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Mission Is Out To Unlock Code,Chat Feature In Wars & Some Fighting News

Well they finally came out with the mission to unlock the code to fight Iced T oh I’m sorry Rafael. They also added the new chat feature to wars.

Looks like the 2nd part mission will unlock the code and I have to tell you it is no wonder they are giving 4 1/2 days to complete the entire mission because the drop rates suck on this mission. But when you finish this part of the mission you can use the 3rd code in the Boss fight. The code is Bat/Bat/ Knuckles/Bat. 

The other parts of the mission are rough due to the drop rates and only give you a couple of consumables to fight the Boss, some experience & a few loyalty points. So based on how much energy & stamina you need to do the rewards aren’t worth the effort. So once you unlock it I would say don’t waste you time finishing it unless you are someone who has to finish everything.

The next thing out is a new feature called Chat in the War Feature. I am unsure if this uses Facebook chat ( I would assume so ) but it is so you can ask people who are online at the time to help you in the war. While this would be good for those with inactive mafia’s the everyday player will probably never use it.

And I am sure this feature will be abused by spammers as they will change the message link to maybe put malicious/virus/spam links in it to get you to click it their link instead of the War link. So be careful with this one. I never use Facebook Chat just for that reason, SAFETY !!! Zynga should of thought this feature out a bit as when you declare war the pop up still comes up to ask your friends to help you in the war and will post on your profile for them to see.

Now on to fighting, yesterday the Players Advisory Committee (PAC) sat down for a video conference with the design team & developers at Zynga to get some feedback from us on a revamp of the fighting. I cant really say what the changes are but you are going to like them alot. They are common sense changes that everyone wants with a few new competitive features you should like.

The design team & developers were quite impressed with our knowledge in the game and they even said that they would be doing this again real soon as this really helped them in tweaking the new changes so all the players will like them.

So it looks like all the fighting that PAC & Nate have done to weaken their shields has worked and we look forward to working with them on more issues in the future. The have also said they have our lists of game issues and are going through each one and getting them fixed ASAP so All I can say is bear with them and if they don’t fix them you know I will be all over them with the rest of PAC.  Have fun everyone !!!


May 12, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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