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Boss Fight Event /Roughhouse Rafael Q&A

Well the new Boss Fight/ Event Roughhouse Rafael is rolling out for everyone.  And I got some things you may want to know about it.

First there are 3 levels to the Boss Fight / Bronze, Silver, Gold and the health levels are 15,000 for Bronze, 20,000 for Silver & 35,000 for Gold. Each time you beat the Boss your loot item ( Asphalt Assault ) is upgraded. The event will last 7 days and from the looks of it most people should be able to finish it with no problem.

You do not use any stamina to fight the boss it is all based on the special consumables specific to this event that most of us have been collecting for the past few days. However you will use your Health but a good thing is you can heal right on the same screen so you don’t have to leave the fight page to heal.

The consumables you need can now be collected from fighting, robbing, jobs & free gifts. Here is the info for that but you can also get to this info by clicking the little question mark. On the marque on the home page message box.

When you fight the Boss you use the consumables to attack and each one does damage. Here is the break down of each consumables damage they do / Crack of the Bat = 90 to 110 Damage per use / Knife Slash = 50 to 150 Damage per use / Knuckles Punch = 70 to 130 Damage per use. 

Here is the twist on this event There are special combinations to do more damage to the Boss. Here are the first 2 the 3rd is locked according to customer service because it will accompany a new mission that goes with it.

There is also an achievement that goes with this event.

Now there is a limit on how many you gifts you can receive per day and that is 40 after that the turn into mystery bags and it looks like right now you are limited on how many you can get from fighting, robbing & doing jobs what the exact number is right now is still being checked out. However if you are in a rush to get it done you can by them from the marketplace each one costs 1 reward point and you can buy 25 at a time.

So there you have it. So far I have to say I think this event is OK but that might be because it is the only real event going on right now and I can do it by just playing my game. I am sure this is short lived with no other events going on so enjoy it while you can.

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  1. i tried 3200 on low level NY energy job.. drops for knife slash was rubbish, just 4

    Comment by Gary | May 11, 2011 | Reply

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