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The X-Men Have Arrived In Mafia Wars

The X-Men have arrived in Mafia Wars right on schedule, Thursday.

So the new event is upon us and this is a pretty easy one too as it just goes along with regular game play. There are 4 levels of this bronze, silver, gold & ruby. Here is what the Official Mafia Wars Blog has put out on it and here is the rulles in the game graphic.

You can claim loot items though the game feeds as well but you have to be quick as they go quick. Also as you can see there are free gift boosts you can send to your friends to help them along the way. Plus it looks like we can do this event multiple times but i will wait for the 411 to confirm that.

The loot items are not that great but the mastery item is okay. Here is a list of the items and graphic is courtesy of the Mafia Wars Loot Lady.  

So there you go very quickly as I have the flu but I will get you more info on the event as I do it. I know this is a real pain in the but for some people as there is 3 different events going on and I totally agree but at least this one is easy and we just have to continue to do our regular game play.

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