GF/GM to set this up then after they are done they will need to promote you to that position afterwards untill this issue is resolved. The person setting this up will also be the one getting all the invites to join but you will be able to add or remove people afterwards. NOTE if you allow someone in by accident it will give them your tag in red but wont change there MW name unless they change on the family page so be careful who you let in.

You will be able to promote your admins by clicking on the green arrow next to their pictures and you will also see the red x to remove the unwanted members. If you are the admin just setting this up for you GF/GM when you are done you can just go to their pic and click the green arrow to promote them to the position. At least until Zynga works out the titles issue.

Remember this is just the set up phase and this right now has no other function except to get all your members with a registered tag for future use which will roll out as the year goes on and all issues are hammered out properly. 

Now for the players, you will be able to search for the family you want to join once the module is released & if they have open enrollment, if they don’t you wont see them on the list. Please note only click on a family to join if you are serious and make sure you are clicking on the right family.

Players can also see more about that family by clicking the yellow arrow on the left of the family name. Once you find an family you wnt to join click the join button and a request will be sent to them to decide if they want to admit you or not. ( Note to admins if you dont want players to be able to see your family & it members  go to settings and check the box NO in the box where it says Recruiting )

Once you join a family and this goes for the admins too you can get a name change ONCE for free to remove the old tag from in front as you now have the RED tag or switch up your name to reflect the name you now want. Make sure you are very careful here and if you are going to change your name. Let me give you an example : my old tag was all in white but my new name once I started my family was this {KOS) {KOS} The Podfather I then changed it for FREE by typing in only my name without the tag and it now looks like this {KOS} The Podfather

You will get a message saying it was done but you may not see it on the family module so before you go and retype it in and waste 15 reward points for another change go to your MW profile  and you will see the change there. Yes this is one of the quirks Zynga is working on so be patient.

Overall this new Family module is working very well, Like I said Zynga is working hard to hammer out all the bugs and quirks along side some family leaders & PAC. Yes not everyone will like it and yes there will probably be issues with families trying to steal another’s tag. That will be a bridge Zynga & some families will have to cross if it happens. Zynga & family leaders did alot to make sure the word got out to everyone so this could be avoided.

It should be interesting to see what the future of this module holds. Maybe we will be able to war right in the game against one another, maybe if we are at war it will pull those members of the fight list until it is over. The future is unlimited here and kind of exciting. We will see.


June 9, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. I have my tag registered as red then someone copied it and made it their own red tag too. Thr inly difference is the other copied one has put a space before my red tag and thats how they registered it as a red. Can Zynga help me to revoke the copied one?

    Comment by Gambler | April 27, 2014 | Reply

  2. Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell said:” It is with considerable regret that bo dietl a trial cannot proceed.

    Comment by http://warrenfuaj.wikispaces.com | August 8, 2013 | Reply

  3. how do i leave a family? someone said there’s a red X to tab to quit but i can’t find one… is it even possible to leave a family and join a new one? i need more active one!

    Comment by harry | November 11, 2011 | Reply

  4. whats the cap in families? we seem to be maxed out? and still have alot of good friends out there?

    Comment by roy marcum | September 6, 2011 | Reply

  5. how do I change families? I join one when this module came up and there are not people from my mafia so now someone from my mafia created his own family and I want to change but I can’t find how.

    Comment by Elenita Ibarra | August 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Just go to the family module and find your name and click the red X and you have left that family. The you can join the new family

      Comment by johnsweeney09 | August 8, 2011 | Reply

  6. how do i remove the red tag when i no lo
    nger want to be tag by that group

    Comment by 'Glenn Crowell | July 17, 2011 | Reply

  7. how do i see how many members we have and how do i get to their facebook profiles to friend them and invite them to our home page?? this is ridiculous

    Comment by Karen Ward | June 15, 2011 | Reply

  8. WTF does the PAC know about being or participating in a Family. Loot accounts interconnected and collected from remote desktop collection services know nothing about the actual functioning of a clan. This is a scam for a select group of looters to try to capture markets and stabilize the black market. Sign up for this and Zynga now has control or the “Real” tag name lol That means you have to change yours to red and they own that and allow you to use it. SCAm scam scam

    Comment by Howard D Owens Jr | June 10, 2011 | Reply

  9. […] have put out other info on this feature you can go to this one and if you want go to this one for more info on this NEW family module. Mafia Wars has put out a FAQ on this feature and I have […]

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  10. “The New Mafia Wars Family Module has got to be the

    smoothest roll out yet with Mafia Wars.”

    You have got to be kidding me, right? Do you see what is happening?….People are stealing tags, Members are now listed as GF/GM that are not….Bogus members are joining just to cause trouble.

    What do you think is smooth about it?….All I talk to hate it…and know of 7 that have quit and deleted their game.

    You all are a joke….A bunch of self serving idiots that have no clue…You just want to play big shot.
    Well big shots, thanks for ruining the game.

    Comment by Bob | June 10, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m with you. Already had someone steal our name and now he has control over everything. What a crock of ****.

      Comment by DD | June 12, 2011 | Reply

  11. 50 RP’s to join a clan you already belong to?….lol…right!!!….I’ll stay the way it is…..things work better when we do them on our own anyway

    Comment by Bob | June 9, 2011 | Reply

  12. Finally, something to be excited about! The potential here is great if they continue to work with the family leaders and PAC members! Thanks to all of your for your hard work on this one!

    Comment by Michelle Bolte | June 9, 2011 | Reply

  13. Anytime Zynga gets involved they have a motive…somehow they will try to make you spend. Might not be right at the start…but mark my words.

    Comment by Bob | June 9, 2011 | Reply

  14. There are a lot of families that use a council not a GF/GM method. Thanks for helping out those groups ! Zynga sucks. Why not fix what you have rather then bringing in more bugs. — oh and thank you for the Brazil re vault glitch last week !!!

    Comment by John | June 9, 2011 | Reply

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