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Mafia Wars LIVE / Here Is The Q&A Session They Had Today

Mafia Wars went LIVE today and did a question and answer session on their new channel on UStream. They covered numerous topics from questions from the forums and the viewers that tuned in to watch their first broadcast. They had over 900 viewers on this one.

The event was hosted by Blue Eyed Nate, the community Manager & Crazy Dragon a game designer & forum rep.

They covered numerous topics from the crappy loot drops to the many spam events going on. They even told us a little bit about a new Boss Fight coming. They also talked about scripting and made it clear the dont endorse them. They did say they are looking for those players who use the Auto Players Scripts. SO Watch Out !!!

All in all it was very engaging as the site the did it on had a chat widow and the other players were fun. They even answered a couple of my questions but missed some of my other questions. What they did answer for me were topics that alot of players asked me like, I asked about the pop ups and asked why not just make a scrolling ticker tape instead to update us. They tried to answer it. They did say pop ups are needed but they are looking at ways to cut them down especially during fighting.

They also went over fightlist revamps & adding a power attack to the hitlist. I also asked them to stop events that ask us to add friends due to Facebook disabling people for it and they were lost and then realized they did have such an event, Crack the Safe. OOPPSSS.

They also thanked the community for helping get the Disaster Relief Loot Item made into a reality. I must give them kudos on that.

Tel even touched on skill point redistribution, doesnt look like that will become a reality. They didnt know the answers to a few things but they did a good job considering they were trying wing it at the end.

Overall they did try their best to get to alot of topics and questions. They did also give out some good info even when Nate’s Phone went off (LMAO)

In Case you missed it here it is.

And feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of their broadcast right in the comments box under the video on UStream.


May 4, 2011 - Posted by | Blogs


  1. I am getting one a invite to “Like” a group ….have tried numerous times to do this. The page will not allow me,but others have and they continue to be allowed to use the like button. I have received a generic message telling me I must remove friends…”you have too many friends and or groups”….. i now have only 4950 friends and only 4300 mafia…. Why cant i get to like the page?

    Comment by Marc Cooper | May 5, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Mark you may have less than 5000 friends but it is a combination of all your friends and fan pages you like that adds up to 5000. so the only way around this is to either remove friends or pages to make the total below 5000 then you can like pages again. Sorry Facebook rules and I think they suck especially for a social site.

      Comment by johnsweeney09 | May 5, 2011 | Reply

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