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Coming Soon From Mafia Wars & Loot News !!!

Ok Folks I have a couple of new tweeks to some old features & some loot news. UGGHHH !!! 

First off the War Feature is getting Updated. I know if it aint broken why fix it or at least fix the War Feature is Unavailable Issue. Maybe this will help. LMAO who are we kidding here.

But it looks like not only can you ask for help the regular way by clicking the ask for help button but now you can ask people who are actually online. Huh ?!?! Yeah it looks like you may be able to send chat message right from the game to you friends who are online at the time to get help in your wars.

Details are sketchy but that’s what it seems like based on this leaked image from Mafia Wars.

If you are like most people you dont have the chat feature on due to the many Facebook Issues so this will be as useless as teets on a Bull. I will get you more info as it becomes available.

Next up is they are changing the Boss Fight event that comes out next week and this is just way to much work as far as I can see. This is coming out on May 10th & will last a week and is called Defeat Roughhouse Rafael. Dont they have any other name than Rafael.  I will just let you read they pictures and let you decide. I really hope they DON’T have a ton of Pop Ups with this one or everyone will be real mad especially if they pop up while we are fighting. To read more click here to go to the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

Next up is the Secret Stash. What a waste in my opinion as it very rarely worked and always had error messages.  But they are revamping it for those of you who like them but now you have to do stuff to get them. As if we don’t have enough crap to do already. Well I will let you read the 411 on this one just click the picture and it will bring you to it. I just hope the loot is better than what is pictured there LOL.

Now on to some news on Loot. Mafia Wars is adding 4 new loot items to fighting no details on the Attack & Defense on them but Mafia Wars will be saying more on what they are tomorrow in their blog  They are now making the robbing loot the same as the fighting loot. WOO HOO !!! No word on if there will be limits on how many we can get.  Now that is a good thing. No more Trackloaders & TNT, LOL. 

I am not sure why they are doing all the revamps on stuff that wasn’t broken. Maybe we should all start using reverse psychology on Zynga and tell them all the stuff that is broken is working fine maybe then they will fix it all. Just a thought.


May 5, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs

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