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Fighting Revamp / The Good Points & Bad Points

Well as you all know by now the Revamp of the Fighting Section of the game is slowly rolling out to everyone. The reactions are mixed to say the least. Some like it, most hate it based on players comments from my blog to the forums and everywhere in-between. So lets review the new Fighting Revamp.

Okay lets start with some of the good things and then go on to the bad things.

Good Points

  • Screen Graphics are nice and clean
  • No jumping screens
  • Can now see health and stamina you have left right on screen
  • Heal Button Added to screen so no scrolling up required
  • You can now see how much health damage you are doing with new Health Bar
  • You can now choose to turn fight boosts on or turn them off when fighting
  • Ask Mafia To Attack Is Gone
  • Loot items, victory coins, XP bonus friends get scroll on bottom like Brazil Jobs
  • Can now see when others are attacking same target
  • Can get revenge on someone who steals your Ice
  • Can now see progress on ices and wins with new pop up graphics
  • Can now post kills

Bad Points 

  • Cant see items used by you and your opponent like old fight screen ( Need This Back )
  • Post timer on Ices ( Should Be Removed Later Today )
  • Pop Ups Some people see for each fight ( Should be fixed soon)
  • Runaway button ( Needs to be removed )
  • 5x Loot not working in Brazil ( Should Be fixed soon)
  • Lag when fighting ( Should be worked on )
  • Losing to some one when Green on Skills & Weapons ( Bug They Need To Fix)
These seem to be the things everyone is talking about so far I am sure there will be more as we get into it more. I do want you all to know PAC is going to working with the developers & game designers to get things fixed ASAP.

What are some things you want to see fixed please comment on this blog and I will take it directly to Zynga to try and get it fixed.

I would love to see them remove the runaway button and add a Sucker Punch button so if we cant beat em we can sucker punch them to death. LOL I can see it now, all the ankle bitters of the game starting Sucker Punch Events and if Zynga made a Sucker Punch Ice or Kill Post how funny would that be. I can see it now !!!

John is Punch Happy!
John just brought his body count to xxxxx by icing Zynga Developers. John is sharing his sucker punch power to help you sucker punch rivals and sucker punch your enemies.

Now that would be a funny post and I bet alot of people would have a ball doing those events. Well enough fantasy we need to get Zynga to make these improvements to the fighting system now so please let me know what you need and like i said I will bring it to them and let you know what they say about it. As you know I dont sugar coat anything so if we get blown off they will hear it.


June 2, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. Okay, it’s fine – but it puts too much emphasis on getting ices. Other than a number in the stats box, what good do they do me? I fight for loot, I fight for XP, and sometimes I fight for cash. The only reason I fight fast is so that I can make as much as possible before my health gets knocked to zero by another attacker.

    Bottom line – I don’t care if someone else “stole” my ice, and the only use I have for the health meter is that it’s not worth my time to attack someone whose health is already way down anyway. For the meter to be useful it needs to be displayed as a bar graph on the fight screen itself that I can see before I waste time attacking someone who’s already nearly dead.

    I will echo two comments from previous posters, though.

    One is that takes far too long to see the results of the first hit from the fight list – we need to know what that is the instant we get into the fight module, no later.

    The other is that it would be much more efficient to have the fight list integrated into the module, or the module attached on its own fight page. Having to constantly scroll up and down as the module pops up (and annoyingly closes by itself) to see the fight list is a drag.

    Finally, unrelated to the new fight screen, how about fixing the fight list itself so that it stays current? Half the “lives” are really already “dead”, and every fourth or fifth list has nothing but “dead” players on it when it loads – and clicking a dozen times to reload a fresh list is a serious inconvenience and waste of time when you’re also being attacked.

    Comment by Ken | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  2. Looking closely, what’s most annoying to me is the delay while the initial “Won” or “Lost” notification appears. During the time it takes for it to do its pretty “fade in” my opponent could well change from “live” to “iced”, or I could already have hit power attack several times only to discover I’m losing.

    Make the notification more obvious, and make it show up MUCH MUCH FASTER!

    Comment by Paula | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  3. My biggest complaint – the “Won” and “Lost” results need more emphasis. On several occasions now I’ve accidently hit Power Attack on people that I was losing against, because my eye is drawn to the health meters near the center of the frame more than to the results at the top of the frame.

    Need to beef those up and make them MUCH clearer … perhaps even changing background shading or something to make it extremely obvious.

    Comment by Paula | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  4. Every time u hit some1 & they’re already dead or u ice them, ice’s stolen, u’r fight list reloads :~(((
    On the old fighting system i could’ve iced 5 players in the time i’m now “trying” 2 ice 1!

    Comment by Chrissie Lombard | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  5. I really don’t want someone to see how much health I have left when they attack me. I don’t care what they have. I don’t like the fact that you see the fight list and go to attack, and then a pop-up comes on. Then I have to scroll the pop up so I can fight. The fight list is the same stupid fight list, with 80% showing as iced, or showing as alive, but really iced, and I have to click in and out of that stupid pop up to get back to the fight list. If they wanted to do this, they should have made it a “fight page” with the new thing at the top, and the fight list on the same page instead of a pop up.

    Comment by Joel Tallant | June 2, 2011 | Reply

  6. You forgot the bad point that you have to close the pop up to get back to the fight list

    Comment by Joel Tallant | June 2, 2011 | Reply

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