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NEW MISSION : Smoke & Mirrors Mission Review

Well the Don Rafael Boss Fight is over and of course we now have a new mission called Smoke & Mirrors ( I Will Let You Enter Your Own Joke Here ) and this mission is main;y a Brazil mission. The one city they haven’t had a mission in yet.

I have to be honest here I will not use Smoke & Mirrors to make this mission seem good. Ok here it goes, This Mission Sucks !!! 

The average player will never finish it by the deadline unless they are willing to spend Reward Points to finish it. The rewards and loot items you get are not worth all the time, energy, effort & money you have to put into it. As you know Brazil requires the most energy of any city Mafia Wars ever came out with most players just don’t have that much to get this done.

The first part is not bad the only this is that you have to basically wait 18 hours in between building a chop shop item but as you go on to the other parts and there are 8 parts to this mission it gets progressively worse for the everyday player and even us veterans & fighters.

This new mission is definitely geared for people with lots of energy and have nothing else to do in the game. The rewards suck, the loot items suck, the amount of energy you have to use is exorbitant ans when it comes right down to it is it all worth it for a loot item that will be obsolete in a couple of months. I think not, sorry.

Over all no matter how much Smoke & Mirrors they use for this mission the same answers come to mind with this mission, IT SUCKS !!!  It is just not worth the average players time and effort unless they like wasting their time and money.


May 18, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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