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Mafia Wars LIVE Q&A Part Duex / Here Is What Happened

Well Mafia Wars went LIVE again today to do a video Q&A session again. They answered questions from the forum & Live Chat on their UStream Channel. Their last show had about 900 plus live and a total of 6964 total viewers. This week we had about 425 LIVE viewers.

The Q&A was hosted by community Manager Blue Eyed Nate & Crazy Dragon. With Special Guest Cerculian Master 

Here is a synopsis of the show. These are some of the topics & questions asked and answered.

  1. The Declare War Feature Healing is coming / You can heal someone in war for 3 RP & friends can heal for 1 RP 
  2. There is an Icing Mastery Achievement coming for it
  3. With the new Boss Fight changes are come after next Boss Fight which is coming very soon. 
  4. Crack The Safe does end next week 
  5. They are listening to our concerns on chat feature in the Declare War feature. They might just remove it.

Here are some of the questions the players asked.

  1. When is the Crime Spree Loot being updated /. working on it
  2. Can number of clicks be cut down when we accept & recieve gifts / looking at it
  3. They were asked about the pig errors /  looking at it
  4. Asked about IE 9 issues / were asked to use another browser tile IE 10 comes out / problem with heavy load w/ IE9 and java scripts.
  5. They were asked why the energy pack changes / We were told because users wanted it {NOT TRUE}
  6. Why are the secret stashes stolen / no real answer
  7. Also asked about adding a rob all button / Not gonna happen anytime soon to big of an investment it will be pitched though
  8. Asked when new fight club loot is coming / Its coming
  9. Could you remove timers for events / Good idea they will get on it
  10. Why are new players locked out of old cities / No real answer but asked again below
  11. They were asked if fight high end loot will improve & will it start dropping in Italy/ They want to improve fight loot still & yes they will be trying to incorporate it in Italy
  12. Are there any new closed cities & new cities coming / No new city info announced and no new cities are being closed right now. But something might be coming.
  13. Will the old boss fights return / No but might be adding stamina and skill into future fights
  14. They had Shark Tank questions / They are aware of the issues and trying to work out a better way with it  / Seems they cant find the right balance yet but they will continue to work on a solution.
  15. Why are Boss Fights & Missions geared to people with large mafias / It is the nature of beast and they want you to have large mafias but they try to balance it out.
  16. Will power attack in Brazil  actually do 25 x damage / They are working on it
  17. Why is Declare War Loot not giftable / They treated are like a collection but will look into making fight loot giftable
  18. Why only 10 Rare Operations at one time / Game is designed that way / also to balance loot in game
  19. Will Power Attack be added to hitlist / Yes  coming soon
  20. Can you bring back the send all Energy button / They will look into it.
  21. Why are useless items given for email bonuses / When they improve rewards in one place they go down elsewhere but they are trying to look into it
  22. They were asked for a Quick Bank Button / They with put a committe to talk about it. Overall a quick button to do everything is not going to happen.
  23. What do you think about game cards in the trading market & is this a TOS violation/ They have hard cash value so Zynga Security is cracking down on it & yes it violates TOS / Nate says just dont do it, he wouldnt want to be on Zynga Security bad side.

Nate answered questions on scripts /Nate says there are alot of great scripts but  Officially dont approve them but look other way on some / They do talk about them / When asked about approving certain ones they are looking into it but need to check it out more.

Overall they did a good job of trying to answer alot of the questions, they were much better organized even though Nate had a bad hair day but he assured everyone that by the newt broadcast that will be fixed. The next episode of Mafia Wars Live Q&A is on June 1st 

To watch a rebroadcast of today’s show just click HERE


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  1. My mafia and I have a petition regarding Mafia Wars we want to submit. Can you give me the “appropriate” people to submit the petition to? We have many signatures.

    Comment by Becky Neal | May 18, 2011 | Reply

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