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New Boss Fight Here / Eliminate Kassina Kunoichi

Well we all knew a new Boss Fight was coming and here it is, Eliminate Kassina Kunoichi. Basically the same as the last boss fight only new graphics & loot item.

Yes here we go again and an unusual Wednesday Release. But the good new is that all those consumables you collected from the last Boss Fight and had extras of count toward this one.

Here is the the the loot item you get as you go through each level.

Now there are those codes you need to do more damage and here they are and the good thing is the 3rd code is the same and is already unlocked.

So there you have it another Boss fight unfortunately you will have to hunt down these items again if you dont have them and the crack the bats don’t drop very well but the rest do fine.

From the looks of things with Mafia wars it seems we will be getting slammed with new things this week as The New X-Men event is coming too and we still have the icing event going on. And I have a feeling another thing is coming but I just cant confirm it. Plus there will be changes to the fighting coming too so I am just warning you all ahead of time. Please dont kill the messenger. 

Thanks to the Irish Kid from the Mafia Wars Wiki for the images as I didn’t have time as I have the Flu. 


There will be no achievement or Mission on this one so now you know why the 3rd code is already unlocked. BTW here is the 411 on the event. Thanks to Jennifer The Mafia Wars Loot Lady’s hard work she got them to correct the errors on it and clarify it better. 


May 25, 2011 Posted by | Blogs | 1 Comment