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New Declare War Features Out

Some Of The New Declare War Features Are Out.

Well the changes I was telling you about last week about the Declare War Feature have come out. Some of you will like them and some of you wont.

The first thing you need to know is that now when you attack someone in a war your hits are going to based on your skills. Basically it means if you are strong you can get a kill right off but if not you will only wound the person. Which means you will need more people to help you in the war. Also if you are strong enough you can get what they are calling a splash whereas you kill someone and wound someone at the same time.

Basically they went back to the old style war feature and added a small twist to it.

As you already know there are new achievements that go with the revamp of the War Feature and some new loot too. If you haven’t gotten your first Warlord Achievement you will still be able to get it as you will not see the new loot until you get it then you will advance to the new loot & achievement level.

Here is the loot for Warlord Achievements 2 & 3, you collect this loot by winning a war or helping in one.

There are 2 new features that will be coming soon is the ability to heal your top mafia during a war. My wars go quick, less than 30 seconds, so this feature will be useless to me but to those that don’t have active mafia’s it might be a good feature depending on what it costs or if it costs us.  Knowing Zynga it will probably cost us LOL.

Also coming soon is a chat feature where you can find the people online at the time of your war and you can send them a message right to them to ask for help. I really hope they are building their own built in chat feature because if they are going to use Facebook’s alot of people will be mad. If you are like me I have mine shut off due to all the virus links that come through Facebook chat. I guess Zynga is unaware of all the Facebook chat issues going on if they chose to use that. I will just have to remind them like we did about the Crack the Safe issues where players were getting banned for adding to many friends.

Well that’s it for now like I said some of you will like it and some of you will not. Please don’t kill the messenger LOL.


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