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Big POP UP News from Mafia Wars & Update On Skill Point Reallocation

Well looks like we got some news on the Dreaded Pop Ups we love to hate. Mafia Wars has now made it so you can control what pop ups you will see in the game. So now you can shut off alot of them yourself. According to the Official Mafia Wars Blog 

You can now turn on or turn off some of the in game pop ups that we all love to hate. All you have to do is go to Account in top right corner of the game and then go to Settings and a Pop Up will appear ( How Appropriate a Pop Up to turn off Pop Ups LOL ) 

As you can see in the circled part if you don’t want to receive certain pop ups you can just leave it alone and check off the ones you want in the game. But then you must click Save Preferences so the system registers it. That it. Now this doesn’t shut them all off but it is a start. I wish they would add more but maybe that is coming down the road. You can always go back in if you want to change things down the road so don’t worry this is not a one time thing.

Another thing you can can do is control the emails you receive from Mafia Wars too. This they didn’t tell you. On the left side you will see email preferences. They are off by default but you can turn on the ones you want and I think some people will want the War Declared on so if you do just click that one and you will be notified by email when someone declares war on you.  Again you must click save preferences for the changes to take effect. I really hope they come up with a better way to notify us when a war is declared on us but I don’t think it is coming any time soon.

Ok now on to the Skill Point Reallocation Fiasco. It seems they have now made this controversial feature a featured product like when skill points go on sale according to the Forum Super Moderator Cerulean Master ( Who Is Busting His Butt for the players )

Unfortunately you now have to keep going back to see if is available so I guess it will be up to us players to yell out when it is available in the market place. To read more on how this works just click HERE as I did a blog on it. YES I Know it is expensive but there are some people who do like this feature.

Also if you don’t have the Icing Event please contact Customer Service and they will hook you up with it. 


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The Show Is Up / Senior Security Advisor of SOPHOS Chester Wisniewski

Today we had a very special guest Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor at SOPHOS/ Naked Security on to let use know the lastest to help keep us safe on the web and Facebook. Plus we had our usual Facebook & Zynga game news. We also had Kathleen Donegan from Cupola drop in to talk about surviving Cancer & great advice on the topic so you wont want to miss this show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/05/23/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

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Big Show On Monday / Senior Security Advisor at SOPHOS/ Naked Security Will Be On Show

This Monday at 6PM We have a very special guest Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor at SOPHOS/ Naked Security to let use know the lastest to help keep us safe on the web and Facebook. Plus we have our usual Facebook & Zynga game news. As well we have Kathleen Donegan from Cupola droping by so you wont want to miss this show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefacebookzyngapodcast/2011/05/23/the-facebook-zynga-podcast

I have also made a new radio station & just made it easier for our fans to listen to our radio station by adding a player right on our fan page. http://www.facebook.com/SocialNetworkRadioStation Now all you have to do is go like our page and then go to the welcome tab on the left hand side under the picture and just click Listen Now. If you are busy and need to mute it just click the little speaker and it is muted.

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Mafia Wars Numbers Drops To Lowest Level Yet

Mafia Wars numbers have dropped to it’s lowest level since the game came out back in June 2008.

The once mighty Mafia Wars Game by Zynga has dropped to it lowest level yet. Zynga just cant stop the bleeding here but the question is are they really trying? 

The players of the game seem to think  Zynga has just given up on the game and them. The customer service quality has dropped off sharply, the refusal to fix game issues, the constant releasing of new content, features & events has made the players just give up on the game. They feel the game is no longer fun, it is more of a full time job they they have to pay to do.  Those who stay are only doing so for one reason, the social aspect the game offers. That is the main reason alot of the players are staying. They don’t want to lose the friendships they have made over the years from the game.

Look at the numbers that AllFacebook.com has on Mafia Wars they are shocking to say the least for the once mighty game. We will start with the DAU ( Daily Active Users) 

The numbers as of today are at 1,630,133 DAU. Down from just 30 days ago where they were 1,954,403. That is a drop of almost 324,000 players. Stagggering drop in players.

The MAU (Monthly Active Users) isn’t much better. It is actually much worse. 

As you can see they are now at 9,761,688 MAU whereas 30 days ago they were at 12,833,332. A drop of over 2.9 million players.

This is showing me and the rest of the world that there is a problem and something needs to be done. But Zynga just goes on doing exactly the opposite of what they players want as if their shit don’t stink. Well guess what Zynga it does stink and maybe if you blew your nose and cleared it out you would smell it to and you might even smell the coffee too and wake up and see your game is dying.

The players have had enough of Mafia Wars, Zynga and basically all their games. The number on the other games are just as bad and I wont bore you with them all but if you want to see those numbers you can click HERE. 

The only game that had a real uptick was Farmville and that is only because everyone is going gaga over LADY GAGA and GAGAVILLE. Even Lady Gaga hasn’t really helped too much and she is one the hottest pop stars right now and is promoting her new album. Famville DAU has a spike from 11.6 Million to 13.5 million but has since dropped back down to 11.8 million, since her event started.  

Bottom line here is that the numbers are dropping and Zynga doesn’t seem to care. While it is great they are change some of the graphics and making the game look all pretty and stuff, even if you put lipstick and a dress on a pig, it is still a pig. You need to start listening to your players and do what your customers want or you wont have much left soon. If your not careful you too will be joining Luca Brasi and be swimming with the fishes. Capisce !!! 

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“Put ‘Em On Ice” Event 411 Q&A

Ok we got more info on this event everyone. Zynga has released the 411 on this event and you can read it by clicking HERE.

The event start today and ends 5/31/2011. There are 5 levels you need to get through and each time you master a level you get a Tundra Tiger.

As you can see there are a set number of ices per level you need to get and every time you get an ice you will see a pop up with how many more you need before you get to the next level. And as you can see you can get a special loot item if you get 1000 ices during the event. What it is still a mystery but I am told it is a good one.

You can also redo the event after you master it but it is expensive 60 rewards points each time. and a maximum of 5 times.

After the event you are going to see some major improvements in the fighting feature and I had a sneak peek of and you will like them. PAC helped work on it with the game designers and developers in a video conference. They are pretty good changes and will make fighting a bit more fun & competitive. 

The only problem I have encountered with this event so far is finding someone alive on the fight list as everyone is fighting right now. I guess that’s what happens when Zynga made everyone quit when they had that brain fart of bring out all those events right on top of each other. So this might take awhile to get done. Good thing it it lasts til 5/31/2011 LOL.

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New Event In Mafia Wars / “Put ‘Em On Ice!”

Hi Everyone looks like we got ourselves a new event and this one is geared towards fighters. It is called “Put Em On Ice!”

The event is centered around fighting and icing other players. Not much more out on it yet but here is what Rinzler the Super Moderator has issued on it. We will bring you more on it as it becomes available. An d this will be a slow roll out over a couple of days so be patient.

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Mafia Wars Skill Point Reallocation Bundles Now On Sale

Mafia Wars is letting us do Skill Point Reallocation for a Limited Time Only. You can buy a Skill Point Reallocation Bundle in the Marketplace. 

The Bundles are available  the following way, you can move 10 Skill points anywhere you need them for 10 Reward Points or they have it where you can move 50 skill Points anywhere you need them for 50 Reward Points. 

Normally you can buy Skill Points are 4 for 14 Reward Points in the Marketplace.

So it does come out much cheaper right now then buying them or speeding up the timer to build things. This is available for a limited time only. So if you have too many in one place you can now move them to where you need them, Now is the time to do it. 

What you do is go to the marketplace and click on stat items then to skill points and you will see the options. Purchase the bundle you want. I just did it and it worked fine.

I purchase a 10 Skill Point bundle and decide to lower my health and move it elsewhere. so basically it comes out 1 for 1 to move so it is actually a great deal especially for people who have looters and want to change themselves into lets say a fighter. Wait til it registers on the screen that you now have the skill points before going to your profile to do it. 

I can only imagine how many monsters will be created now from this but this is long overdue. This will also help out the players who before they knew what they were doing in the game put their points in the wrong spot they now have a chance to fix this. I hope they do this every year  now but limit it to once a year to keep it a little fairer. Well what you waiting for get going and do it now.


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Mafia Wars LIVE Q&A Part Duex / Here Is What Happened

Well Mafia Wars went LIVE again today to do a video Q&A session again. They answered questions from the forum & Live Chat on their UStream Channel. Their last show had about 900 plus live and a total of 6964 total viewers. This week we had about 425 LIVE viewers.

The Q&A was hosted by community Manager Blue Eyed Nate & Crazy Dragon. With Special Guest Cerculian Master 

Here is a synopsis of the show. These are some of the topics & questions asked and answered.

  1. The Declare War Feature Healing is coming / You can heal someone in war for 3 RP & friends can heal for 1 RP 
  2. There is an Icing Mastery Achievement coming for it
  3. With the new Boss Fight changes are come after next Boss Fight which is coming very soon. 
  4. Crack The Safe does end next week 
  5. They are listening to our concerns on chat feature in the Declare War feature. They might just remove it.

Here are some of the questions the players asked.

  1. When is the Crime Spree Loot being updated /. working on it
  2. Can number of clicks be cut down when we accept & recieve gifts / looking at it
  3. They were asked about the pig errors /  looking at it
  4. Asked about IE 9 issues / were asked to use another browser tile IE 10 comes out / problem with heavy load w/ IE9 and java scripts.
  5. They were asked why the energy pack changes / We were told because users wanted it {NOT TRUE}
  6. Why are the secret stashes stolen / no real answer
  7. Also asked about adding a rob all button / Not gonna happen anytime soon to big of an investment it will be pitched though
  8. Asked when new fight club loot is coming / Its coming
  9. Could you remove timers for events / Good idea they will get on it
  10. Why are new players locked out of old cities / No real answer but asked again below
  11. They were asked if fight high end loot will improve & will it start dropping in Italy/ They want to improve fight loot still & yes they will be trying to incorporate it in Italy
  12. Are there any new closed cities & new cities coming / No new city info announced and no new cities are being closed right now. But something might be coming.
  13. Will the old boss fights return / No but might be adding stamina and skill into future fights
  14. They had Shark Tank questions / They are aware of the issues and trying to work out a better way with it  / Seems they cant find the right balance yet but they will continue to work on a solution.
  15. Why are Boss Fights & Missions geared to people with large mafias / It is the nature of beast and they want you to have large mafias but they try to balance it out.
  16. Will power attack in Brazil  actually do 25 x damage / They are working on it
  17. Why is Declare War Loot not giftable / They treated are like a collection but will look into making fight loot giftable
  18. Why only 10 Rare Operations at one time / Game is designed that way / also to balance loot in game
  19. Will Power Attack be added to hitlist / Yes  coming soon
  20. Can you bring back the send all Energy button / They will look into it.
  21. Why are useless items given for email bonuses / When they improve rewards in one place they go down elsewhere but they are trying to look into it
  22. They were asked for a Quick Bank Button / They with put a committe to talk about it. Overall a quick button to do everything is not going to happen.
  23. What do you think about game cards in the trading market & is this a TOS violation/ They have hard cash value so Zynga Security is cracking down on it & yes it violates TOS / Nate says just dont do it, he wouldnt want to be on Zynga Security bad side.

Nate answered questions on scripts /Nate says there are alot of great scripts but  Officially dont approve them but look other way on some / They do talk about them / When asked about approving certain ones they are looking into it but need to check it out more.

Overall they did a good job of trying to answer alot of the questions, they were much better organized even though Nate had a bad hair day but he assured everyone that by the newt broadcast that will be fixed. The next episode of Mafia Wars Live Q&A is on June 1st 

To watch a rebroadcast of today’s show just click HERE

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NEW MISSION : Smoke & Mirrors Mission Review

Well the Don Rafael Boss Fight is over and of course we now have a new mission called Smoke & Mirrors ( I Will Let You Enter Your Own Joke Here ) and this mission is main;y a Brazil mission. The one city they haven’t had a mission in yet.

I have to be honest here I will not use Smoke & Mirrors to make this mission seem good. Ok here it goes, This Mission Sucks !!! 

The average player will never finish it by the deadline unless they are willing to spend Reward Points to finish it. The rewards and loot items you get are not worth all the time, energy, effort & money you have to put into it. As you know Brazil requires the most energy of any city Mafia Wars ever came out with most players just don’t have that much to get this done.

The first part is not bad the only this is that you have to basically wait 18 hours in between building a chop shop item but as you go on to the other parts and there are 8 parts to this mission it gets progressively worse for the everyday player and even us veterans & fighters.

This new mission is definitely geared for people with lots of energy and have nothing else to do in the game. The rewards suck, the loot items suck, the amount of energy you have to use is exorbitant ans when it comes right down to it is it all worth it for a loot item that will be obsolete in a couple of months. I think not, sorry.

Over all no matter how much Smoke & Mirrors they use for this mission the same answers come to mind with this mission, IT SUCKS !!!  It is just not worth the average players time and effort unless they like wasting their time and money.

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Beware New Group Owners !!!

Be On Alert New Group Owners !!! There is new way scam artists are doing things now and there is only one way to stop it right now.

Scam artists and spammers have found a new way to get out information about scams and rogue websites and it makes it look like your group sent it out so your members will think it is a legitimate thing.

What they are now doing is going to new groups and they are creating fake events from within the groups and asking people to click on the links to go to their site. These events go out to every member in the group. 

I have had it happen to me today from all places the MW Memoriam Group, where we send our condolence to families and friends who have lost someone, and I have confirmed 6 other group owners had the same thing happen to them.

The only way to stop this from happening is to close your walls and make it so only admins can post. I know not what you want to hear but it is the only true way to stop a rouge member from doing this. As any member can create an event or create a Doc that has a bogus link in it. By closing the wall it makes it so only admins can create anything for the new groups. 

Yes you do have control of what members you let in but the question is do you really know they wont do something to hurt you, your group & your members. 

I am trying to contact Facebook to see if this is something that us new group owners & admins can have control of so not everyone can do what they want in a new group. I don’t think it is fair to have us have to shut down our walls to prevent stuff like this. But I don’t hold out much hope right now in getting this changed unless we all band together and ask for the changes. Maybe then we can get Facebook to listen. 

So for now your options are this, you can either shut down your walls to make it where only admins can post or you watch it like a hawk and hope no one does anything. I also suggest that even if your group is an open group you make it so admins have to approve anyone who wants to join, so you can check out who is joining and make sure you want them in your group. Sorry Everyone !!! 

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