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Big POP UP News from Mafia Wars & Update On Skill Point Reallocation

Well looks like we got some news on the Dreaded Pop Ups we love to hate. Mafia Wars has now made it so you can control what pop ups you will see in the game. So now you can shut off alot of them yourself. According to the Official Mafia Wars Blog 

You can now turn on or turn off some of the in game pop ups that we all love to hate. All you have to do is go to Account in top right corner of the game and then go to Settings and a Pop Up will appear ( How Appropriate a Pop Up to turn off Pop Ups LOL ) 

As you can see in the circled part if you don’t want to receive certain pop ups you can just leave it alone and check off the ones you want in the game. But then you must click Save Preferences so the system registers it. That it. Now this doesn’t shut them all off but it is a start. I wish they would add more but maybe that is coming down the road. You can always go back in if you want to change things down the road so don’t worry this is not a one time thing.

Another thing you can can do is control the emails you receive from Mafia Wars too. This they didn’t tell you. On the left side you will see email preferences. They are off by default but you can turn on the ones you want and I think some people will want the War Declared on so if you do just click that one and you will be notified by email when someone declares war on you.  Again you must click save preferences for the changes to take effect. I really hope they come up with a better way to notify us when a war is declared on us but I don’t think it is coming any time soon.

Ok now on to the Skill Point Reallocation Fiasco. It seems they have now made this controversial feature a featured product like when skill points go on sale according to the Forum Super Moderator Cerulean Master ( Who Is Busting His Butt for the players )

Unfortunately you now have to keep going back to see if is available so I guess it will be up to us players to yell out when it is available in the market place. To read more on how this works just click HERE as I did a blog on it. YES I Know it is expensive but there are some people who do like this feature.

Also if you don’t have the Icing Event please contact Customer Service and they will hook you up with it. 


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