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Facebook Adds Web Of Trust (WOT) To Protect It’s Users

Facebook has finally done something to really help in protecting it’s users when it comes to clicking on unknown links on their site. This will surely cut down on a lot of the like jacking and chat jacking issues. I had ask for them to do this back in early April and even before that on my show. Kudos Facebook you listened to everyone.

They are integrating Web of Trust (WOT) right into their site. WOT lets people know that the whether the links they are trying to access are safe or not. It is a great feature and will prevent alot of grief on the site. I also suggest you install it on your computer to keep yourself safe when you surf the web outside of Facebook.  Yes, there is a version for Chrome just click here to get it.

You will now get this message on your screen when you click on an unsafe link.

I suggest everyone go and read the new things Facebook is releasing to keep you safe by clicking here.  I also suggest you all join the Facebook Security Page to keep up with the latest security issues on Facebook.

It is nice to see that Facebook has taken these issues very seriously and is helping to keep their users safe. While this wont stop everything it will stop most of it. Please share this with all your friends so they can see it to and know they are a little bit safer today.


May 12, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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