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Mafia Wars Decipher The Code To Find Out Next Event & Loot

Well Zynga is trying to be slick this time with the new event if we want a sneak peek at it. Yes I know this is lame but also fun at the same time LOL. 

According to the Official Mafia Wars Blog this is what they want you to do if you want to find out the next event. Click the picture to go to their blog. 

When You think you have the answer click the code and it will take you here. 

You type in what you think the answer is and if you get it right it will give you a sneak peak of the upcoming event. If not it will tell you to keep digging for an answer. 

I know you don’t have time for this crap don’t worry I got you covered. The code is Magneto and it brings you to some new loot items coming to the game later this week. Yes you guessed it it is another movie event to promote the upcoming X-Men movie opening June 3rd.

Here are some of the new loot items but we don’t have full details on the event yet but we can show you the items and where to collect them.

And here is the grand prize item.

So watch for this event coming soon and as we get more info on it you will get more info on it. And Thank You Mafia Wars Loot Lady for the images. 


May 24, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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